Friday, November 11, 2011

The Saucy Girl.

Oh, hi there!
I'm Annelise. I like to go by Aunie.

This is me:

I'm a rather saucy girl.
Thus the name,
Aunie Sauce.

I have a lot to say...
most of the time.
It's not always profound.
But that's OK. Sometimes it's alright
to just put your thoughts out there.

If I had an unlimited amount of money,
I'd probably have a house full of puppies,
a garden full of daisies, and a really cool
Jeep. Just because.

I love to wear purple. But I think the color
that best describes me is yellow.
Vibrant, loud, energetic.

I'm really just a goofball,
who collects bouncy balls, who loves mac 'n cheese,
and who wants to see the
world with open eyes.


kskatzman said...

love this. is beautiful!!

Ashlee said...

your about me is so cute!

Eden Marie said...

You're adorable! Love your writing style. You're pretty darn funny! :)

Love your blog! Glad I found it!

Savannah said...

{New follower} Love your blog style!

Sarah said...

I just came across your blog and you're adorable and so funny!

Elisha said...

I adore that picture of you with the duckie/chick!! :) and im jelly!! you look sooo good in a bikini. :P


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Emma Alison said...

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