Thursday, August 28, 2014


Aunie turns twenty-eight, birthday recap post

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. To be honest, it kind of snuck up one me this year! I loved being 27—27 was my "golden" birthday, and I had always said 27 was going to be my best year. And to date—it was! 27 held a lot of surprises. I joined the Air National Guard, I bought a house, I ran a full marathon, and I spent two months down in Texas for Basic Military Training. 27 just flew by and boy—it was jam-packed. When I realized that my birthday was this week, I was kind of blown away. Where did the last year go? Though it went quickly, it was awesome. I spent the last year becoming a better person and taking steps toward an awesome future. It truly was a great year.

As for 28? I'm ready for it. The number is just a number, but as for what I'm going to experience—that's what I'm excited for. I might not know what 28 has in store... but I'll embrace it as it comes. I made three wishes as I blew out my candle yesterday. One for the future, one that's kind of crazy, and one that's super random. But most of all, my goal is just to live every day. LIVE IT. Have fun, do it with a smile, and just be so grateful for each new day.

Oh—and as I do each year—I suppose I should share photos! This year's celebration was very low-key. Daniel and I threw a small joint birthday party for my mom's boyfriend and me the day before my birthday (which was his birthday). It was so nice! We just had a new patio poured at our home last week, so this was the first time we had people over to take advantage of the extra space. It was great! What a lovely time spent with our loved ones. We spent my actual birthday doing my favorite thing—date night! You just can't beat a chill, laid-back birthday.

Aunie turns twenty-eight, birthday recap post
The party crew.
bright mini peppers
Aunie turns twenty-eight, birthday recap post
Aunie turns twenty-eight, birthday recap post
Aunie turns twenty-eight, birthday recap post
Mister Gregory was so taken with Dobby. He couldn't believe she was real!
Aunie turns twenty-eight, birthday recap post
Aunie turns twenty-eight, birthday recap post
Aunie turns twenty-eight, birthday recap post
Aunie turns twenty-eight, birthday recap post
The best kind of mess!
BMT Memory Book, Basic Military Training Memory Book
A story about this book! It was my memory book from BMT that my mother-in-law made for me. She slaved all summer working on this, and it was the neatest and most precious gift!
BMT Memory Book, Basic Military Training Memory Book
BMT Memory Book, Basic Military Training Memory Book
While looking at this photo (of me running in the BMT 5K) Gregory proclaimed, "Whoa! You look like a man!" Yes, Gregory... yes, yes I did. You've gotta love the true honesty of a first grader.

28—let's see what you have in store. Anyone want to take a guess as to what this next year may hold for me? I'd love to look back and see who was right! Thanks so much for all the birthday love via Instagram & social media. You all are the best!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dobby the Bearded Dragon

Dobby the Bearded Dragon

We may not have kids or a fluffy puppy yet, but we do have a not-so-cuddly bearded dragon. Her name is Dobby and she was my present from Daniel in 2011 for our first Christmas together. Some people get jewelry from their boyfriends—or clothes or fancy purses or shoes—I got a lizard. Best Christmas ever.

You guys know we love reptiles... we went "lizard hunting" together on our first trip to Palm Desert in 2012 when we visited Joshua Tree National Park and caught several different species of lizards. You can also see Daniel catching a chuckwalla during our second trip to Palm Desert in 2013 in this video. We just love lizards, turtles, frogs, snakes... all those animals that eat bugs, lay eggs, and don't shed hair all over the house.  In fact, one of the first times Daniel and I hung out, we were rafting the Boise River with his friends and he saw a snake in the bushes and ran over to catch it. I was right on his heels, holding it in no time. He and his friends knew the moment he handed me the snake—it was love.

Sunday afternoon after Dobby's bath—which is really me just putting some water in the bathtub and letting her hang out in there for an hour (she loves it by the way)—I put her down in the kitchen while I was doing some chores. I facetimed my sister during my cleaning spree, and Marnie said it was so gross that Dobby was on our kitchen floor. If you're not a lizard lover, you may agree. But considering that she had just had a bath and rides around on my shoulder half the time anyway, I wasn't worried about it. Anyway... this photo is a little shot of Dobbs as she pancaked herself out on the kitchen tiles to soak up some heat. What a cutie she is.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Big Fat Bearded Dragon.

Uh, yes. That's Dobby.
In both photos.
I've had her for 6 months.

And just to clear up any confusion... 
Yes. She's growing at a rate that would impress the Jolly Green Giant.

Aunie Sauce

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dobby's Identity Crisis.

It's time to make the announcement.
To face the truth that I have been trying to ignore.
To suck it up and just admit it...

Dobby. Is. A. Girl.

Yes. It's true.
My little Dobby Sue.

Dobby is quickly coming up on "his" one year birthday,
and "he" is not showing the signs of being a male 
(aka no male parts),
which should be clearly apparent by now.
So, it's with a bit of remorse, that I will now call Dobby a "she."

See, when you buy these little scaly cuddle-bugs, 
you don't know whether you're picking out a boy or a girl.
Dobby just looked like a boy to me when I got him. 
So I decided he should be a boy.


Despite the fact that Dobby has been going through an identity crisis, 
it's safe to say that SHE has handled the whole thing quite well.
In fact, her brand new supply of cockroaches should be arriving any day, 
and I can't wait to see her munch them to pieces.
Isn't that a comforting thought?
I thought so. 

Dobby Sue, we love you.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Vlog.

The day has come that I show you my first vlog.

Oh... and there's a Part II as well.
You can't expect to meet me and NOT Dobby, right?


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Diesel & Juice Custom Prints

This month,
I feel so blessed to have
Diesel + Juice
as a sponsor.


Please tell me you've heard of Michele and her wonderful shop.
She. Is. Amazing.

Michele does custom illustration prints of your favorite cuddly,
or scaly, in my case,

I absolutely HAD to get one of these for myself.
I sent her this photo of Dobby,
my BFF a.k.a. my bearded dragon (about 4 months old here)...

... and in less than a week, I received this ...

Is she great, or what?
Dobby absolutely LOVES his likeness and can't wait for me
to get him all framed up.

If you haven't already,
please go check out Michele and her amazing shop,


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Mister Dobby

I may not have babies,
or cute puppies
or even fuzzy kittens.
But I am a mama to a bearded dragon.
His name is Dobby.
Yes, like the house elf from Hogwarts. 
And despite his spikes, claws, and scales— he is very cuddly.
He's growing like a champ.

December 4, 2011
Just a little baby! His body was so thin and he had hardly any beard.

December 24, 2011
3 weeks later. Getting bigger! Notice how small he is in my hand. And yes... that's a chihuahua named Mister Oso who is very curious about Mister Dobby!

December 28, 2011
His beard is beginning to form!

January, 2011
Sitting like a proper boy at his perch. The beard is coming in!

February 11, 2011
2 months after I got him. Look how much bigger he is in my hand!
And that is my son, Dobby.
a.k.a. Sir Dobson.
a.k.a. the best lizard EVERRR.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Sometimes I'm amazed that I have any friends at all.
If you are my friend,
I'd like to say thank you.

I know sometimes I'm weird.
Sometimes I'm a spaz.
Sometimes I get way too stressed about the little things.
Sometimes I'm so perfect such a perfectionist, it's annoying.
I'm always sometimes late.
Sometimes I eat too much ice cream and it gives me a tummy ache...
which also sometimes leads to other unpleasantries...
 which I sometimes talk about much too often.
Sometimes I don't treat you well,
like if I'm hangry (see definition here).
Sometimes I drool...
while awake.
Sometimes I get crazy ideas and have to see them through right then.
I always sometimes cream you at Scrabble.
Sometimes I spend too much on unnecessary things
and then complain when I have no money left.
Sometimes I make little mistakes.
Sometimes I make really BIG mistakes.
Sometimes I start with a simple, light-hearted concept for a post
and it totally goes in a different, more serious direction.

I'm thankful to have you in my life.
I live my life for every minute.
I learn from each mistake, no matter how small or large.
I push forward, no matter how steep the hill I'm climbing may be.
I trust.
I smile.
I live for the feeling --the rush-- of pure love.
I stay true. 
To my beliefs. 
To you. 
To myself.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cuddly As A Cactus.

I snapped this one the other day
while my little bandit was running around in my room.
That's my "puppy" Notso,
based on my former dog Oso Fluffy.
Get it?
In comparison to the real dog, he is
Notso Snuggly, Notso Rambunctious, Notso Alive. Ha.
I crack myself up.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Like a Kid.


I haven't been this excited in a long time.
Let me tell you the story of my new little man, Dobby.

I've been wanting a lizard for a while,
and the time finally came to get everything together and get the little guy.
The other day, Daniel and I went and bought his terrarium and got a 
screaming Black Friday deal on it, a week after
Black Friday. Yes. We were lucky.
The store forgot to take down that one coupon for 50%
off my new beardie's home. Score.

When the time came to visit our local Zamzows to pick him up,
I couldn't be happier.
I rushed over to his little terrarium and said,
"Hello little man! Are you excited to come home with me today?"

It was then that I noticed the big SOLD sign taped to his terrarium.
I thought, "No! This can't be! He can't be sold already!"
It was true. The purchase receipt was sitting on top of the lid,
with a purchase date of December 2nd sitting on top of it.
The day before we went to get him, he had been sold.
I was devastated. 
I even ran over to one of the store's employee's and asked if there had been a mistake. 
She assured me that their baby beardie had been sold.

I sulked back to Daniel and informed him of the news.
He tried to cheer me up by saying they should be getting a new one in a few weeks.
Bust. That didn't work.
After a period of mourning for my sold little guy,
we finished picking out some terrarium decor, light timers, and crickets.
Then, Daniel told the store clerk, "We're also here to pick up the bearded dragon."
I looked the store clerk squarely in the eyes and said, 
"He's kidding. We didn't buy it. That is someone else's beardie."
I thought Daniel was trying to be silly and steal that sold dragon!
But then, to my surprise, Daniel looked at me and said,
"Merry early Christmas! He is yours!"

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I jumped up and down like a little teeny kid
and gave him the biggest hug ever.
I guess he had heard, through his recent pet store visits, that a couple families
were looking for baby beardies and the one we got was the only baby Zamzows had.
So he called them the day before and paid for him over the phone. 
He totally surprised me with a great present and his sweet heart.

We took little Dobby home and now I'm a new mommy of a
cuddly-as-a-cactus bearded dragon.