Monday, October 5, 2015

A Full Marathon Sounds Like A Good Idea

Boise Runner, Air Force Runner, Half and Full Marathon Runner

As my 2015 race season nears its end, I couldn't help but register for another race. The City of Trees Marathon is coming up this weekend and while I had fully intended on running the half, something kept urging me to push myself and go for the full marathon.

ran the full with my mom two years ago (the only full marathon I've done), and we came in at just over four hours. Since I'm flying solo for this race (my sister is flying in to do the half with my mom!), I decided to go ahead and just go for it... I registered for the full 26.2. Nope, I haven't trained for it. Nope, I won't run anything farther than the FitOne Half Marathon before it. Nope, I'm not trying to win it. I just want to run it and see what I can do. So run it I shall.

And I'm so excited that this will be the first race us three girls will run together as a family! Think I'm crazy for opting for the full without training for more than a half? We'll find out in one week!

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