Thursday, May 7, 2015


My Dearest Daniel,

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My sweet husband, I can't even believe you're 31 today. I'm so excited to enjoy this next year with you.

          I feel like this year comes with a lot of significance. Maybe because we have so many places we know we want to travel to, new places we'd like to see, and family members we'd like to visit. Maybe it's because we have so many ideas, dreams and wishes that we just can't nail a few down—they're all so good! Maybe it's because we know we have some upcoming possibilities professionally and for our future, but they just haven't happened yet. Or maybe it's because your dad became YOUR dad when he was 31 and there's always been that impending, "Maybe, just maybe, when I'm 31 I'll be a dad," thought going on. Or maybe that's just me! ;)

          No matter what this year holds, I'm just glad to be holding your hand through it all. 31 years. Think of all you've accomplished... so much! But what's even better? Think of all you have left to do.

          This is the fourth year I've had the privilege of writing you a birthday letter. It's so nice to be home and be able to give you a kiss when you walk in the door this evening instead of writing letters from 1,600 miles away this year. I'm so blessed to be able to spend each day with you and to finish each day wrapped in your arms. Here's to many, many more days of that and celebration of YOU. After all, this is your day. I love you, honey.

Praying that God's got good things in store for you (and us!) in this 31st year of yours,
Your Auniekins ♥

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