Thursday, November 28, 2013


I feel like every day is Thanksgiving on this blog. I am always feeling thankful for something... so today I'll just share 13 of the things I'm thankful for at this moment.

I'm thankful for...
  1. Daniel. I can't say it enough. Sunday is our one-year anniversary (already!) and we have a little weekend getaway planned. He is the most supportive, encouraging, uplifting man. I'm a lucky woman.
  2. My family & Daniel's family. I couldn't do it without them.
  3. Our home. 
  4. Heat... we woke up this morning and our thermostat is dead. It's 27 degrees in Meridian and our house is getting colder and colder by the minute. Of course this happens on a holiday, right? So at the moment, I'm sitting bundled in front of the computer typing this with frigid fingers.
  5. Green bean casserole. Looking forward to enjoying that this evening! 
  6. Time spent with my sister! She came to town for a big gala with my mom, and we got to do a girl's night last night. So wonderful.
  7. 24-hour gyms. We'll be on the way to ours on the Air Guard base here soon! 
  8. Prayer.
  9. Answers to prayers!
  10. Open doors.
  11. Days off from work.
  12. Love & friendship (and new, growing friendships—Andi, that's you!)
  13. This coming Monday, so I can share what the heck has been going on in my life! 
Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I'm especially thankful for all of you. ♥

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eleven Twenty-Seven

Spring Blooms

Today may not be the most glamorous, the most talked-about, the most thrilling, or the most special day I've ever had, but today is a new & exciting day.

Exactly three months ago today, I turned 27, and for some reason—for my entire life—I've always wanted to be 27. This year was my "golden birthday" and I've always told myself that it was going to be my best year. So far, it's been pretty darn awesome. But I know that the best is yet to come.

I would never call myself a superstitious person, so what I'm about to say is just a fun coincidence and not about superstition, OK? I remember as a child, I once asked my dad what his favorite number was. He said 327, because it was some kind of turbo engine that he really liked (or something like that... Dad maybe you can remind me what 327 has to do with a car or engine?). Since that day, 327 has also been my favorite number. It's nothing fancy, but whenever I think of it, it always reminds me of my dad. ANYWAY, this morning I was thinking about it, and today marks exactly 3 months since my 27th birthday. 3-2-7. My favorite number. And that makes for a lovely day, indeed.

On the day I turned 27, I shared that I didn't know what this year was going to bring, but that I was looking forward to it. Today, I know that this year is going to bring great things, and I'm so excited and ready for them to start happening.

Mark this day, November 27, 2013... it's the beginning of a whole new me.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Running & Fitness Update

Bright running clothes

Do you know my favorite part about running lately? It's the fact that I haven't been running. Honestly. After our last half marathon three weeks ago, and all the injuries I was recovering from due to the full marathon we just ran a little over a month ago, my body has just been in need of a break from the pavement. Plus, when it's 20 degrees in the mornings here in Boise, there's no way you're getting me outside for a little morning jog. No way.

I've been hitting up the gym every single morning and working on lifting and high-intensity interval workouts instead. The change-up has been really nice! Instead of focusing on mileage, I'm working on decreasing my mile time on the treadmill, trying to churn the fastest mile possible—though I'm 100% sure that I'd run a faster mile if I was outside on the road versus in the gym. I've also been working on upping my basic fitness standards by focusing on push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and general weight lifting.

I didn't think that the change would affect me too much, but I have noticed that I can't eat absolutely everything in sight anymore. Well, scratch that—sure I can—I just can't eat quite as much as I was before. I have noticed a slight gain on the scale (5-6 pounds) but my clothes all still fit the same so let's just go ahead and say I'm gaining muscle, shall we? That makes me feel better, anyway.

So, not much running these days except for a warm-up on the treadmill in the mornings, putting myself to a test with a mile or mile and a half run, and an occasional sprint interval to finish up my workout. It has felt great and once the weather warms up just a bit I can't wait to get back out on the open road.

What's your training routine like these days? Am I the only one who feels like a normal—though fast—running pace on the road (say a 7:00-minute mile) feels like an absolute sprint on a treadmill?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter basics, plaid peacoat, infinity scarf from a pashmina
Peacoat: Macy's (similar), Top: Express (similar), Jeans: Express, Boots: Runway Fashion Exchange (similar), Pashmina: my hospital's gift shop (similar), Rings: c/o The Vintage Pearl
Winter basics, infinity scarf from a pashmina
Winter basics, plaid peacoat, infinity scarf from a pashmina
Winter basics, plaid peacoat, infinity scarf from a pashmina
Winter basics, infinity scarf from a pashmina, Annelise Rowe

The cold front that came through Boise last week turned our neighborhood's waterfall and pond into a frozen winter wonderland. Though the temperatures during the day have been hovering in the 30's, the early morning 20's are starting to get to me. I'm looking forward to the warm front that is said to be heading our way this week!

If you're ever curious—no idea if you even are—but you may notice that every time I wear a scarf it looks like it's an infinity scarf. I actually only own 2 true infinity scarves. All the rest are normal scarves and pashminas that I tie to resemble an infinity scarf. If you lay a rectangle pashmina or scarf out on the ground and tie just two of the opposite diagonal ends, leaving the other two ends free, it works so nicely. I'm usually able to wrap my standard pashminas three times, pulling the un-tied corners to the front to make a "V" at the bottom of my scarf. I like using fringed pashminas the best, because I like that the tassles hang loose when I wrap it. For me, the bigger the scarf—the better!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Thought Process

Little Bird

You know the feeling when every day is new? Every day is exciting? Every day brings decisions and actions that may be a little scary at the moment but completely fill you with the biggest feeling of strength and determination? Where every day is getting you one day closer to what you've been waiting for? That's every day for me right now.

Talk about the vaguest of the vague... this is going to be less about me saying what's going on and more about just writing out my thoughts about this very moment right now.

Have you ever done something when you know that half the people you know will totally back you because they trust you to make the best decision, and the other half will think you've lost your mind? Have you ever taken a giant leap of faith into one open door because you just ran into a closed one? Have you ever said "I don't know how this is going to be in the future, but right now I know it's the right thing to do?"

I can't be alone in this. I can't be the only one who's feeling like I'm entering into an unknown where I'm going to receive countless questions and leave many people shaking their heads in confusion. And that's OK. I know what I'm doing... and that's what matters, right? It's like being a little bird who has decided not to follow the flock, but instead to set out on a flight of her own...

See, told you. It's the vaguest of the vague. But it's the lead in for what's next. Maybe I shouldn't have even brought it up... but it's the thought process behind some big decisions going on right now. It's me and it's real and it's a little bit scary. But I'm ready for it.

More details soon.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dobby the Bearded Dragon

Dobby the Bearded Dragon

We may not have kids or a fluffy puppy yet, but we do have a not-so-cuddly bearded dragon. Her name is Dobby and she was my present from Daniel in 2011 for our first Christmas together. Some people get jewelry from their boyfriends—or clothes or fancy purses or shoes—I got a lizard. Best Christmas ever.

You guys know we love reptiles... we went "lizard hunting" together on our first trip to Palm Desert in 2012 when we visited Joshua Tree National Park and caught several different species of lizards. You can also see Daniel catching a chuckwalla during our second trip to Palm Desert in 2013 in this video. We just love lizards, turtles, frogs, snakes... all those animals that eat bugs, lay eggs, and don't shed hair all over the house.  In fact, one of the first times Daniel and I hung out, we were rafting the Boise River with his friends and he saw a snake in the bushes and ran over to catch it. I was right on his heels, holding it in no time. He and his friends knew the moment he handed me the snake—it was love.

Sunday afternoon after Dobby's bath—which is really me just putting some water in the bathtub and letting her hang out in there for an hour (she loves it by the way)—I put her down in the kitchen while I was doing some chores. I facetimed my sister during my cleaning spree, and Marnie said it was so gross that Dobby was on our kitchen floor. If you're not a lizard lover, you may agree. But considering that she had just had a bath and rides around on my shoulder half the time anyway, I wasn't worried about it. Anyway... this photo is a little shot of Dobbs as she pancaked herself out on the kitchen tiles to soak up some heat. What a cutie she is.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Living Room Details

Rustic Living Room Decor

We moved into our house in the first week of September. It's hard to believe we've already been there over two months! While we still have stacks of boxes in the garage and loads of things to still go through, everything is in the house that needs to be in the house at this point.

We haven't placed too much emphasis on decorating or hanging things on the walls because we've been spending a lot of time landscaping. Since we moved in, Daniel has planted eight evergreens and we've given our backyard a semi-facelif: we tore up plants, added mulch, weeded everything, moved the cement wall blocks around to add more planting space, and added 8 cubic yards of dirt—talk about some heavy-duty work! It's a project that will take us a while, but it's one that we enjoy. Now that winter is coming, our biggest priority is getting the hot tub up and running—what a treat that will be!

Inside, we've at least gotten our furniture set up and the great room is our favorite place to be. We haven't fully finished decorating yet, but Daniel hung a clock in the kitchen and a mirror in our living room and that in itself made a big difference. Here are a couple photos from our living room & the rustic decor we're beginning to fill it with.

Rustic Living Room Decor
Rustic Living Room Decor
Rustic Living Room Decor
Rustic Living Room Decor
Rustic Living Room Decor
Rustic Living Room Decor

My favorite thing about the great room is the tall ceilings and all of the natural light. The kitchen has a standard ceiling, but the living room's ceiling is twice as high, opening all the way up to the second-story overlook, where there are more windows and lots and lots of wall space—just waiting for the perfect decor to fill it up. It's all a work in progress, and we're in no rush to get it done. One step at a time, right?

All I have to say is I'm just so happy. Cooking in the kitchen, doing the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms... I don't care what it is, I love it! Making this house our home is my new favorite thing.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Like a Diary

Annelise Rowe, Aunie Sauce

As years go and tastes and preferences change, I find my blogging habits change as well. I began this blog two years ago, and my goal was to make it an online diary where I could share whatever was on my mind that day. Occasionally over the last couple years, my goals and motives have changed and I've found myself losing the "diary" aspect of my blog. But it's the one thing I've tried to stay truest to this whole time.

Sure, maybe I incorporate a style post here and there, or I'll brag on a local Boise business who has invited me to an event, but I don't feel like I push things just to push them. You won't ever see wish lists filled with a bunch of affiliate links just so I can score some extra bucks, or a product review of a coffee maker or detergent, just because it was free. And you especially won't see other people writing in this space, unless it's something life-changing that I think you need to know about. I don't see this blog as a place for promotion, I see it as a place where I can come and just write it out.

I don't mean to offend anyone with that. If you're a blogger and you've reviewed a coffee maker, I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It just doesn't fit with the vibe of Aunie Sauce, so I choose not to do it. You might be reading this and be thinking, "So all you want to talk and write about is just you? Boring!" And guess what? Sometimes it is boring. I don't live an extraordinary life or travel the world or take pictures like a model. But I enjoy coming here each day and just being me and writing my story.

I'm so thankful for this space where I can jot down everything from the little details to the milestone events. I'm proud of this blog, because it reflects who I am—and sometimes I'm at my best, and sometimes I'm at my worst. But it's all here.

Over the last two years, one of the biggest things I've learned from blogging is that my blog isn't who I am. It's here because I enjoy writing and taking photos and telling my story. But I don't live for my blog or make it a huge priority. If I get to it, I get to it. If I don't, I don't. And that was one thing I struggled with in the beginning. I tried to make blogging such a high priority. I was on the computer all the time, putting so much pressure on myself, and stressing over the details. Once I was able to let that go, I began loving blogging that much more.

As I again look at how I want this blog to be and what's important to me, posting each day has become less and less of a priority. When you realize that it's not about the pageviews, but about sharing your story, and that it honestly doesn't matter if people even read it or not, but if it makes you feel good just to write it... then why have all the pressure to post every day? And that's why there doesn't need to be any.

I'm so thankful for this online diary and for the people who do come each day to read it. And as we move forward, if you do visit my blog and there's not a new post here each day, maybe go pick a random post from the archives and know that I'm not stuck behind a computer writing my life down—but I'm out there living it and taking each day as it comes. Man, life is just beautiful, isn't it?

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Fall leaves in Boise

Take time out today to do something unexpected—take a leap of faith, test of your limits, check off a bucket-list item, take a step forward in a new direction—you never know where it'll land you. Because you never know until you try, right?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quidditch and a Not-So-Humble-Brag on my Brother

Muggle Quidditch, Boise State University Quidditch

I think the only thing cooler than being an über-proud parent is being an über-proud sibling. And when you have a brother who is changing the campus dynamics of your local university, that's a pretty good reason to be extremely, extremely proud.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember my post in March about my brother, Stewart, & his Boise State University Muggle Quidditch team, the Abraxans. Just a few months ago, his team was simply a new club at BSU and he was just having a ball getting something new rolling over on campus. Fast forward a few months, and let me tell you—my brother and his team are rocking it. They are now an official university club, and boast a team of over 23 members. Stew has even been given a budget for the team, and they just had their first official jerseys made. They've played in tournaments in several different states including Utah and Nevada, and Stew has even traveled to California and Washington to play the Snitch for other tournaments. He was recently certified a gold rank Snitch, which is no easy task.

Yes, they play on brooms and act out the real-life version of the Harry Potter Quidditch... but it's cool. Really cool. It's a full combat sport and Stew has seen no shortage of injuries, including a broken tooth, torn ACL, sprained ankles, and he himself has seen the inside of the ER after a rough game where he suffered a break to his maxillary sinus.

The Abraxans, once an unknown team running around the intramural field on campus, is now a team that is known throughout the students and professors at BSU. Stew's photo is on a rotating slideshow on the main Boise State website. Kids on campus know my brother, not because he's super tall or ruggedly handsome (you're welcome, Stew), but for how he's changing student life and pursuing his dreams. Oh, and did I mention he's a History Secondary Education major with a focus on Chinese? He wants to teach in China, people. My brother is a real-life rockstar to me.

Muggle Quidditch, Boise State University Quidditch
Muggle Quidditch, Boise State University Quidditch
Photos source.

Stew-man, we're so proud of you and your go get 'em attitude. You and your team rock. Thanks for making me a proud big-sis, bro. Love you!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leather & Lace

Leather and Lace Outfit
Jacket: Forever 21 (similar), Dress: Material Girl, Shoes: Thrifted (similar), Pashmina: old (similar), Tights: Betsey Johnson, Knuckle Ring: c/o My Name Necklace (use code AUNIE for 10% off), Heart Ring: c/o The Vintage Pearl
Personalized Initial Ring, Sterling Silver Knuckle Ring
Black Kitten Heels
Open Heart Ring, Sterling Silver Heart Ring
Leather and Lace Outfit

The leaves in the pictures are so pretty... but they took hours and hours to rake up this weekend! I wore that dress to church and then it was home we go for all sorts of projects. Dusting, raking, leave-bagging... oh how fun it is! At least the weather behaved for us—it's much more pleasant to rake leaves when it's 40 degrees than when it's freezing, right?

One extra detail about this outfit: the adorable "R" ring (for my last name Rowe) I'm wearing is from a company called My Name Necklace. They make personalized sterling and gold pieces, and offer everything from necklaces to bracelets to earrings—you name it. I was particularly fond of their ring selection, and knew that a tiny ring, which I turned into a knuckle ring, was going to be the way to go. Here's a tip: I read that when you're looking for knuckle ring sizes, pick a size that's 3 sizes smaller than that finger's normal ring size. So since I'm a size 6 ring for my middle finger, I ordered a size 3 knuckle ring and it fit just perfectly. Oh, and if you shop My Name Necklace, be sure to use code AUNIE for 10% off!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You, Veterans

Idaho Air National Guard

Today is the official day to celebrate and remember our veterans, though I am thankful for them every single day. They protect us and our country with honor, perseverance, strength, and hearts to serve others. Each service member sacrifices so much to carry this honor for our country, and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you.

Much of my family is in the military. Daniel is a Tech Sergeant and recruiter for the Idaho Air National Guard and will hit his 11-year mark in January. His brother Adam is also in the Guard, his brother Ian used to be in the Guard, and their Uncle Lenny is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant who used to work on nuclear missiles. Updated to add, thanks to Aunt Linda: Daniel also has three other uncles who are in the military as well. His Uncle Bob, who just recently passed away, was a Marine, his Uncle Bill served in the Army, and his Uncle Mike was a Marine in Vietnam and was presented the Congressional Medal of Honor by the president. He single-handedly took out a cave full of snipers in Vietnam to save his men. He is still active in Veteran Honor Guard and other activities.

On my side of the family, I have several relatives who are in the Army. My uncle is a retired Colonel who was the Commandant at both West Point and the Citadel. He also worked at the Pentagon for sometime. He commanded troops in Desert Storm, Iraq, Germany, Bosnia, and Korea. He is so amazing. I also have five cousins (one is retired) and two cousins' husbands in the Army. I am so thankful for each one of them and the service they provide to our country.

If you're a veteran—thank you. Thank you for giving up so much for us & our country. Today, I salute you.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Beauty in Every Day

Finding beauty in every day, fall leaves in Boise

There's beauty in every day. But you have to open your eyes to see it.

I have stories I could write and words that I could try to hammer out... but today I'm just reflecting on that simple thought. When you pray and pray for an answer, such as if a door is meant to be opened for you, let it be opened, or if a door is meant to be shut, then let it be clearly closed—how can you be upset when you find out that your door has, in fact, been closed? That's an answer to a prayer. It may not be the answer you "wanted." But it's an answer. That's so beautiful.

Here's to open eyes, open doors, an open heart, and finding beauty in every day.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's a Small World: A Running Story

Zeitgeist Half Marathon, matching running outfits

The sweet gal between my mom and me in the photo above is named Christie. Today I have a "small world" running story about Christie and her husband Wayne.

Three weeks ago, we were sweating away and coming up on mile 16 in the City of Trees Marathon when we saw this adorable woman bouncing around near Camel's Back Park wearing all black and a bright green tutu. She was cheering like crazy for us, telling us how fun our matching outfits were and sending out words of encouragement. My mom—as she always does—yelled back, "We're mom & daughter! This is our first marathon together!" The woman replied as she jogged next to us for a moment, "Oh my gosh! So cool! My husband is running the marathon with my son, who is 12, and it's his first one, too! You guys are SO AWESOME!" We thanked her, adorable and energetic as ever in her little green tutu, and carried on with our run. Sidenote: we always talk for the duration of our runs—even marathons—and especially with other people on the course, so this wasn't out of the ordinary for us.

Fast forward to last Saturday when my mom and I were standing in line at the port-a-potties before the Zeitgeist Half Marathon. This little fireball of a woman was standing in front of us, being as cute as ever, and one lady commented on how cool her shoes were—if you notice in the photo above, they're the same ones I have (and I also trained in the pink ones for the last several months)—so I couldn't help but butt in and say how much I loved them, too. The woman took one look at my mom and I—dressed in our head-to-toe matching gear and City of Trees fleece sweatshirts—and said, "Oh my gosh! Aren't you two the cutest!" My mom—once again—said, "Mom & daughter!" and the lady immediately said, "Oh my gosh! I was the lady in the green tutu at the City of Trees... you guys were the cute matching ladies! I know you!" And right then and there we found our new running buddy. We ran into her after the race and had to snap a photo... it's such a small world!

Her name is Christie, and she introduced us to her husband Wayne who was there supporting her this time. Christie is a huge runner, and just qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:40 (she's a rockstar!). And get this, she and her husband own a running company called Final Kick Events. They put on several races around the Treasure Valley including Struttin' for Stuffin' coming up on Thanksgiving and the Hot Chocolate Run on December 28—which I think I just might run! Were they a great couple to run into or what?

Honestly, sometimes this world is just so small... and I'm so thankful for that. This one woman's small gesture of encouragement made such an impact on us, and look where it's going to take us. I see a running partnership in our future! I can't wait to run many of Final Kick's races... and this is coming from the girl who just this past Monday said she was "done" running. It's funny how life works sometimes.

If you're local to the Treasure Valley, make sure to check out Final Kick Events' Facebook page for all the details of their upcoming races. Consider joining me for the Hot Chocolate Run on December 28, won't you?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From Where I Stand

From Where I Stand

From where I stand
the leaves litter the Boise streets,
a wet rainbow of fallen debris.

From where I stand
cars slosh through puddles,
people hustle to work,
it's all go-go-go.

From where I stand
no walk takes the same path,
no day looks the same.
Change is on every horizon.

From where I stand
I'm here only a moment.
A brief second.
A snapshot in time, a passing glance, a break in a step.

From where I stand 
everyone else sees
wet streets, scattered leaves, fog clouding the air...

It's all beautiful to me
from where I stand.

An original poem - 11.6.13

Monday, November 4, 2013

Zeitgeist Half Marathon

Zeitgeist Half Marathon

We did it. We did it. We did it. We did it. WE DID IT!

I'm so relieved to say that my official training for races in 2013 is finished. Thank goodness. This weekend we ran our fourth race of the year, the Zeitgeist Half Marathon (we also ran the Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon in May, the Sawtooth Relay in June, and the City of Trees Marathon three weeks ago in October), and I'm just so relieved that it's all finished. I will still run now and then... but only if I want to, not because I have to.

To be honest, with all the training for the full marathon we just did, I thought we were going to kill this race. Seriously, I thought, "Oh, it's only half of what we just did... this will be a breeze!" Boy, was I dead wrong. Let me tell you what—there's a BIG difference between running a marathon on an almost entirely flat course and then trying to run a half marathon that is uphill for the first 8.5 miles. BIG DIFFERENCE. It was rough!

Mom and I started the race together, but instead of staying together the entire time, I ran ahead just after the two-mile mark because I was feeling really good. This was the first steady uphill portion of the course, and I normally am able to cruise through uphill inclines, so I high-fived mom and wished her the best of luck with her race and took off to find my pace. I was chugging along the steady uphill until about mile six when I realized that I wasn't even halfway and that my ankle was killing me (still hurting from the marathon) and that sheesh—I was tired already! It was at that point that I regretted departing from Mom, but hey, what could I do at that point? So I kept on going and pushing ahead, crawling up the last steep hill at mile 8.5. I did run the whole thing... but it was a slow run.

As soon as I hit the downhill portion of the course, I started going fast—too fast—and within a couple miles I had lost the feeling in my legs and knew I was close to fainting. I'm such a wimp, guys, I tell you what. I went from cruising through the downhill at a 7-minute-mile pace (I was on track to PR with a finishing time of 1:45) to barely being able to keep up an 11:00-minute-mile. All those people who I had passed in the beginning were now streaming past me at what felt like lightning speed, and I was just trying to stay on my feet. I was dead. I kept looking behind me, hoping that Mom would catch up to me and we could finish together... but before I knew it (and after what felt like a lifetime), the finish line was in view and I found my kick to finish strong. I crossed the line at 1:56. As soon as I finished, I felt just fine—figures, right?—and I ran back to the start of the flags so I could cheer Mom through. She came over the hill just as I got to my cheering spot, and I cheered her right through the finish. Mom crossed at 2:01 and we both rejoiced at the fact that we were finished!

We quickly tossed on our finisher t-shirts for a photo, grabbed a warm slice of apple crisp, and shivered until our lips were blue as we took forever and a day to hobble back to the car. The weather had been a perfect and sunny 40 degrees (though very, very windy) during the race, but just as we finished the clouds and rain set in.  We warmed up our bodies underneath the chilly rain in Stephen's hot tub, stretching our legs and laughing about our ugly runners' toenails and how this race was just not what we had expected. It killed us!

Zeitgeist Half Marathon

Lessons learned for us in the past couple weeks: 1. Don't sign up for any races after just running a marathon. 2. If you're feeling good at mile 2 but the whole rest of the race is still uphill, that's probably not the best time to "see what you can do." 3. NO MORE MARATHONS.

I've been running non-stop since the middle of May, and for once I'm looking forward to kicking up my feet and taking a day (...or thirty... or forever) off.

Mom, thanks for being the best training partner over the last 6-months. Though the long runs were sometimes painful and terribly, well, long, I wouldn't have traded one mile for our story-swapping, laughs, or time spent together. How many moms get to spend every Saturday for 6-months running for 2+ hours with their daughter? I'm not sure... but I hope they enjoy it as much as we did. I love you, Mom... here's to some awesome races together, some killer matching outfits, and to no more marathons! Woo hoo!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Zeitgeist Half Marathon... Tomorrow!

Half Marathon Training

Sunday marks three weeks since we finished the City of Trees Marathon, and tomorrow we're running our last race of the year, the Zeitgeist Half Marathon. We signed up for Zeitgeist a week before we ran the City of Trees—and to be honest, I think we were in a little over our heads. Note to self: don't register for any races prior to running a marathon... wait until a week or so after the race to see how you feel. Because guess what? I'm still aching from that marathon. And I didn't even think it was that hard!

After the marathon, I didn't have any injuries, but my entire body felt as though it had been put through a meat grinder. I was just so sore! My feet and ankles also felt as though I had run the entire race without shoes at all—I don't know how barefoot runners do it. My ankles still have been flaring up and giving me a hard time when I've gone out for a run.

Speaking of running... I haven't been. I thought that I'd go run the marathon and hop right back in to running 3-4 days a week and achieving the mileage that I'd been running pre-marathon. What a joke! Maybe I'm just a big sissy, but I couldn't run for a full week after the marathon. My body just wouldn't let me. In the last two weeks, I've gone for maybe two runs a week, maxing out at no more than 3-4 miles each time. I simply haven't been able to run like I was before... I just don't think I've fully recovered yet and my aching ankles and terribly slow pace are proof that I'm just not ready to get back to it yet.

But then there's that half marathon tomorrow that we already signed up and paid for, so we will go do it... but to be honest, I'm just so excited to get it over with! I'm definitely a fair-weather runner and do not like running when it's below freezing—and that freezing weather is coming faster than I'd care to think about—so I think after this race, I'll probably be shelving my running shoes until early spring. I may hit up a run here and there... but I'm looking forward to getting back to some HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines in the gym.

Anyway, keep up with us on Instagram to see photos (and our matching outfits!) from the half marathon tomorrow. Zeitgeist & all your glorious hills... here we come!