Military Acronyms

Military Acronyms on Aunie Sauce, ABU boots and pants

Lost in my military jargon & acronym overuse? Check to see what those letters stand for here!

  • 2d LT - Second Lieutenant
  • ABU - Airman Battle Uniform. Our "camo" print uniform.
  • AEF - Air and Space Expeditionary Force. A training exercise at OTS.
  • AF - Air Force
  • AFB - Air Force Base
  • AFOQT - Air Force Officer Qualifying Test
  • AFSC - Air Force Specialty Code. A code of letters and numbers that signifies your job title.
  • AGR - Active Guard Reserve. Essentially, it's like being on active duty for Guard members.
  • ANG - Air National Guard
  • ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test. Every military hopeful must must take this as part of the qualifying process. It's similar to an ACT/SAT test.
  • BEAST - Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training. The 3-day mock deployment you attend while at BMT.
  • BELPS - Basic Expeditionary Leadership Problems. A training exercise at OTS.
  • BIT - Break-in-Training. This describes a new Airman who has completed Basic Training but hasn't yet gone to tech school.
  • BMT - Basic Military Training
  • BX - Base Exchange
  • DG - Distinguished Graduate. Awarded to the top GPA percentage holder in tech school.
  • EMLEX - Emergency Management Leadership Exercise. A training exercise at OTS.
  • EOC - End of Course Test. The final test at Basic Military Training.
  • IDANG - Idaho Air National Guard
  • LRC - Leadership Reactionary Course. A training exercise at OTS.
  • MEPS - Military Entrance Processing Station
  • MTI - Military Training Instructor
  • NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer. This rank tier is made up of sergeants with the rank of Staff, Technical, Master, Senior Master and Chief Master Sergeants.
  • NCOIC - Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
  • OTS - Officer Training School
  • PT - Physical Training
  • PTL - Physical Training Leader
  • SFOC - Security Forces Officer School
  • TDY - Temporary Duty Assignment. Often a short time away for technical school or training.TDY
  • UTA - Uniform Training Assembly a.k.a. the Air Guard's drill weekend.