Monday, March 17, 2014

Sporty Casual, With Camo, Of Course

Sporty Casual, University of Redlands top
Top: University of Redlands Bookstore, Jeans: Express (similar), Belt: Express, Shoes: Converse, Bow: c/o Bows for Baja, Clutch: c/o Virginia Bluebell Couture, Ring: c/o Emitations
Sporty Casual, Camouflage Print Bow, Bows for Baja
Virginia Bluebell Couture Clutch, Handmade clutch
Sporty Casual, University of Redlands top
Camouflage Bow, Bows for Baja
Sporty Casual, University of Redlands top

I can't seem to get beyond the jeans and t-shirt phase when I have a day off—so what you see is what you get! There isn't a better way, in my opinion, to spend the weekend out running errands, doing yardwork, taking a neighborhood bike ride, etc., than when it's spent in a casual & sporty outfit. It's just too easy.

University of Redlands—did you know I attended that college during my freshman year in 2006? (I transferred to Boise State to join their cheer team afterward). What a beautiful campus that was... and the friends—man, how I miss them! My dad picked up this t-shirt for me last time he was down there, and I love it. This is my favorite fit for a t-shirt—v-neck and super-soft.

The clutch I'm carrying is made by Kelli of Virginia Bluebell Couture. I've worked with Kelli in the past and her items and quality never cease to amaze me. Plus, to score a completely custom & practical clutch for around $20 is just ridiculous... such a good deal.

Last but not least for today, the camouflage bow was made by my friend Kelsey. She goes to my church and began Bows for Baja to help raise money for mission trips and the Uganda Relief Effort by selling the most adorable handmade bows. When Kelsey asked me if I'd like to introduce you guys to Bows for Baja, I knew which one I wanted to feature—the camo one! Because it just makes sense, right? Anyway, if you guys love cute bows for you, for men's bow ties, or even as an accessory for your kids, please consider supporting Bows for Baja. What a great cause by a very good friend of mine!

Oh, and Happy St. Patty's Day. I've got my green covered in the camo bow, so no pinching me today!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Striped V-Neck Tee & The Perfect Small Crossbody Purse

Striped V-Neck Tee and Sneakers
Striped V-Neck T-shirt: Gap Body, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Vans, Necklace: c/o StarrJoy, Watch: Timex, Purse: Vera Bradley, Men's Ring: c/o Emitations
Striped V-Neck Tee, Crossbody Purse
Striped V-Neck Tee, Fleur De Lis Necklace
Vera Bradley Little Flap Hipster Crossbody
StarrJoy Fleur De Lis Necklace
Striped V-Neck Tee and Sneakers

This shirt, you guys, is the shirt that I need in every style and every color. It's the perfect tee. No joke. I not only bought it in striped gray & white, but I also bought three of the black crew neck t-shirt version to take with me to Basic Training. I've never worn a more comfortable or versatile t-shirt. Oh, and the shirts run a bit small (they have a "compression" fit), and I'm wearing a medium if you need a reference to size/fit. Plus, Gap is having a 20% off sale right now, so don't miss that.

The fleur de lis necklace I'm wearing is art turned into jewelry by the amazing StarrJoy on Etsy. Starr is an artist who recently began transforming her paintings & art into jewelry—and some amazing jewelry with incredible, feminine designs—I might add. I was torn between this rose print, this leopard print and the fleur de lis, but the fleur de lis reminded me of my sister so that was the winning ticket.

Last but not least, Vera Bradley is having some major sales right now, and the purse I'm wearing, the Little Flap Hipster in Canterberry Cobalt, is on sale for half off! I think they're discontinuing the style, so if you want a small crossbody that holds a wallet (I use this one), phone, keys, gum, chapstick, pens, checkbook, etc.—this is the one to get!! Plus, they have 23 different colors to choose from, so there's a pattern for everyone. Oh, and I'm not making any money or affiliate change for telling you about my favorite VB bags, so take it from me... they're the best!

Well that's enough from me today. I could go on and on about my shirt, necklace and purse... so the least you should do to help me celebrate my half birthday (Why not, right? Happy Half B-day to me—still in my golden year of being 27 on the 27th!) is go check them out & score some good deals!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Yes, I'm in the Military—Yes, I Still LOVE Camo

Camo Scarf, Leopard Top, Mens Camo Tungsten Ring
Leopard Shirt: Nikibiki, Jeans: Silver (similar), Booties: Mootsies Tootsies, Camo Scarf: C. Wonder (similar), Camo Ring: c/o Emitations
Camo Scarf, Mens Camo Tungsten Ring
Camo Scarf, Leopard Top, Mens Camo Tungsten Ring
Mens Camo Tungsten Ring
Camo Scarf, Leopard Top

I've been told that now that I'm in the military—there will come a time when I no longer find camouflage to be fashionable. I suppose if your day-to-day uniform is an ABU (Airman Battle Uniform), this could be true. But for me? I'm still sitting at a civilian desk during my workday and taking the traditional Air National Guard one-weekend-a-month route, so camo is still totally "in" in my book. Plus, add a leopard top for a little pattern mixing and it's a total win/win.

The camouflage ring I'm wearing is from Emitations, and while they have some beautiful and blingy jewelry that's very eye-catching, I was particularly drawn to their collection of men's rings. In fact—I was initially asked to take a look at one of their sparkly large cocktail rings—but you guys know me and know it just isn't my style. But a heavy tungsten men's ring that lasts forever, doesn't scratch, and has a bit of a camo flair? I was all over it.

Double camo + leopard for the win!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nikibiki Love

Nikibiki quarter sleeve top, mint denim vest
Shirt: c/o Nikibiki, Vest: c/o Jachs (similar), Pants: Mossimo, Shoes: Thrifted (similar), Earrings: Premier Design, Necklace: F21 (similar), Sterling Hoops: Amazon, Glasses: c/o Firmoo 
Nikibiki quarter sleeve top, mint denim vest
mint denim vest, feather necklace
Nikibiki quarter sleeve top, mint denim vest

Last time I posted a "style" post, I mentioned I was living in Nikibiki tops lately. So it should be no surprise that today's top is also a Nikibiki. This is my first quarter sleeve top from them, and I really love the length of the sleeves.

Of the five styles of one-size-fits-all Nikibiki tops I own, here's a little breakdown to how they fit.
  • The long sleeve tops are not too snug, and are very long with very long sleeves. They're my ideal fit for a shirt. They layer underneath sweaters & jackets, and the length is perfect so it never rides up. 
  • The long sleeve animal print tops are also long, but they have a tighter fit than the plain long sleeve tops. They also have an off-the-shoulder type of fit, so they're really sexy. I love going out in mine or layering them under jackets for a more conservative look.
  • The quarter sleeve tops are a bit shorter and tighter, perfect for petite customers. 
  • The cap sleeve tops are your everyday t-shirt. Like the quarter sleeve tops, they fit a bit tighter and are a bit shorter, but I have no problem keeping my midriff covered in them. 
  • The tank tops are my favorite summertime layering staple. They don't go too low, cover my bra straps, are extra-long, and go under almost every tank or tee that I wear during the summer. These and the long sleeve tops are my absolute favorites.
Also, I know these shirts always seem to look tight, but they are all sold as one-size options. They are awesome for people who love to layer, or people like me who prefer to wear tighter tops and then big chunky scarves or sweaters over top. Also, Nikibikis are great for maternity wear. You can wear them through the entirety of your pregnancy, and they'll stretch as the baby grows but they won't stretch out

Can you tell I adore Nikibiki? You can see the other ways I've styled my Nikibiki tops here:  long sleeve animal print layered under a sweaterwith a bright scarfwith a mini skirtlayered under a leather bomber jacketwith a high-waisted skirtwith shorts & sneakers

Monday, January 6, 2014

Casual Leopard Print & Yellow Flats

Leopard Nikibiki Top and Yellow Foldable Flats
Shirt: Nikibiki, Jeans: Express, Flats: c/o Fit in Clouds
Leopard Nikibiki Top and Yellow Foldable Flats
Leopard Nikibiki Top and Yellow Foldable Flats

I've been living in these Nikibiki tops lately. They're one size fits all, they come in a rainbow of colors (basic colors here, animal print here), and they are perfect for layering. I have this shirt in white, black, leopard stone and leopard charcoal. FYI—the animal print tops fit a bit more off-the-shoulder. I do not work with the people who make or sell Nikibiki (nor make any affiliate money from them)—I genuinely and honestly love these tops so that's why I'm filling you in on them. They're a must-have for any closet.

And then there's Fit in Clouds, nailing it again with the foldable flats. I have 6 pairs of these flats and wear them all the time. I'm very excited for the neon orange ones come Boise State football season.

Animal print, neon, comfortable, casual. Just the way I like it!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Stripes

Blue and Gray Striped Sweater, Short Bob Hair Cut
Sweater: c/o Surfdome, Undershirt: Nikibiki, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Converse
Blue Striped Sweater and Skinny Jeans
Blue and Gray Striped Sweater, Short Bob Hair Cut
Converse All-Stars, Chuck Taylor Shoes
Blue and Gray Striped Sweater, Short Bob Hair Cut

Nothing gets me in the winter & Christmas mood like snow on the ground, stringing up the Christmas lights (we decorated three whole bushes—woo hoo), and a winter-blue striped sweatshirt (Surfdome has tons of great deals right now, by the way!). I love this time of year.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter basics, plaid peacoat, infinity scarf from a pashmina
Peacoat: Macy's (similar), Top: Express (similar), Jeans: Express, Boots: Runway Fashion Exchange (similar), Pashmina: my hospital's gift shop (similar), Rings: c/o The Vintage Pearl
Winter basics, infinity scarf from a pashmina
Winter basics, plaid peacoat, infinity scarf from a pashmina
Winter basics, plaid peacoat, infinity scarf from a pashmina
Winter basics, infinity scarf from a pashmina, Annelise Rowe

The cold front that came through Boise last week turned our neighborhood's waterfall and pond into a frozen winter wonderland. Though the temperatures during the day have been hovering in the 30's, the early morning 20's are starting to get to me. I'm looking forward to the warm front that is said to be heading our way this week!

If you're ever curious—no idea if you even are—but you may notice that every time I wear a scarf it looks like it's an infinity scarf. I actually only own 2 true infinity scarves. All the rest are normal scarves and pashminas that I tie to resemble an infinity scarf. If you lay a rectangle pashmina or scarf out on the ground and tie just two of the opposite diagonal ends, leaving the other two ends free, it works so nicely. I'm usually able to wrap my standard pashminas three times, pulling the un-tied corners to the front to make a "V" at the bottom of my scarf. I like using fringed pashminas the best, because I like that the tassles hang loose when I wrap it. For me, the bigger the scarf—the better!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leather & Lace

Leather and Lace Outfit
Jacket: Forever 21 (similar), Dress: Material Girl, Shoes: Thrifted (similar), Pashmina: old (similar), Tights: Betsey Johnson, Knuckle Ring: c/o My Name Necklace (use code AUNIE for 10% off), Heart Ring: c/o The Vintage Pearl
Personalized Initial Ring, Sterling Silver Knuckle Ring
Black Kitten Heels
Open Heart Ring, Sterling Silver Heart Ring
Leather and Lace Outfit

The leaves in the pictures are so pretty... but they took hours and hours to rake up this weekend! I wore that dress to church and then it was home we go for all sorts of projects. Dusting, raking, leave-bagging... oh how fun it is! At least the weather behaved for us—it's much more pleasant to rake leaves when it's 40 degrees than when it's freezing, right?

One extra detail about this outfit: the adorable "R" ring (for my last name Rowe) I'm wearing is from a company called My Name Necklace. They make personalized sterling and gold pieces, and offer everything from necklaces to bracelets to earrings—you name it. I was particularly fond of their ring selection, and knew that a tiny ring, which I turned into a knuckle ring, was going to be the way to go. Here's a tip: I read that when you're looking for knuckle ring sizes, pick a size that's 3 sizes smaller than that finger's normal ring size. So since I'm a size 6 ring for my middle finger, I ordered a size 3 knuckle ring and it fit just perfectly. Oh, and if you shop My Name Necklace, be sure to use code AUNIE for 10% off!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lacy Black Dress

Lacy Black Dress and Stilettos
Dress: Material Girl for Macy's, Sandals: Candies (similar), Earrings: Target (similar), Bracelet: c/o Mimi Baby Boutique
Lacy Black Dress
Black Stilettos with Rhinestones
Lacy Black Dress and Stilettos

This is a dressy look for me! I wore it to the wedding reception for my dear friends Zoƫ & Jeff, who got married earlier this month in California. Their in-town reception was this past Saturday and it was so nice to get dressed up and celebrate with them.

I have been looking for a dress with sleeves that can be either dressed up or dressed down, and I think this one by Material Girl—which I just picked up Saturday from Macy's—fit the bill. Plus, it was less than $50, so the price was right. I look forward to styling this with tights and boots and possibly even a leather jacket this fall.

Would you believe I've had those stilettos since I was 16? My mom bought them for me back when I was going to acting & modeling (ha!) classes and auditions, and those were my runway shoes. In fact, I even wore them on the runway in New York during a big modeling & acting conference. Needless to say, I didn't get "discovered," but it sure was a time for the memory books. These stilettos may not be hitting the runway these days, but they are staples in my closet that I hold on to for fancy parties or whenever I get the chance to dress up.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Easygoing Look

Bright neon scarf and a casual outfit
Top: Nikibiki, Jeans: Express, Flats: c/o Fit in Clouds, Scarf: Marshalls—no tag (similar), Lemon Earrings: c/o BBgraceDesign, Endless Hoop Earrings: Kohls, Rings: c/o The Vintage Pearl
Mini lemon polymer post earrings
Mini lemon polymer studs
Bright neon scarf and a casual outfit

I cannot get over the colors going on in Boise right now. Greens, yellows, reds, oranges, purples—the trees are changing before our eyes over here.

This outfit is pretty much all I've been wearing lately. Black top, bright scarf, skinny jeans. I need that Nikibiki one-size-fits-all top in every color... it's so comfortable, never stretches out, and keeps me warm! I buy mine at my local Apricot Lane store, but I know you can find them online, too.

Also, the mini lemon studs from BBgraceDesign that I'm wearing are on sale right now for $5.95. They also have a bunch of other sales on fun earrings, like their candy corn studs, fruit and flower studs, and their awesome gear cog studs—great for the steampunk fan in all of us. Get a jump on the holiday shopping and pick up a pair (or three) for some easy gifts... don't forget to buy a pair for yourself!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

On Repeat

High-waisted skirt and boots, bright plain scarf and argyle knee socks
Shirt: Nikibiki, Skirt: Francesca's (similar), Scarf: old from Marshalls (similar), Boots: Runway Fashion Exchange (similar), Socks: Burlington Coat Factory (similar), Earrings: c/o BBgraceDesign, Silver Hoop Earrings: Here, Rings: c/o The Vintage Pearl
Bright Resin Studs
Custom Sterling Silver Hand-stamped Rings, his and hers rings

This outfit is a collaboration of a bunch of pieces that I keep wearing on repeat—hope you don't mind seeing them again & styled differently. The shirt was styled here and here, the skirt here, and the scarf here. Sometimes that just happens, and you find something that you love and wear it over and over and over.

A couple fun things today... those rings are from The Vintage Pearl and I have a giveaway for two $50 gift certificates to that store going on until Sunday evening. The earrings above are from BBgraceDesign, the same woman who owns Bender Buckles, and her earrings are so bright and fun! I also have these mini lemon studs, and these star studs in bright orange and white—perfect for BSU Gameday. If you want a pair of studs in a custom color, just email her and she'll make it happen. Make sure to use code PICKANYTHREE15 for 15% off! And last but not least, the silver endless hoop earrings that I wear all the time are on sale right now at Kohls! I have three pairs of them and wear them in my cartilage piercings.

Hope you have an awesome day... there's not much else on my mind lately except Sunday's race!