Monday, October 31, 2016

Air National Guard FAQ - My Experience as an Airman and Officer

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November 27th will mark three years of service with the Idaho Air National Guard. Gosh, three years already—it's gone by so fast and it seems like hardly anything when I look forward to the big picture and (hopeful) 17+ years ahead until I hit my full 20 for retirement!

I may have had a fairly short military career thus far, but I feel like I've had the privilege to experience a lot in my brief tenure. From joining as an enlisted Airman and serving as a traditional guardsman, to five months of Student Flight, to Basic Military Training, to Personnel Technical School, to being selected for my commission, to Officer Training School and also being part of the Air Force Marathon MAJCOM Challenge team... it's been rather non-stop!

Needless to say, I've received hundreds and HUNDREDS of emails over the years from future Air Force prospects, current Airmen, and spouses/family members who are looking for answers from someone who's living it day in and day out. So today's video is going to answer a lot of those frequently asked questions and give you a little background of my story.

Check out the FAQ video below. If you have more questions after watching, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comment box below! Note: this video was recorded while I was a Second Lieutenant, working a temporary full-time position at the Air Guard, and prior to going to the training for my new officer job.

This video covers these questions/topics:
  • (1:05) Why did you join the Air National Guard?
  • (2:17) My career progression in the ANG (Enlistment > Student Flight > Basic Training > Technical School > Commissioning > Officer Technical School > Full-time Guardsman?)
  • (7:14) How do you commission (become an officer)?
  • (8:53) How does job selection work for officers? Is it affected by your degree?
  • (9:42) What are some things you've experienced as an officer than you never experienced while enlisted?
  • (10:32) How do you prepare for the ASVAB/AFOQT? (ASVAB=Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test - for enlisted and AFOQT=Air Force Officer Qualifying Test - for officers)
  • (11:54) How do I get my PT run time down? How do I train for the AF PT Test?
  • (14:05) How does the Air Guard impact your family, home life and future plans?
  • (16:50) I'm interested in joining—where do I begin?
    • Official Air National Guard page
    • Don't forget, if you're in Idaho or one of our surrounding states and are interested in the IDANG, please shoot me an email and I can connect you with my husband Daniel who is a recruiter!

Thanks for taking the time to watch my video... and thank you to everyone who submitted questions! If you'd like further clarification on a topic, have additional questions or think of anything else I may have missed, please leave a comment below. Hooah!

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