Monday, February 9, 2015

Checking In

Airforce C-17 Aircraft, Idaho Air National Guard, 124 Fighter Wing

It's been a little quiet around here lately—on the blog, anyway. In real life, it's like a daily chaos BOMB. But a good chaos bomb—if there is such a thing. As you may recall, right after I returned home from Air Force tech school, I began a new civilian job as a Wellness Coordinator. While my part-time and one-weekend-a-month duties with the Air Guard are still going well, my full-time job is taking off like a rocket. And it's awesome.

As a Wellness Coordinator for a hospital health system, not only do I manage several programs (like our website, employee and community health education programs, a weight loss challenge, etc), but I am also involved in our big annual healthcare screening process. It has all been so fulfilling and awesome. I'm learning so much and getting to be very creative with my web skills, both managing and designing websites and also blogging often—and actually getting paid for it! The hours have been longer than the standard 40-hour week, but with such rewarding work, it makes all the difference.

Needless to say, when you're working 50+ hour weeks and on the computer all day and then doing Air Guard drills one weekend a month—when I have free time, I ENJOY that free time. Unplugging is my new favorite thing. That being said, this blog has taken a back seat in the process. While I don't expect to be back to blogging on a weekly basis, I will still be checking in with updates. For instance, I got to work my very first deployment line with the Air Guard this last weekend. It was so cool! We got to prepare troops for deployment and not only see how the process worked, but got to be the ones sending the troops off as they departed in the C-17! Finally, putting all that tech school knowledge to work!

Airforce C-17 Aircraft, Idaho Air National Guard

I also recently got a new haircut—woohoo for change! See it here.

Short bob haircut

Despite feeling the rush-rush of the day-to-day, I'm still making time 7-days a week for my workouts (though I do have to several 4:00 am morning starts since my workdays begin so early and I prefer working out in the morning!). I've been spending about half my week in the gym doing high-intensity style workouts and the other half is spent doing shorter 30-60 minute runs outside. I'm not training for anything specific—just trying to stay in good and healthy shape!

In between posts, you can still catch up with me on Instagram. Life is good, y'all. A little overwhelming and stressful at times, but life is good.