Tuesday, April 8, 2014

See You After Basic Training!

Leaving for Air Force Basic Training, 124 Fighter Wing

This post begins my blog's radio silence for the next couple of months while I am away at Air Force Basic Training. I can't believe the day has finally come. I've been counting down now for months, and here it is. I'm so excited! 

One of the biggest questions I've gotten after joining the Air National Guard and when people find out that I have to spend 8.5-weeks in Texas for BMT is, "But what about your blog?!" And despite how much I dearly love this blog, I had to face the facts—I was going to have to take some time off. See, in BMT it's not like we get social media and computer time each day. No way, Jose. I won't even see a computer, write a text or even get to think about Instagramming for the entire 8.5-weeks I'm down there. So while I'm gone, I'm truly going to be living in the moment and this place is going to be quiet for a little while (though, as a preface—there will be two special posts that go up while I'm gone—so stay tuned!).

While I'm at Basic Training—though I truly have no idea what to expect—I've been told that I'll be able to call home on weeks 4 and 7, so you can bet that Daniel's will be the first (and probably only) number I am able to dial. I'll have the privilege of receiving letters from my closest family members and friends, and I hope I'll have a few moments to write a couple letters in return. It's so strange to think about leaving my husband—my best friend—for this period of time. We do everything together, you know? Being apart from him is the most challenging part of all of this for me, but I know it will help strengthen our marriage. There's not much that feels better than being able to fully trust your husband and know that he trusts you right back. It's so neat to have such a good friend and partner in him. I'm so lucky!

As for me, I can't wait to see the person who I will have become when I march across those parade grounds on graduation day. I know she's going to be a warrior—and I can't wait for my husband, his brother and my mom to tap me out on the other side. What a special moment that we'll all soon be able to share.

If any of you are interested in what I'll be going through for the next several weeks, go to YouTube and search for Air Force BMT. You'll see lots of yelling, lots of push-ups, and lots and lots of other trainees who are doing exactly the same things that I'll be doing day in and day out for the next few months. There are probably going to be those days when I'm thinking, "What did I get myself into?" but I tell you what, I'm so excited to experience each day, each obstacle, each push-up. Because when I come out on the other end, I'll be an American Airman... and what an honor that will be.

Thanks again for all your support & encouragement. See you all in June. ♥— Future Airman Aunie, over & out!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Air Guard Student Flight Drill 5

Air National Guard Student Flight, Student Flight prep for BMT, Idaho Air National Guard, 124 Fighter Wing

This afternoon, I shook hands with my instructors, hugged my fellow soon-to-be-airmen, and said goodbye to my last Student Flight as a trainee. Oh, Student Flight. How I'll miss it.

I once again got to spend the past two days with my Idaho Air National Guard fellow trainees who are learning what to expect in Basic Training. We did push-ups, we marched, we had "uniform" inspections, did a full PT test (sit-ups, pull-ups, and 1.5-mile run—I updated my scores at the bottom of this post), and yep—we got yelled at a few times. I loved every single minute of it. See, at Student Flight, it's all a game. You're essentially learning and practicing for BMT, and it's all just to help prepare you for the real thing.

341's (pictured above)? Getting one pulled has no real consequences in Student Flight—except push-ups, I suppose. If you get a 341 pulled in Basic Training, that's the real deal. Getting yelled at in Student Flight? Absolutely no big deal—learn from it! I can't emphasize the importance of Student Flight if you're a new enlistee and preparing to go to BMT. It's such an amazing and wonderful experience. It truly will help prepare you for the first two weeks of BMT (or so I'm told), and the fact that you get paid makes the whole deal that much sweeter.

Despite how much I love Student Flight, I'm eagerly anticipating my departure for Basic Training. Also, I have a "break in training," so for four months after I return from BMT, I'll get to return to Student Flight as a BIT—an Airman who has completed BMT but has yet to attend Tech School. I can't wait to put on my uniform and return to Student Flight as an Airman First Class and help out my friends who will still be awaiting their BMT schooling dates. What a surreal experience that will be—returning as a BIT and getting to help the people who I was sitting alongside these last few months. That will be very, very neat.

I'm so grateful for everything that Student Flight has given me. New friendships, a little extra help for my first few weeks of BMT, and an appreciation for the little things in life that make the days tick by and the world go 'round. We'll see you on the flipside, Student Flight...

... Off we go, into the wild blue yonder ...

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