Friday, December 30, 2011

Surprise Christmas Adventure.

Sometimes, I'm romantic. 

This Christmas, I'm pretty sure I succeeded at being Aunie The Romantic. 
All that Mr. Daniel got for Christmas was this little certificate:

I thought it was so creative
What he didn't know what that the certificate entitled him
to a delicious dinner at Flatbread (I even made reservations!), 
a hot chocolate dessert date afterward, 
and THEN a super-spectacular Christmas light helicopter tour of Boise. 

Yes. I just said that. 
A helicopter tour.  
For Christmas. 

(Now is when you're supposed to go, "Awww!")

Honestly, riding in that little 4-seater bubble helicopter,
overlooking the lights of Boise,
and bouncing around in the wind
next to my best friend and boyfriend
was one of the most romantic nights ever.