Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Let me let you in on a silly secret about myself:
I spend a little too much time thinking about "if's."

It's true. 
I'm a dreamer. A romantic. A wishful thinker.

And a lot of the time, I'm thinking, "What if?"

Sometimes, it's silly.
For instance, "What if I could fly?"
Which, by the way, would be my first choice for a superpower.
Again... there's that "if"...
"If I could have a superpower, it would be..."

Other times, it's a little closer to home.
"What if I can't afford groceries next week?"
"What if I can't make rent?"

A lot of the time, I think about my blog, to be quite honest. 
"What if my blog doesn't gain readership?"
"What if people don't like what I write?"  (Simple answer there... then don't read it, silly!) 

See... earlier I called myself a dreamer. But most of the time, I act on my dreams.
Granted, I know I can't physically sprinkle fairy dust on myself and take off to Never Neverland. 
But... for most of my "if's," they are usually followed soon-after by an action.

For instance, "What if my blog never gains readership? How will I pay rent next month?"
I came up with an easy solution for that one:
I added sponsorship opportunities to my blog. 
Not only do you get your ad out there, but you help me out, too.
To be honest, I have yet to be sponsored... but someday I might get lucky. 

Another example would be this blog in itself.
One night I had an idea that began with, "What if I had a blog just for myself and my rantings?"
The next day, Simply Aunie was born.
In fact, that "if" has almost been counterproductive, because now I have four blogs, and sometimes it's a little overwhelming. And "if" someday they don't all exist... then we will see what happens then, too!

See... usually instead of "What if?" in a negative tone, I turn it into a positive one. 
That transforms "What if I can't afford groceries next week?" into
"If I do ______, I can afford groceries next week!"

It's that easy. "If's" aren't always bad. Neither are dreamers. 
You just have to act on them.
Because what makes dreams come true?

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Tracey said...

A friend of mine has a great attitude on life.....she doesn't HAVE TO do anything...she GETS TO. It's just like the movie It's a Wonderful Life. The only thing that changes in that movie from the beginning to end is his PERSPECTIVE on life. Remember, it is how you act that will determine what you get out of life. I get to get up every morning and make the day happen!