Friday, January 3, 2020

Life Update & Outlook

Hello friends. I thought it might be time for a small update, considering I haven't posted anything that wasn't travel or race related for... oh, you know--the last two years--that is if I've even posted at all. So if you're still reading here occasionally or possibly a new reader, thank you for your support!

Life as we know it has changed immensely. I'll give you a few quick updates on where we're at.

Job: I've been working full-time for the Idaho Air National Guard since June 2016 when I became a commissioned officer. I worked as our full-time Security Forces Operations Officer for about a year and a half while I went through all my initial certifications and training. I then transitioned to a "drill status guardsmen" (weekend warrior or part-timer) and accepted a temporary full-time job with our Wing's Inspector General shop in February 2018. I worked there for about 8-months before being hired into a permanent, full-time position as the Fighter Wing's Chief of Information Protection (CIP) in October 2018. That is still my current Monday-Friday job--overseeing personnel security clearances, as well as information, industrial, and physical security for our entire Wing.

I love being full-time in the military and I have no plans to go back to the civilian sector anytime soon.

Life: As you may have seen in my last post in December, Daniel and I are expecting a baby--due at the end of February. We don't know what gender we're having--baby will be a surprise! This is a story I could go very in-depth into, but it's our story, so here's the short version. We tried for two years to have a baby, had a miscarriage and a lot of struggles along the way, but we ended up finally making it happen after much heartache and lots of prayer. This is the biggest blessing of our entire lives, and we cannot wait for our lives to change even more in just a few short weeks.

This last year has also brought significant struggles (and triumph) with my mom being diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer and undergoing major surgery and chemotherapy to rid herself of the tumors. We documented her entire journey on Caring Bridge. When she was diagnosed with cancer it looked really bad and she was so afraid she'd never live to see her grandchildren be born. Surprise--we found out we were expecting the month after she was diagnosed!  Through months of heavy treatment, invasive procedures, and a new oral version of chemo, she is currently cancer free, and we can't wait for her to meet her very first grandchild in February.

Outlook: There's something to be said for free time—or lack thereof. I'm currently in a state where I'm a full-time wife, military member, recent Master's graduate (as of December 2019--woo!), and member of several committees, volunteer groups, and always staying active... not to mention that little bundle that's on the way for us next month. I just don't really have the time to dedicate to being online these days.

As the posts around here begin to dwindle (or stagnate), please remember you can always follow along on Instagram @Annelise Rowe (it's a private account so you'll need to request to follow). I'm trying to do things a lot more offline these days and I'm trying to live a lot more in the moment, so blogging and social media are just not quite as high on my priority list right now. I know you guys understand, you always do!

On November 10, 2011, I wrote a short poem, my first post on this blog. I still find this poem to be so fitting. But instead of making my impact online, I'm now focusing on making it in person, as a new mom, a wife, in the military, as a friend, with service before self, love, kindness, grace, humility, and a motivation for living life to the fullest that once again, feels like a new beginning. Thank you guys again... for everything.

The Beginning.
Though it seems like a new start,
it is simply a moment in time.
A small moment. 
A revelation,
to one soul,
who aspires to feel the depth,
the impact,
of herself on the world.
Though small, like a bird
she shall fly,
and show you just how high
she can soar. 

An original poem - 11.10.2011

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