Monday, September 10, 2012

The Little Things

Headband: c/o Coco and Cocoa (use code "lovecocoandcocoa" here for 20% off thru September!) // Necklace: c/o BrideBlu

I'm the kind of person who is really impressed by the little things.
You know, the things that don't cost any money,
just a few moments of time.

Remembering my favorite things.
Giving me a kiss goodnight.
Asking about something I've only mentioned once, but knowing it was important.
Little texts to say hello.
A nice card in my mailbox.
A hug.
An invitation to be a part of the team.
Always giving me a kiss on the way out the door.
Keeping promises.

I'm also the kind of person who is easily hurt by the little things.
Small actions, little words... I take them to heart.
I am often told I'm high-strung,
easily frustrated.
It's so disheartening when I'm called those things.
It gives me a pain deep inside my stomach that no consoling words can help.

It's something I'm working on.

This week, I am attending an Encounter at my church.
As I take a fast from Facebook, Twitter and social media,
a break from my daily life,
and a step away from my comfort zone—
I'm going to focus on these things.
To ask for help with my sensitivity.
To ask to be more care-free, not so high-strung.
To ask to not be so easily broken.

When I pray this week,
the one thing I need to remember is that
I can't hope to change others,
but I can change myself.

Aunie Sauce


Unknown said...

I'm the same way Aunie, little things definitely get to me. I've lost a lot of time worrying about these things, but I'm working on it too. Hope your retreat helps a bit :)


Anna said...

Part of being a female is being a little sensitive, right? At least, I feel like I can relate. :) but you're absolutely right, all we can do is change ourselves. Enjoy your week away!

Elisha said...

Little things make the hard days even better.

.. Look at you looking all cute! (:


Katie said...

i agree with you!! little actions or words make such a difference! I am also really sensitive so words and actions also hurt my feelings too! enjoy your break and your time at your church - hoping you learn a lot!! (And you look adorable in that headband!)

Allyssa said...

It's crazy how the little things can really impact us. I try not to little things get to me, but it's hard!

I love your headband! :)

Kirsten said...

1. I love your sandals! I bought the same pair a while ago.

2. I am also hurt by the little things and love the little things. I hope you are able to rejuvenated by spending more time with Jesus without the world buzzing in your ear.


Ashley said...

I am the same way girl. So easily hurt by stupid little things that make no sense when they're said outloud. And the little things are the best. They are my favorite and I notice them all :)

Baylee said...

Me too girl!!!!!
I hate when I'm told that it's just me too... I'm delicate with others' feelings and need others to be delicate with me. I'm working on it too...

Kelly@ Leafy Not Beefy said...

Aw, love this post. Your last statement about not being able to change others, but true! Thanks for the reminder :)

Lyndsay Loves It said...

People need to reflect on themselves before passing judgement against others.No one is perfect. No one has a right to say what they think another person needs to change about themselves.

I will say a prayer for you, that you are surrounded by positive things and given the strength you need.

Love your friend,
Lyndsay :)

Chelsea said...

refreshing, as always! thank you for this today <3

Unexpected Happiness said...

I'm the same way. Maybe I should also try your little encounter. Thanks hugs!!

Unexpected Happiness said...

I'm the same way. Maybe I should also try your little encounter. Thanks hugs!!

Unexpected Happiness said...

I'm the same way. Maybe I should also try your little encounter. Thanks hugs!!

Stephanie said...

Ok I have a stupid question. Which of course you're going to say is not stupid because you're so nice. But what's an Encounter? I kind of get the concept (I went on Kairos, a Catholic school thing) but I'm still confused. Is it at church? Are you all alone or are you and Daniel together? Do you stay all night?
And don't worry, I know you're not going to answer til next week and that's ok! Tell me all about it :)

Amy said...

I like how you said you can't change others, but you can change yourself.