Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Heels & Flats

White Lace Dress and Black Heels
Dress: Francesca's (similar & budget friendly similar), Heels: Carlos by Carlos Santana (similar), Flats: c/o Fit In Clouds, Earrings: c/o Olivia Wares, Bracelet: DIY from this shirt's belt c/o Olivia Wares, Purse: c/o Cuore & Pelle
White Lace Dress and Black Heels

I think that anyone who knows me would tell you that I don't wear heels often. I love dressing up for weddings or other nice occasions, but on a daily basis, I do not wear heels. While the heels pictured above are actually very comfortable, by the end of the day—or let's be honest, a couple hours—I'm ready for some flats.

I recently received a pair of Fit In Clouds portable & foldable shoes, and I think they are the most practical pair of flats I have in my closet. They come in a tiny pouch that tucks into your purse (and I don't carry big purses, either!) and you can slip them on in a moment's notice to give your feet a break from your heels. I  picked out a dressier pair and tend to wear mine around the office all day because they're so comfortable—forget the heels! You can see photos of these cute flats below.

White Lace Dress and Flats
Fit In Clouds Flats
White Lace Dress and Flats
Fit In Clouds Flats
White Lace Dress and Flats

Heels or flats... what's your pick?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Marathon Training Update

Marathon Training
MY RUNNING GEAR: Marathon Training Shoes: Mizuno, Training Bra: Adidas, Hats: Nike, Pink Capris: Nike, Running Skirt: Nike

It's been 7-weeks since I started training for the City of Trees Marathon in October, and I have 11 weeks left to go. If you'd like to see our 18-week marathon training schedule, click here. I also Instagram photos of our long runs, so catch up with me there to stay on track with my training schedule. To be honest, I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. I feel great so far and I'm really enjoying it, and I thought I'd give a little update as to how the training is going.

Since beginning marathon training, my appetite has increased slightly, and I've noticed that I'm much more hungry in the morning and during the day—especially on days that I have early-morning runs. On those days, even after breakfast and a snack, I'm usually famished by 10:00 am and ready for lunch! Daniel and I often split meals in the evenings when we go out, and if we eat at home, we don't cook large portions. Having a husband who used to be a personal trainer is great for me because we both keep each other's diets (as in "what we eat," not actual "diets") in check. However, on the days that we do splurge and split a giant burger or go all-in on a pizza, it's not a big deal.

I have also noticed that my hips do not enjoy this training. Before, when I've trained for half marathons, my knees usually gave me a hard time. This time around, my right hip is very painful after my runs. The pain generates between my hip bone and my glute (butt), right in that little indentation back there, and radiates forward to my hip flexor. It's been so bad that after a couple of the really long runs, I've had to lay down for a couple hours. To remedy this issue, I've started getting physical therapy massages—which sound great—but are actually rather painful. The good news is that after the massages, the kneading of my muscles, and the trigger point annihilation, the pain usually subsides for a couple weeks. At this point, it's something I can handle, though I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't get any worse over the next 11 weeks.

The biggest change I have seen & felt is that I've lost weight. Back in April, I wrote a post in which I mentioned I was 137 pounds. These days, I'm right at 130 (update: I guess I hadn't weighed myself in a while, because as of 8/4/13, I am now down to 126). Seven pounds might not seem like a big weight drop, but it's not the weight so much that I've noticed, it's the way my clothes are fitting. I'm able to wear things that I haven't been able to wear in years. In addition to the seven pounds, I've lost over 6% body fat. The last time I took my body fat was when I was about 132 pounds and it ended up being 18%. I should mention that I'm not trying to lose weight with this training program, but the way my body has responded has not disappointed me. However—as you can assume when females lose weight—the spot I've noticed the most loss is in my chest... and heck, that wasn't big to begin with. So that's a little frustrating, not because I'm getting smaller, but because I keep getting comments (from family only, of course) that I'm looking a little... "flatter." Bummer.

So, 7 weeks down, 11 weeks to go... and lots and lots of miles in between. We're up to 15 miles for our long run this weekend, and since my mom will be out of town, I'll be running solo (and probably jamming out and dancing the whole way... typical me). This whole experience has been great (so far), and I'd be curious to know if any of you have trained for a run—any distance—and if so, what you noticed about your body and how the training went for you.

Monday, July 29, 2013

McCall Weekend Trip With The Fam

McCall Golf Course

This weekend, my sister and her husband came to town and we all went up to McCall for some good times and lots of laughs. Saturday morning, my sister and I were up and out the door at 6:30 am for a run along the Payette Lake. Since I'm still training for a marathon in October, I asked Marnie to bike with me while I ran 13 miles, and we were even joined by Andy, her husband, who was out cycling and pedaled with us for a little bit. After the run, we went and watched my dad compete in an invitational golf tournament at the McCall Golf Course. He did great!

Saturday afternoon was spent on my dad's boat cruising around Payette Lake, followed by snacks at the Mile High Marina and a couple hours of throwing the Frisbee and football on the beach. We spent most of Sunday afternoon on the boat as well, and all got nice tans (and burns—despite all the sunscreen) to show for it.

Some photos of our weekend are below, with captions under some of the photos.

Marathon Training
Out for our 13-mile run/bike.
McCall Golf Course
Watching my dad play in the tournament.
McCall Golf Course
Hanging out on their Mustang golf cart. Don't you love my dad's matching shirt & shoes? He's so stylish.
Payette Lake
Cruising on the boat Saturday afternoon.
Payette Lake
Payette Lake
Soaking up the sun! My suit is c/o Eco Swim.
White Golden Retriever Puppies
My brother couldn't resist playing with these two white golden puppies... so cute!
Payette Lake
Payette Lake
What's a boat ride without a collective family jump-off session? 

Thanks for the fun weekend, Dad & Karen! Marn and Andy—we had too much fun with you. Come to town more often... please! 

Also, I put together a video from our trip. You can watch it here!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Apricot Lane Fashion Party

Apricot Lane Fashion Party
My mint vest: c/o Jachs, Top: Nikibiki for Apricot Lane, Shorts: SF Blue, Sandals: Steve Madden (similar)

Yesterday evening, I went to Apricot Lane in the Boise Towne Square Mall for a fashion party. I co-hosted the event with Tanya of Style Spy Girl and Kelly, the manager of the store. We shopped, tried on all sorts of fun styles, chatted with customers, and ate delicious snacks and treats.

I—the self-proclaimed "not a fan of shopping"—actually ended up buying six tops. SIX! Apricot Lane was having some awesome mark-downs, and the whole store was also 20% off for the event, so I took home quite a few new treasures—two Nikibiki tanks in black and white, two black tees (one scoop and one v-neck), a neon yellow tee and an amazing leopard sweater that you'll see in photos below. So there it is—putting it on the record—I went shopping!

Here are some photos from the fun event!

Apricot Lane Fashion Party
Apricot Lane Fashion Party
Apricot Lane Fashion Party
This is Amy, who reads Aunie Sauce & came to meet me and say hi! Not only did we hit it off right away, but after the event we shopped a bit more and she helped me pick out a skirt at a different store! And is her cat tank awesome or what?
Apricot Lane Fashion Party
Apricot Lane Fashion Party
Apricot Lane Fashion Party
Tanya's top: Apricot Lane, Jeans: Mavi, My top: Jealous Tomato, Shorts: Dear John Hampton Short

One of the most fun things about co-hosting with Tanya was that our personal style preferences were so different. She's incredibly fashion-forward, chic and professional, and I'm very laid-back, and comfy casual. Tanya refers to us as, "downtown chic and beach-side boho," which I just love. These were our two favorite picks for outfits, and while hers is very posh and put-together, mine is very casual and hip. Oh, and that's the sweater that I bought—it has faux leather panels on the shoulders and is incredibly comfortable!

Thanks again to Apricot Lane for the fun Fashion Party!

PS / / Speaking of shopping, I'm featured in an interview on Shop At Home's website! Check it out here, and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Are Bender Buckles?

Do you remember my killer chevron belt from Monday? Here's a visual reminder...

White belt and Converse
Outfit details here, Belt c/o Bender Buckles (use code AUNIESAUCEBB for 15% off)

I had a few people ask what Bender Buckles were, so today I'm going to show you. They're interchangeable magnetic belt buckles... and since that doesn't seem to click with a lot of people, I have a visual instruction guide. See below!

Bender Buckle Tutorial

Here are the steps for putting together a Bender Buckle belt:
  1. Order the 3 separate pieces needed to make your belt—the leather strap (comes in white, black and brown), the magnetic base buckle and the magnetic buckle face of your choice.
  2. Insert the base buckle into the leather strap.
  3. Snap on your interchangeable buckle face.
  4. Rock a Bender Buckle belt... and change them up with the different buckle faces to match your outfit!
My favorite part about this product is the versatility. I can choose different leather straps to match my outfits, and there are over 90 different buckle faces in their selection. In my photos, I'm wearing the wooden chevron face, and their white lizard and rhinestone rainbow flower buckles are on my wish list! (UPDATE: Just bought the rhinestone one. It goes with everything!)

Bender Buckles

Which one would you pick (see the selection here)? There are so many to choose from! If you go shopping, make sure to use code AUNIESAUCEBB for 15% off!

PS / / If you're in Boise, stop by Apricot Lane in the Boise Towne Square tonight from 6-8 pm. I will be there with Style Spy Girl for free styling sessions & refreshments, and the whole store is 20% off!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Palm Desert Road Trip 2013 Video

Palm Desert Road Trip

In April 2013, Daniel and I drove from Boise, Idaho to Palm Desert, California. I took so many photos & video clips while we were there and was able to upload the photos and show them off here right away, but sitting down to put together the video of our trip took me a bit longer. It wasn't the making of the video that took a long time, it was finding the time to do it!

While on our week-long vacation, we visited Joshua Tree National Park, the Indian Canyon hiking trail in Palm Springs, the Palm Springs Aerial TramwayThe Living Desert, and on our way back to Boise we checked out the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. If you can't tell from the video, we LOVE lizards & wildlife! I hope you enjoy the video, watching it brings back all the amazing memories we had.

My absolute favorite part is found at 0:28—that look melts my heart each and every time. The song in this video is "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel, and it was on the "Palm Desert" play list that Daniel made for us to listen to on the way down there. After requesting to listen to it over and over again while on our trip, I knew it was the perfect song for the video.

/ / If you like this video, subscribe to my channel on YouTube!

Palm Desert Road Trip 2013 Posts:
Joshua Tree National Park │ Indian Canyon │ Palm Springs Aerial Tramway │ The Living Desert │ The Valley of FirePalm Desert Road Trip 2013 Video

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The YES TO STYLISTA Experience

Yes To Carrots Yes To Stylista

9-months ago in early October, I took a leap of faith and entered a competition with Yes To, in hopes of becoming their next Yes To Stylista. After making it into the Top 10 of the photo submission round, we were asked to make a video and I sent that off in late October, yet again crossing my fingers. On November 9, they announced their big winner—and it was me! I was floored!! The prize came with a $1,000 cash award, a trip to San Francisco to meet the Yes To crew, and a 6-month guest blogging spot on their Tumblr.

On December 1 (also our wedding day), I began my 6-month Yes To Stylista journey. What did it involve? Basically, I received products in the mail, tried them all out (all of which were amazing and motivated me to throw out all my old and non-natural garbage), and then I blogged about it! I wrote a couple posts a month for the Yes To blog, and even made a video. In January, I was flown out to San Francisco for my big 3-day trip to meet the team and receive the royal pampering treatment! I blogged about that trip here and here, and made a video about the trip here. That was the trip of a lifetime, and the Yes To team was the most amazing group of people. I truly felt like I was one of them, and I was treated with such kindness and generosity!

Since the trip, I've kept in contact with the crew via email/instagram, and I've continued my guest-blogging adventures. My 6-months expired on June 1, and looking back, I'm just incredibly thankful and blessed for this once-in-a-lifetime chance. It's been an amazing time and I'm so thankful for every single opportunity that Yes To has given me. I made friends, I tried wonderful products, I got to reach out to a bigger audience and new group of people, and I just tried to take in every moment!

If you ever, ever have a chance to enter a contest or step outside of your comfort zone in order to win something big (or small), my only advice is just do it. You never know where that next step will take you.

To the Yes To team—thank you guys so much. The past months have been a dream-come-true and I'm so grateful for all you've done for me. You treated me like a part of your Carrot family, and totally spoiled me rotten. I am forever thankful for everything and for this amazing opportunity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In case you missed any of them, here is a recap of all my Yes To posts!

My posts on Yes To's blog:

My own Yes To Stylista promo posts (which recap their Tumblr posts with additional fun stories/commentary) & other posts that didn't make their blog:

And now—just one more for old times' sake—what do YOU say "yes" to? Thanks again, Yes To, Inc!! ♥♥♥

Monday, July 22, 2013


Bender Buckles
Top: NikiBiki, Shorts: Kohls, Shoes: Converse, Belt: c/o Bender Buckles (use code AUNIESAUCEBB for 15% off)
Chevron Belt Buckle, Bender Buckles
Converse Sneakers
Chevron Belt Buckle, Bender Buckles
Bender Buckles

I am in love with this brand new belt from Bender Buckles. The founder of the brand lives here in Boise, and I met with her sister last week to chat it up over coffee. We had a blast and I got to learn all about the brand (and meet a new friend!). The woman who runs Bender Buckles is a chemical engineer who is married to a Blackhawk pilot in the National Guard—so as you can expect, I had an instant connection since Daniel is in the Air National Guard. When her husband was transferred to Idaho, there wasn't much of a job selection for her, so she came up with this innovative, patent-pending product!

What are Bender Buckles, you may ask? They're interchangeable & magnetic belt buckles that you can swap in and out to match your outfit! You purchase a belt and a magnetic base buckle, then as many magnetic buckle faces as you would like and let the buckle party begin! I picked the wooden chevron buckle and I'm in love with it. Each buckle is hand-crafted with printed patterns, hand-painted patterns or wood underneath hand-poured resin, and they even have rhinestone buckles where they hand-glue each little sparkly piece.

Click here to shop Bender Buckles, and be sure to use code AUNIESAUCEBB for 15% off your order! You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Tech Sergeant Rowe

Idaho Air National Guard

On Sunday, we got to attend a very special ceremony for Daniel. I've mentioned before that he's in the Idaho Air National Guard, and this weekend he was promoted from Staff Sergeant to Technical Sergeant (E6)! Daniel is employed full-time at the Idaho ANG as a recruiter, and this was a really special honor for us. There was a small ceremony just for him, and his entire work department and most of our family were able to attend (for a who's-who in the photo above from left to right after me and Daniel: his mom, his dad, his brother (who is also in the Idaho Air National Guard), his aunt and his uncle (who is retired a Air Force Master Sergeant)). I was even included as a part of the ceremony, and got to stand on stage with him and help put on his new stripes!

We're so proud of him. This is huge for us, not only did his rank increase, but his pay did as well (hooray!). He's now been serving for over 10 years, and he plans to serve through retirement. The Guard is the perfect place for Daniel, and it's honestly the best job... he works with a great team of people, he gets to meet new people and travel all over the state, and he can't be deployed! If you or anyone you know is looking to serve our country and is interested in the National Guard, check out the 124th Fighter Wing's Recruiting Facebook page. My sweet Daniel manages that page and can answer any questions you may have!

Idaho Air National Guard
Idaho Air National Guard

Congratulations, Daniel! We love you! ♥

/ / Outfit details can be found here!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Simple Summer Look

striped top and high-waisted skirt
Top & Earrings: c/o Olivia Wares (shirt, earrings), Skirt: Francesca's, Sandals: Steve Madden (similar), Hair Clip: c/o Lilla Rose by Rachel, Bracelet: made from the original belt that went around this shirt c/o Olivia Wares, Hairstyle: Messy Bun Updomessy bun updo
black filigree earrings
Lilla Rose Flexi Clip
striped top and high-waisted skirt

Finally, finally I'm able to show you this shirt that I wore in a ton of our Seattle vacation photos. It's so comfortable and looks great with shorts (seen here) or tucked into this high-waisted skirt. Originally, there was a thin fabric belt that went around it, but it didn't sit quite low enough to hit my waist, so I cut it off and re-purposed it into a fun little bracelet "stack" of sorts.

PS // Love the hair accessory in these photos? Don't forget to enter to win a hair clip of your choice from Lilla Rose here!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lilla Rose Giveaway

Lilla Rose Hairstyles

Recently, I was contacted by Rachel from Lilla Rose about checking out of her Flexi Clips. I've heard of Lilla Rose before, and for some reason hadn't jumped on the bandwagon of ordering anything. To be honest, now that I've tried these clips, I'm in love. I had tried one a long time ago, but it was a tiny one and it didn't hold my whole ponytail. This new medium one I ordered not only holds my whole ponytail, but I can do awesome French twist-inspired buns without bobby pins, hairspray or any worries. It's honestly a lifesaver. I tote my Flexi Clip in my purse with me everywhere and by the end of the day, my hair is usually twisted up into some fun updo with my brightly colored clip (see the left and top right photos above!).

Today, Rachel is giving one of you the chance to win any Lilla Rose item of your choice! All you need to do is leave a comment below! You can get an extra entry for tweeting, pinning, and/or facebooking the giveaway, so just leave another comment with your link(s)—one comment per link—and you'll be entered.

UPDATE // Winner: Michelle!

// The fine print: Giveaway open to North America residents only. Giveaway ends at midnight on Saturday, July 20 and the winner will be announced via email and in this post. This giveaway was sponsored by Rachel of Lilla Rose, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden

Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden

This last Friday, Daniel and I went to the Idaho Botanical Gardens for a "Movie in the Garden." It was the first showing of the season, and I'm pretty certain we picked the best movie... The Sandlot. I haven't seen that movie in ages, and it was honestly more funny this time around than when I was a kid. I love those movies that are made for kids but really they're for adults. They just don't make movies like The Sandlot these days.

The Idaho Botanical Gardens show these movies every other Friday from July through September. Some of the other movies they're showing this year include Jurassic Park, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, and The Princess Bride. I want to go to all of them!

The scene in the park is really neat. The Idaho Botanical Gardens are nestled right along the Boise Foothills at the old Idaho Penitentiary so it's very picturesque. There are a bunch of people who sprawl out on blankets and sit under the stars for a movie. The Gardens open at 7 so you can come as early as you'd like, and when we showed up there were kids playing in the grassy fields, a bunch of people tossing a football, and tons of people sipping beverages and relaxing as the sun went down. We grabbed caesar salads, cookies and Milk Duds from the local caterer, but you can also bring any kind of food and beverage you like—they call it "picnic style." The movie began promptly at dusk, and as the final beams of light faded, the laughter to The Sandlot began.

See photos of the Idaho Botanical Gardens Movie in the Garden below, and—attention Idaho friends—make sure to go all the way to the bottom to win a pair of tickets for yourself!

Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden
Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden
Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden
Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden
Exploring the Botanical Gardens.
Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden
Part of the Old Penitentiary. 
Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden
The Movies in the Garden, nestled right along the Boise Foothills.
Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden
We had a beautiful view of Table Rock from our blanket.
Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden
Waiting for the show to start!
Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden
Lesson learned: the family in front of us gave their iPad to their little boy right as the movie started and he watched Dora The Explorer with the screen on full brightness and full audio during the entire movie. It was very distracting—not only to us, but the entire crowd behind us—so if you have little kiddos and go to an event like this—leave the electronics at home! 
Idaho Botanical Garden Movies in the Garden

Now, for my Idaho friends (or anyone who wants to come for a visit!), if YOU want to win a FREE pair of tickets to go to one of IBG's Movies in the Garden, all you need to do is leave a comment below! If you comment as a guest, make sure to leave your email so I can contact you if you win! I'll be picking a winner on Sunday, July 21. Good luck!

UPDATE // Winner: Andi!

/ / The tickets to this show were provided to me for free, but all opinions and content are my own.