Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Well, it's my second year of officially being forever-thirty, and I have to say--I'm excited to be 32. The last year was kind of a hard one on me mentally--as a couple of my closest friends and family know--but within the last half year, I have totally turned things around and feel like I'm on FIRE for life.

I've talked about being happy before, but I am HAPPY right now. I mean--life is gooooooooooooood.

I didn't do anything extravagant for my birthday this year. I spent the last weekend in Oregon for my third Hood to Coast relay (post coming soon), and I was lucky enough to have two birthday dinners and a birthday lunch with those closest to me on the days surrounding my birthday. I'm very blessed (hashtag it!) to have such an amazing family!

You know, the last couple years I was kind of going into each year thinking, "THIS IS IT! This is THE year that "x" or "y" is going to happen..." and you know what? Each year keeps going by and those things I keep waiting for just keep on... not quite happening. So you know what I finally settled on a couple months ago? THAT'S OK! I'm not going to sit around and WAIT for things to be perfect or the timing to be right or the pieces to fall into place. I'm going to DO THINGS and everything will happen when GOD (not me!) is ready for it to happen. And just like that, things started looking up.

Since turning 31, I was fortunate enough to go to Ohio for the Air Force Marathon, Disneyland and Maui with my husbandCalifornia to visit my dad, Montana for work, Oregon for a friendcation, Seattle to visit family, Mississippi for work training, Oregon for Hood to Coast, and I'm anticipating kicking off year 32 with travel to Florida, Alabama, and Maui--all before 2019 will hit! Oh, and (updated to add) I have also taken up golfing in the last year with our military golf league and have gone from averages of 75 for 9-holes down to the mid 50's in just over 4-months! I'm excited to keep it up and keep those scores going lower and lower (I want to break 100!!). There's no time like now to just go... live life... and be as happy as possible. Because why not, right? Why not!

When I look at the photos above and below, I see a woman who is loved, who is happy, who is so comfortable in her own skin, and who cannot wait for what the future (and God's plan--and timing!) holds. Let's do this, 32!!!

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