Aunie Sauce blog by Annelise Rowe

Established in November of 2011, Aunie Sauce is the blog about the life & sauce of Annelise Rowe.

Hello! I'm Annelise (ana-lisa). My nickname is Aunie (aun-ee). I've lived all over the place, (WA/AR/OK/OH/CA/ID), and I'm proud to currently call Boise, Idaho my home.

A little about me: I'm 37. I married the love of my life, Daniel, in December of 2012. We had our first son, Alex, in 2020, our second son, Brady, in 2021, and rounded out our family of five with our daughter, Camren, in 2023. I serve our country as an officer in the Idaho Air National Guard. I love maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle (I share my fitness & food journey via Instagram).

Why "sauce?" I started Aunie Sauce to document life—the ups, the downs, the big details, the little memorable moments, and all the love in between. The "sauce" is all the extras—beautyfaithfitness, healthy livingmilitaryrunningthoughts, travel, etc. Each day brings us a new journey... I'm here to share mine. My goal? Impact one life, inspire one dreamer, touch one heart—through my story, my experiences, my blog.

THIS is my story.