Friday, December 16, 2011


Sweater: Francesca's
Scarf: Ross
White T: Old Navy
Turquoise T: Hollister
Leggings: Steve Madden
Boots: Soda from Plato's Closet
Earrings: Premier Design 

I'm so awkward.
But I did like this outfit.
My hair is doing all sorts of crazy things these days.
I still don't know if I'm a blonde or brunette.
But I'm just going with it.


Kristen Victoria said...

I love this color combo! You are too cute. I wish I had a nice photo backdrop like that pine draped branch... so festive!

Erin O'Riordan said...

Love the scarf!

~Erin @ Pagan Spirits

meesch said...

I LOVE the outfit! The scarf is too cute = )


Stormy said...

This outfit is wonderful! Love the color combo! And my hair is the same way lately! I'm having it done tomorrow and can't decide if I want blonde or brunette.

Crystal said...

I found your blog from "Living in Yellow". Love those Premier City Light earrings! I'm a Premier consultant and it's crazy I can always spot our pieces, and did your earrings right away. Like the outfit, nice color combo! :)

Coey said...

It is SO random when you are looking around in the blogger world and stumble across someone that lives where you live.
Zamzows, bowling alley, and then suddenly I realize you two are from potato land.

Collette Osuna said...

Thanks for joining in the blog link up:) Really sweet outfit...these are some of my fav color combos:)

Bloggers Rock the Colors of Christmas

Ashley said...

Peace is good. My hair has been blonde/brown for most of my life. It's a good place to be, I think.

Tam said...

I love this outfit. I normally wear a lot of black, but i really like the red and teal combo...may have to copy this look!