Monday, October 3, 2016

UPDATED Friar Tuck: No-Heat Curls

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Three years ago--how has it been that long already?--I filmed my "Curl Your Hair Without Heat" video. Thanks to a shout-out by Ashton Kutcher, that video went viral (for like a week--not like news-breaking viral) and I enjoyed three-seconds of pseudo-YouTube-fame.

Fast forward three years and after many haircuts, modifications, tips, tricks and hairstyles later, I bring you a new-and-improved version of the infamous "Friar Tuck." (If you remember, that's what my husband calls it because it's so incredibly flattering... ha!). All jokes aside, this super-easy hairstyle gets the job done and gets me out the door with all-day bouncy, beachy curls.

Watch the video & try it for yourself!

  • My hair is fine and holds curl well.
  • Your hair MUST be completely dry.
  • If you do this style for overnight curls, try wrapping a silk scarf on your head so it doesn't fall out.
  • I use the Goody Ouchless Fabric Headwraps (any color works!)

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