Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday 13.

Welcome to my BRAND NEW site series, entitled Thursday 13. Each and every Thursday you will discover 13 new things about me. They may be my favorite movies, foods, things in my closet, simple thoughts... anything.

This week, I'm gushing on my current status. Ready for this? Here's your very first Thursday 13:
  1. Wearing: A brand new (for me) thrifted leopard button-up, leggings, a black belt, gray boots, and fun accessories. I totally included photos below.
  2. Doing: Blogging... duhhhhh... in fact, trying to manage 3 of my blogs at once...
  3. Drinking: Warm lemon water... yum.
  4. Music in the background: 24/7 Christmas music on the radio, with Trans-siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Canon" playing at the moment
  5. Plans for the evening: Watching Boise State play in the Las Vegas Bowl with Daniel's family and our best friends Steve and Lindsey
  6. Hairstyle of the day: A ballerina bun with a braid up the back, though I'd rather be wearing my Holiday Updo.
  7. Nail design: Holly nail art on green and glitter nails.
  8. Eating for lunch: Most likely hummus, veggies, and sliced turkey
  9. Positive for the day: I learned a new hairdo!
  10. Negative for the day: I have a nasty head cold. Bummer.
  11. Lusting after: A red D&G purse at a local consignment shop
  12. Looking forward to: Christmas! I can't wait. I'm so excited to give Daniel his present!
  13. Thinking: Cold, please go awaaaayyyyyyy! I don't want to be sick for Christmas.

* Button-up: Thrifted * Black top: I have no idea... so old * Leggins: Steve Madden * Boots: Thrifted * Belt: Burlington Coat Factory *
* Bracelet: Thrifted * Earrings: Premier Design * 

I invite YOU to become a Thursday 13 member! Make sure to email me if you'd like to know the topic(s) for the week. You can even grab that little button below if you like :) Feel free to link back to me in the comments each week. xoxo

Aunie Sauce


Meghan Marie said...

Cute! I like the Thursday 13! great idea! xx

Crystal said...

Are those mirror image earrings? I hope you feel better, no fun to be sick for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Awesome outfit. I don't get why you think that you are unfashionable!

 Curly J said...

Cool idea!! I hope you feel better soon, this is a crummy time to have a cold!

Sheri said...

Hi! I'm visiting from LIY! Love your Thursday 13!

Zoë said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the Thursday 13.

I love the thrifted button up, I'm very impressed with you being able to juggle multiple blogs at once.

I hate the taste of water but I need to start drinking more of it, so I am going to definitely try the warm lemon water. I love Trans-Siberian's Christmas music.

Crystal said...

Crystal Falls maybe? OK, I'll stop throwing out jewelry names, haha! I am curious though, how do you know premier?

Zoë said...

Thursday 13! Love the new series :)

Kristen Victoria said...

I love this idea! And TSO's Christmas Canon is my FAVORITE! Your bun is gorg and I'm lusting over that thrifted leopard button up. Hope your cold goes away before Christmas :/

itsmekt said...

got board, and I usually do 13 thursday but the girls who were running it didnt have any subjects the last 2 weeks, so I stole one of ur old ones, and linked it back to here .Hope ya dont mind :)