Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Can Christmas Just Keep Going, Please?

Dear Christmas,

          Please come back. I don't want to have to wait 362 more days to see you again. You were so much fun this year. From the mistletoe, to my first church service in a long time (in which I literally felt the Holy Spirit come over me), to the amazing time spent with family, to the road trip to Cascade, to the awesome hot chocolate... I just want you to come back.
          If you could also convince the local radio station to continue playing 24/7 Christmas favorites, that would be great. No matter how much I love Adele and Foster The People, I will always love Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby more. In fact, I think I may go ahead and turn my radio off this very moment and switch over to my Christmas station on Pandora... Yep. That was a good decision.
          Christmas, you are so wonderful. I'm not sure what it is about you, but everyone was happy, joyful, thankful and loving this year. It was all so great, I just don't want you to end. So I think I'll keep celebrating you until New Year's Day, OK? I miss you already. Thank you for each amazing memory that was made this year.

With love,
12-24-11. My brother Stewart and Daniel playing backgammon.

12-25-11. Christmas leopard nails.

12-25-11. Yes. I received coal for Christmas.
12-25-11. Pet-sitting for the holiday & introducing Oso and Dobby.
12-25-11. Daniel and I under the Christmas tree.
12-25-11. This is adorable. I came around the corner and found him like this.
12-27-11. Escaping to the Ashley Inn in Cascade, Idaho with Daniel's amazing family.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas! I know what you mean about wishing that the radio played Christmas music all the time, almost all of the songs are just so great! I love your nails, they look awesome and the coal is too cute! :)


Michelle said...

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

AWesome pictures!! The Holy Spirit is amazing and it's awesome when you can feel Him come over you. I pray that you continue to feel God's love<3

Feliz NAvidad

Meghan Marie said...

Great pics... your finger nails are so cute!!! xx Hope you have a happy new year too!

Cat said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love how Santa looks like he's photo-bombing in the Christmas Tree shot.
Am currently trying to convince Brent that I really need a bearded dragon.

Brenda said...

OSO! I bet you were in heaven! I love your pics Annelise, you look so happy!

Hannah said...

Omg your little pup looks like a long haired version of mine!!! I'm in love already! xo

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

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Hey I also believe that there is a lot of fun at Christmas really...just wondering why it comes only once a year...well I like all your photos and the way you celebrate this event..

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