Thursday, May 30, 2013


Draw a picture.
Paint a life—
a looped track.
A start. A finish.
Many lanes to choose from,
hurdles along the way.

Some hurdles—so high.
They appear too big to cross.
But maybe—just maybe
they can't be jumped over,
but instead slowly climbed and

Always—there will be hurdles.
Approach them.
Surmout with grace.
Never give up.
It may be a long, hard race,
but the finish holds
all the glory.

An original poem - 5.30.13


The idea for this poem came to me today while I was driving to the gym.
I pulled over and grabbed a pen and paper... and just wrote.
This is the result.
Your picture of life may not resemble a track like mine, but I tell you what, we all have hurdles.
Don't let them stop you. Don't let them get you down.
They may slow you down a little... but when you cross them, you will be a better person.
Here's to conquering every hurdle & finishing the race with grace, strength, and a beautiful story to tell.


Amanda Lambrechts said...

LOVE this poem! You have a gift with words and I can most certainly relate to this poem.

Thanks for sharing!
Amanda @ Faith Love Strength

Allyssa said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Suzzie said...

this poem is so honest. I used to run hurdles in high school so that feeling of just not knowing if you can make it over that next one really resonates with me. At one race I saw a kid knock over every hurdle in his path, but he didn't give up. it was really cool. he was on the other team but everyone was cheering for him.

Sammantha said...

I wish I could write poems like that, but it's just not in the cards for me.


Anna Sinclair said...

This totally speaks to me today! Thank you so much for writing & sharing!

Annelise Rowe said...

Thank you so much, Amanda. I know most of my poems don't make sense, but if you get them... that means a lot so thanks!! We ALL have times like this. So glad I'm not the only one.

Annelise Rowe said...

I've seen that happen before. I ran the 400 hurdles in college, and they were difficult... and seriously, sometimes (just like in life), you wonder when you're gonna hit that one that makes you trip. Because it happens :) But that's OK. It's who you are after and how you handle it that makes all the difference.

Annelise Rowe said...

You're so sweet. I'm actually not sure if they're considered legitimate poetry... or just prose writing. But oh well. :)

Annelise Rowe said...

I'm so glad! I can relate this to SO MANY THINGS going on in my life... especially trich! I didn't even think of that 'til just now!

Kelly Ann said...

This poem is great and I love spur of the moment artistic inspiration!

Sparkles and Shoes

Hannah Scott said...

Lovely metaphor :) I especially like the idea of not being able to jump over some hurdles, but climbing over instead. That really speaks to the whole idea of taking things in God's time rather than our own. Or even learning as we go and being able to navigate more easily the further we get. Love it.

I have poetry on my blog tonight as well, detailing my impressions of being involved in last week's tornado:


Kristin said...

Beautiful Aunie.

Annelise Rowe said...

Thanks Kelly! It was *definitely *spur of the moment. Glad you like it!

Annelise Rowe said...

Thank you, Hannah. I know these "hurdles" are in my life for a reason, and I know I'll conquer them... but man, sometimes it just takes longer than I'd like or they come more often than I'd prefer. It's so wonderful not being in control but knowing it will all be OK someday!

And Hannah, oh my gosh. Your photos and poem are riveting. I am so sorry you had to go through that, but what an experience... thank you for all you did to help restore people & families after the devastation.

For anyone else who wants to read Hannah's poem, it can be found here:

NicolaKirsty said...

What a lovely poem. [I especially like the track imagery.] Thank you for sharing!

Hannah Scott said...

Thanks Aunie... It was definitely not something I care to repeat, but really very humbling at the same time.

Annelise Rowe said...

Thank you! That means a lot :)