Saturday, July 23, 2016

Washington Summer Trip 2016

Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce

We couldn't miss spending the 4th of July at my lifetime favorite getaway spot, Whidbey Island--we just couldn't! So Daniel and I packed up our things and headed West to spend some quality time with my family and the place my heart calls home. We sure moved a lot over the years, but Whidbey was where I grew up each summer... and the memories we've made there over the last 30 years are what keep me coming back. That and the family, the beach, the food, the agates, the fun times, etc. You get the picture.

Every year, the 4th is a special time for our family. It's the one time that almost all of the family ends up getting together down on the beach and it's like a big reunion. Some years everyone is there, and other years it's just a few of us. Either way the fourth is a Stone Family reunion.

We ended up spending the first half of our trip on Whidbey Island with my mom's parents and her siblings. Even though we only see them about once a year, it always feels like we pick up right where we left off. We also traveled the island, eating at our favorite pizza spot, Village Pizzeria, tried some new places in Coupeville (Kapaws Iskreme in Coupeville is our new go-to!), went for several beach walks, and shared lots of stories around the table.

The second half of our trip was spent in Seattle with my sister, her husband, and my dad's mom. We really enjoy spending time with Grandma because it's very quality one-on-one time. We especially love to hear her old stories from when she first came to America! One of my favorite experiences from this trip was sitting around the table at my sister's house, sipping on cider and playing Heads Up! with her and her husband. We really got into it! I wish we lived closer so we could have more fun times like that.

See pictures from our amazing trip to the Puget Sound below.

Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce, 4th of July Maxwelton Day Parade
Hanging out with my sister and her new pup Tony at the Maxwelton Day parade. Our family goes all out when it comes to dressing for the 4th. We're like a red, white and blue party. 
Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce, 4th of July Maxwelton Day Parade buttons
My Nanny has attended every Maxwelton Day parade for years and years and years. She has the most parade buttons of anyone up there! 
Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce
Taking a beach walk with my mom and sister. Hunting for agates is our all-time favorite pastime.
Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce
We're wondering how my brother got so tall. Goodness gracious! 
Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce
The Driflot side of the family. Some old, some new... all a big, happy family! 
Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce
Enjoying cups of cupcakes topped with whipped cream while we sat by the fire watching the sun set. The fireworks were about to begin! 
Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce
Family jumping photo at our favorite backyard on all of Whidbey. The memories made there will last a lifetime! 
Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce, Agate Hunting, Searching for Agates, Whidbey Island Agates
Daniel and I had a pretty darn good agate haul after our walk over at Ebey Beach. Our agate collection is growing! 
Seattle, Aunie Sauce, Ray's Boathouse
Enjoying some fine Seattle seafood with my Grandma at Ray's Boathouse. I'm so grateful for her! 
Whidbey Island, Maxwelton Beach, Aunie Sauce
Those smiles can only mean one thing... happy. together. family.

To be honest, I don't know if it's Whidbey that makes my heart so full or the time spent with family. But the combination of the two--that's what truly does it. They say there's no place like home. For us, there's no place like Whidbey.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Air Force Officer Training School

Officer Training School, Air Force OTS

Life-changing moment: I am officially a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force and Idaho Air National Guard! I received my commission on 17 June 2016 after spending eight weeks at Officer Training School.

School was much more mentally challenging than I had anticipated, though it was a very humbling and confidence-building experience. I was given so many options to test my leadership styles and formed some great friendships along the way. And at the very end of that seemingly endless 8-week tunnel, I emerged with a new perspective and a couple shiny new butter bars on my lapels... what a good feeling that was!

I've included a couple of my photos through my journey at Officer Training School below, with a little breakdown of each aspect of the program. I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities the Air National Guard has given me. This is just one of many!

Classroom Instruction and Graded Measurements
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS
Bits and pieces of our classroom instruction. Top left: our school house. Top right & bottom left: classroom instruction. Bottom right: lined up out on the "corral" memorizing our HAWKs.
Officer Training School, Air Force OTSOTS Class 16-07 lined up outside the Tuskegee Airman National Museum on one of our field trips

The first several weeks of OTS were primarily spent in the classroom. We had several classes per day, ranging from Air Force history to supervisory and leadership courses. We also had graded measurements that were due every couple of days. They were either papers, briefings or tests. We spent much of our time in the classroom or auditorium for lectures, and it was a nice relief to get out of the classroom when given the chance! On the first few weekends, we took field trips to places like the Tuskegee Airmen National Museum and the Enlisted Heritage Museum. We even spent one Saturday doing a community service project for the Habitat for Humanity.

Physical Training
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS, Air Force PT, Air Force OTS Physical Training
Top: warming up for morning PT (I'm in the middle facing the camera). Bottom left: Phantom Squadron after the Prop & Wings Run. Bottom right: push-ups during the Prop & Wings Run.

Of course you can imagine that I loved the physical training aspect of OTS. I was selected as my flight's fitness officer, so I was able to give my input into the PT program that we administered to our cadets. At OTS, PT is a student-run program, so the level of intensity you experience will be dependent on how rough & tough your PTL's (physical training leaders) are. We did PT as a group about two to three days a week, and then I would do PT on my own every day as well. I think there were only 3-4 days while I was at OTS that I wasn't able to hit my own PT session, and I used that time each day as a mind reset—taking 60-minutes to clear my thoughts and de-stress from the happenings of the day. I wouldn't say that I always had time for that much extra PT, though I made it my personal goal to make that time each day.

One of the best things I did (for my mental and physical fitness) was run a half marathon around the base each Sunday with a buddy I met at the Air Force Marathon last year. We had very open schedules on Sunday, so he and I met up every morning after breakfast for a nice long run around the base. It was two hours of hot, sweaty bliss each week that I never missed!

Field Training
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS Combatives
Top left and bottom right: qualifying (and earning Expert!) with the M9. Top right: me marching the Phantom Squadron to the ropes course. Bottom left: combatives training.
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS High Ropes Course
Top left and right: snapshots from the Confidence course. Bottom: High Ropes course. 
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS AEF, OTS Air & Space Expeditionary Force
Top left: the culmination of AEF—the Assault Course. Top right and bottom left: my flight at AEF. Bottom right: The OPS tent at AEF.

For me, the most enjoyable moments at OTS came from the field training. We had several days spent in the field, whether they were at BELPS (Basic Expeditionary Leadership Problems), Project X, LRC (Leadership Reactionary Course), EMLEX (Emergency Management Leadership Exercise), the Ropes, Confidence and Assault Courses, and AEF (Air & Space Expeditionary Forces mock-deployment training).

While all of that may look like a big bunch of military acronyms, it basically breaks down to the fact that when we were doing those exercises, we were not in the classroom and were instead out in the field, working together as teams to problem solve and test our leadership abilities.

For things like Project X and LRC, we were divided into teams and given 20-minutes to solve a problem in a small, confined obstacle. We were presented with scenarios like how to get six people and supplies up and over a wall with only a board, three poles and only certain places where we could step, walk, and move. Those field trainings were really fun because we each got to lead a team on an obstacle and they were very physically demanding.

BELPS was a lot like LRC but was instead out in the Alabama forest. We were using land navigation tools to trek through the forest in search of our azimuths and the final objective with a team of people and a time limit. We encountered water moccasins, turtles, giant spiders, and ankle-biting chiggers along the way!

The Ropes and Confidence courses were also fun. We put our bodies and minds to the test by donning harnesses and scaling ropes and obstacles as tall as buildings. Some people had a really hard time with the course because of how tall the platforms were, but I thought it was so fun! We also did a small Confidence Course—which was essentially an obstacle course—while we waited for folks to finish up with the Ropes portion. I loved that as well, though I enjoyed eating my MRE afterward just a little bit more! I love MRE's!

The best field training was AEF, where we did a three-day mock-deployment and lived in tents, ran missions through the forest, and were fully done up in battle gear. That was three days of fun for me... the field conditions and real-life leadership training was fast-paced and I was able to practically apply all that we'd been learning in the classroom in our mission scenarios. Being in the field—no matter where I'm at—gives me such a feeling of exhilaration!

Dining Out
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS Dining Out
Top left: dressed up with my guy at the dining out. Middle: filling a cup from the grog. Right: fellow flight-mates at the Dining Out.

On the second to last day at OTS, we attended a formal Dining Out. Many of our classmates had prepared and worked hard for the entire 8-weeks to put on this grand event, and it was very enjoyable! My favorite part was listening to the toasts at the grog. I was one of the first people to call someone up to the grog, and I picked my wingman Schaffy because it was her birthday! What I intended was to get her up to the grog for a celebratory drink, but I was also called out for bringing her up but not joining her in her birthday toast as her wingman. So we drank from the grog together and enjoyed flushed cheeks and a little bit of a buzz as a result!

The Dining Out was also super fun because Daniel got to join me. He had just flown in for my graduation the night prior, so we both got to get all dressed up together for this fancy event. It was so awesome to introduce him to my classmates and the commissioned staff. I look forward to many more events like this with him in the future!

Graduation and Commissioning
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS Graduation
Top left: the "Top Female PT" fitness award, which I received for finishing OTS with a 100% on my PT test and the fastest female 1.5-mile run time of 8:28. Top right: On the parade grounds after our final parade. Middle and bottom: Graduation parade.
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS Graduation
Flight 4-14's official photo. I loved my flight!
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS Commissioning
Left: taking the oath and receiving my commission. Middle: getting pinned by my husband. Right: receiving my first salute from my husband, TSgt Rowe.

After the eight long weeks (which actually went by fairly quickly as I look back on it) had finally passed, it was time for us to take the oath, commission and graduate. Finally! On the day before we commissioned, they had an awards ceremony for the OTS cadets and our families. I ended up taking home the award for "Top PT Female" after earning the highest overall fitness test average and the fastest run time out of our class of 225 cadets. I was thrilled to set a new personal best record during my last PT test by taking off nine seconds from my 1.5-mile run and coming in at 8:28. It was an honor to receive that award!

On the Friday of our graduation, we commissioned first thing that morning. I was given the oath by our Squadron Commander, and I was then pinned by my husband. He was so proud! My husband, also a Technical Sergeant, gave me my first salute. I coined him with a silver dollar, and that experience was so memorable and special for me. I was so grateful for Daniel's support along this entire journey, and to culminate it with that formal tradition was so meaningful... especially to do it with my husband!

What a surreal feeling it was... to finally be a Second Lieutenant. I couldn't have been happier!

Officer Training School, Air Force OTS Detachment 12
Top: my flight at our Memorial Day barbeque. Bottom left: our first time off base—we went to Lek's Railroad Thai in Montgomery. Bottom right: on the bus to BELPS, our first field training experience.
Officer Training School, Air Force OTS Detachment 12
Photos week-by-week with my roomie and OTS wingman for life, Schaffy. Left: casual in the dorms. Middle left: dressed up in blues for a visit to the Enlisted Heritage Museum. Middle right: playing around on Memorial Day. Right: after earning our butter bars... we did it!

One of the things that truly surprised me about OTS was the friendships and bonds that I formed with my flight mates. My roommate was amazing... she and I laughed, sang, prayed, cried, and shared so many memories together. I couldn't have gotten through it without her. And my flight? Oh man, my flight was amazing. In addition, since I had been our Student Squadron Commander, I really got to know our entire 61-member Phantom Squadron, and I had such a good time getting to know and build friendships with each of them. Our entire group really bonded over the 8-weeks and it was such a crazy feeling to leave OTS knowing I'd probably get to see them again in the future... but missing them already just the same!

Officer Training School, Air Force OTS
My mom and Daniel's family met me with hugs and tears of congratulations at the airport. I was totally surprised! My mother-in-law made me the sweetest sign... I was so grateful for all their support while I was away!

Since I got to fly home the day after graduation, Daniel ended up being on the same flights as me. We actually sat in totally different areas of the plane on each of our three flights home, but hanging out and grabbing food during lay-overs was a lot of fun. When we arrived home at the Boise airport, I thought we would just grab my bags and go. Boy, was I wrong! My mom and almost all of Daniel's family surprised me at the gate, waving signs, crying, and all coming in for a giant group hug. I hadn't anticipated how emotional I'd get when I saw them, and I'd had absolutely no idea they would be there, so to say that it was a special moment would be an understatement. I had been so grateful for their support every step of the way, so to see them all there waiting for me as I stepped off the plane was just the icing on top of that OTS cake.

As a final end to this long (yet actually short OTS recap), below is the OTS Class 16-07 video. It gives you a snapshot into the life of an OTS cadet and chronicles our 8-weeks of training. I'm in there three times... see if you can spot me!

OTS Class 16-07 Video

To now be a Second Lieutenant and to return home with butter bars is so much more than just some shiny new bars and a new rank. I'm going into a brand new part-time career field (I still work full-time at the hospital) and taking on a lot of new responsibilities. I still have many weeks of training left to go, but that will all come in time. For now, I'm just so grateful for the whole OTS experience and to finally have that training over and done with! It was a humbling, gratifying, educational, and mind-blowing experience. Truly. I don't ever want to do anything like it again, but I'm so thankful that I was selected to go through it.

This is just the beginning of my career as an officer in the Air National Guard, and I'm looking forward to every new experience, new training, new travel destination, and new day. When I enlisted two years ago and made it a goal to aim high, I never could have imagined just how high... and I'm on the way there now. One day at a time—here we go!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Living Out My Dreams

Air Force Officer Training School, Air Force OTS

You may notice it's been rather quiet around this blog for the past year or so. With all of last year's marathon training, long hours at my civilian job, attempting to commission in the Air National Guard, and truly just kicking back and enjoying time with Daniel—blogging just truly hasn't been one of my top priorities. I'll admit, I miss sharing my story through posts and photos, but taking a break has truly helped me catch my breath! I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has emailed me, left comments on my posts, and just reached out to say hi! I'm still here—I promise!—I'm just spending less time online and more time out living it!

That being said, I've referred to this a little bit on Aunie Sauce since last year, but in September 2015 I was notified that I had been selected for an officer slot within the Idaho Air National Guard. When I joined the ANG back in 2013, my goal had been to commission. Hallelujah... my dreams were coming true! After playing the waiting game for the last eight months—which is common in the military—I am currently living out my dreams and attending Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) down in Alabama. I will be spending a LOT of time at training in the upcoming months, so this is a huge step for me, Daniel and our future!

To say that OTS is a challenging program is an understatement. It has tested me more than almost anything I've ever done. But it is so worth it. I wouldn't trade any 0400-2300 workday, any minute spent marching from here to there, any six-minute chow where we have to totally scarf our food, any hour of classroom lecture, any 341 pulled, or any moment of all the stress to miss out on this opportunity. To go from an Airman First Class to a Second Lieutenant is going to be such an honor. I am so thrilled and grateful to be given this experience, and I am taking every day as it comes... one meal at a time.

So thank you all in advance for your support, encouragement, and continued support as I live out my dreams through this next chapter of my life. I may not be blogging as frequently, but I promise that means that I'm busy, learning, and growing personally & professionally more and more each day.

Sending love in my absence, all the way from Alabama. Aim high, right? HUA!

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Aunie Sauce Birthday Letter to Daniel

"They say it's your birthday!
It's my birthday too, yeah...
They say it's your birthday,
We're gonna have a good time.
I'm glad it's your birthday...
Happy birthday to you!"

- "Birthday" by The Beatles

My Best Friend Daniel,

         Cue the Beatles... because they say it's your birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't believe that your 32nd year is upon us already. How are we not parents by now? Time just goes by so quickly.

          It's hard to believe that just a short two years ago, I was down at Basic Training during your Birthday, and it was so hard to be away from you on your special day. I was especially sad that I didn't even get to call you to say hello. Isn't it crazy that I am now—again—even FARTHER away from you (2,200 miles) at Officer Training School? And similarly, I also don't get to talk to you—again—because our phones have also been taken away from us down here! No kidding. I just miss spending my guy's birthday with him, darn it! We better not make a habit of this!

          I'm so excited to see what this year will bring you (a.k.a. us). We'll both be looking forward to new professional opportunities, a few nice travel trips, definitely lots of new restaurants and foodie experiences, and gosh... just more time to be grateful to have each other. 32 is going to look good on you, my man.

          This is the fifth year that I've written you a letter on your birthday. I wouldn't miss it for anything. I know I'm halfway across the United States from you but every time I think about how much I miss you and how difficult it is to be apart, I remember all the sacrifices we are making for each other and our future together. It makes every 4:30 am - 11:00 pm day, getting yelled at by the MTI's, the endless hours of marching and drill, and all the days apart just that much more worth it. Truly, I'd much rather be enjoying a cider with you on our driveway while we watch the sun set; but I'll be back home in your arms so soon, I promise.

Here's to you, loves. I'll be jammin' out all day to your family's favorite birthday song, thinking about you every single minute. Enjoy your 32nd, sweetheart. Today, it's all about you!

Sending air hugs & kisses from down South in Alabama,
Your soon-to-be 2nd Lieutenant Aunie Loves ♥

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Palm Desert Trip 2016

Whitewater Preserve, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes

In our (almost) annual pilgrimage to visit my dad and his wife at their snowbird winter oasis, Daniel and I hit the road last week and traveled 15-hours down to Palm Desert, California. Having a dad who spends half the year up in the mountains at the the lake in Idaho and the other half in the desert of California has some mega-perks—we get to visit some rock-solid travel destinations and get to catch up with two of the coolest people you could hope to spend a vacation with.

We love to drive ourselves down to Cali, because we're so on-the-go when we're down there, that having our own vehicle makes the most sense. We tried flying and renting a car once, and it just wasn't the same (and cost a whole heck-of-a-lot more!). We sure do love our road trips, our gas station stops, and our impromptu "Hey, pull over to catch that snake on the side of the road!" moments.

As we always do, we woke up each morning to hit the gym, then hiked for 2-4 hours, then enjoyed Mexican food (literally a different restaurant for a chips & salsa sampling every. single. day.), caught some sun—or caught up on some zzz's!—and then enjoyed happy hour and dinner out. That was our daily schedule—which was like the best playlist EVER on shuffle & repeat—for every single day of the whole week we spent there.

Since this was our fourth trip to the desert, we knew which hikes and areas we loved and wanted to return to (like Whitewater Preserve and the Coachella Valley Preserve), and which ones we'd be OK without this time (like Joshua Tree). We also knew we wanted to try a couple new trails and were not disappointed with the two new ones we tried—Henderson Loop and Carrizo Canyon, both off Highway 74.

Daniel hit a lifetime goal this trip and I was thrilled to be a part of it—we found a desert tortoise! Growing up in the Arizona desert, Daniel had always wanted to find a wild tortoise, and this time—just barely poking out of a hole as we were scaling a canyon—was a little sunbathing tortoise. Life goal—check!

In addition to our hikes and adventures, my favorite part of our trips is spending time with my dad and his wife, which sadly I missed out on taking any photos with them this trip. Bummer! We always get one on our golfing adventures, and this year I totally spaced it... I must've been too excited about being on a winning "Putters" team. Anyway, we got to spend some great quality time with them—introducing them to The Living Desert Zoo and enjoying some dynamite food at places like Si Bon (amazing lunch), Armando's (favorite FAVORITE Mexican & margaritas), Backstreet Bistro (the Fit Menu is where it's at!), and Los Pepes (family-owned traditional Mexican).

See a couple photos of our trip below, which is mostly a collection of our amazing hikes!

Whitewater Preserve, Blooming Yucca Plant, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
Enjoying the wildflowers and blooming yucca at Whitewater Preserve
Whitewater Preserve, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
The overlook at the top of the Whitewater Preserve trail. This hike was about 10-miles. It was the perfect day for it.
Whitewater Preserve, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
Before setting off on our Whitewater Preserve trek. It was a long one and we hit it right in the middle of the afternoon. The weather couldn't have been better, coming in right around 82-degrees!
Whitewater Preserve wildflower hike, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
We traveled to the waterfall at Whitewater last time we were in PD, but this time we wanted to see the wildflowers since we had been too late to see them bloom last year. This photo doesn't do them justice. The hills were covered in the most beautiful flowers!
Whitewater Preserve, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
Just as we were leaving Whitewater Preserve, I stumbled upon this little gopher snake. He was surprisingly docile! Don't worry, we put him back.
Moon Country Hike at Coachella Valley Preserve, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
After finding a sidewinder rattlesnake at Moon Country last year, we knew we needed to go back to try our luck again. We didn't find any snakes, but we did catch a gorgeously sunny day! Coachella Valley Preserve has some great hikes.
Desert Iguana at Moon Country Hike at Coachella Valley Preserve, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
This little desert iguana was super friendly and let us get really close for a photo. We found him on the Moon Country hike... they were everywhere!
Living Desert Zoo, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
We took my dad and his wife to The Living Desert. It's a great way to spend the afternoon with all of their desert landscapes and animals and they even have on-site hikes... we intend to go back and do that one of these days.
Desert Tortoise, Henderson Loop Trail, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
It might be hard to see, but this is where Daniel checked off his bucket list item of finding a desert tortoise. I had to capture him capturing the moment! This little tortoise was just barely poking out of the hole and came out to say hello!
Desert Tortoise, Henderson Loop Trail, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
Man, he was the cutest. He didn't stay out for long after seeing us!
Henderson Loop Trail, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
Climbing up a small canyon surrounded by gorgeous views and ocotillo, just after finding the tortoise on the Henderson Loop Trail.
Henderson Loop Trail, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
Going up, up, up the tiny canyon on Henderson Loop. I love hikes that take us over long, scenic distances as well as ones that challenge us with a few vertical climbs.
Henderson Loop Trail overlooking Palm Desert, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
The view from the top at Henderson Loop Trail. What a view, Palm Desert, what a view.
Desert Falls Country Club golf course view, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
Between hikes and chips & salsa, we often had a chance to catch up on work, feed the ducks & turtles, and watch some mighty fine golfing at my dad's place. This is the view from his back patio. The mountains overlooking the pond make for some killer sunsets!
Carrizo Canyon Hike, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
I climbed up on a rock at the top of Carrizo Canyon to snap this shot of Daniel while he was munching on some beef jerky. This was a very, very cool hike and a great way to round out our PD trip.
Carrizo Canyon Hike, Palm Springs California, Palm Desert California, Palm Desert Hikes
After snapping a photo of Daniel, he got one of me as I rested for a moment at the top of Carrizo Canyon. I loved the rocky, vertical terrain on that hike!

While these photos are fun, they just don't do our trips to Palm Desert justice. The views we see as we hike for hours upon hours, the early mornings and smiling faces of the regulars at the gym, the "Cheers!" over happy hour cocktails and dad's famous margaritas, the feeding of the ducks and fish in the pond each morning, and the good conversations by the pool with family are what really make the trip. We are so grateful each year when my dad and his wife open their home to us for a whole week—especially since we spend so much of it out on the trails and up in the hills.

We're already talking about next year's trip. And if it's anything like the last four, it will be one for the books. Until next time, PD. Until next time.

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