Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Me & Icy Running: A Blog Post From My Mom

Preface: I look up to my mom more than anyone in the entire world. She's beautiful, she's fit, she's always the life of the party, and she's a wonderful story teller... so I asked her to tell her side (my side can be read here) of our running together. Also—Aunie is my nickname in Daniel's family—but in MY family, I have always gone by Icy. I couldn't say Annelise when I was younger, so Icy it was. Enjoy.

Mom and Daughter Running Together

Annelise asked me to write a guest blog for her about our race at the Idaho Potato Marathon.  I’ve not written a blog before so here goes......

First and foremost, we love to run together.  We train at the same pace.  We even run the same way meaning we look the same when we run.  Seriously!  This was our fifth half-marathon together and we plan to one day run a full marathon together.  I’ve run three of those and I know she can do it too.  She just needs to convince herself that she can do it!

Why do we do it?  We love the planning, the training, the commitment and the excuse to get new running gear (of course)!   We get together to plan for the races.  We train long runs on the weekends.  I have to give her most of the credit....She does all the searches for races and course mapping.  I just show up to encourage her along the way.  Sometimes she gets cranky...at times her tummy doesn’t really want to run but I keep her going with that half step in front of her.  She’ll notice and scold me for speeding up but I know I’m keeping her on pace.  At the end she will always have that last kick.  We hold hands over the finish line to make that push together.

This was one of the best races for us.  Great weather, easy flat course running from Lucky Peak Dam into Boise, fun people and stellar outfits!  You’ve probably noticed our matching outfits in her previous blogs and Facebook posts.  She loves the BRIGHT stuff.  Anything neon is her favorite.  Last week while shopping I got there before her and picked out the capris I know she would love.  She did but they were just too funky for me.  We compromise with a lot of laughs while trying on the options!  We may sound like we make a big deal about the outfits and I guess we do.  That’s part of the fun of the event.  But we also run hard and pick the right gear to get the job done.  Just because it’s cute, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work!  There are times when we are out there and are dumbfounded by the inappropriate clothes people wear...ill-fitting, too tight, too sheer and mismatched (oh no).  AND it is entirely irritating when they pass us!  How can they pass us when they aren’t wearing good running clothes.  Really!  (I had to bring up the fashion side since what blog of Annelise’s doesn’t have fashion sense in it!)

Sometimes it is those that pass us that do amaze and sometimes inspire us. Not the elite runners because you expect that but those that surprise us.  The 75 year old man that runs stooped over or the first time runner that didn’t train.  I plan on running as long as I can and I would love to be an 80 year old still running in a race!  BTW, with my daughter along my side!

Finally, I want to bring up the bigger picture in all of this.  I don’t care what you choose to do with your child but just DO IT.  Don’t wait until you have more time or more money.  And make it meaningful and individual with them.  Something you both like to do.  It can be anything – garage sale together, go “real estating”, takes the dogs on walks, golf, frisbee golf, bicycle, play games, hike....  Don’t just go to a movie or eat out – we do that with everyone else.  If it is a meal, plan the recipes and cook it together or make a new dessert each week.  Our running is so much more than running.  It is our time to talk, share, dream and plan.  Don’t miss out on how much fun that can be and how close it can bring you together.  I don’t think there is anything Annelise can’t say to me (even if it might be TMI!).  So no matter who you are, be inspired to pick up the phone or go home tonight and grab that kid of yours and go for a run.  You’ll love it!


I love you, Mom. For anyone reading this—today more than ever—get out there and spend time with the ones you love... and then take the extra step—hold someone close to you today. Say a little prayer for a stranger. Lend a helping hand. You never know how far your touch can reach.


Kait said...

I love love LOVED this! My mom is my biggest role model and best friend and this post just made me so happy! XOX

Lindsay said...

Your mom is GORGEOUS just like you. And she's so right, it doesn't matter what you do with your kids, just do something. I hope my kids will remember all the experiences we have together when they're older.

Kateri Von Steal said...

What beautiful souls you and your mother have. I would love to have this sort of relationship with my mother.... I guess, i will have to try really hard to have one like this with my son.

You two inspire.

Allyssa said...

Your mom is awesome! It's so great that you two share a hobby and make it into memorable experiences!

Anna Sinclair said...

Great post! You two are inspiring! To think I've been worried about my first little 5K in August, LOL! But I will be running with family! Thanks for reminding us what is really important! :)

Annelise Rowe said...

That's how I feel, too! I'm so thankful for my mom... sounds like you are, too!

Annelise Rowe said...

I think you are inspiring! You're going to influence your son in big ways... and he WILL appreciate it :)

Annelise Rowe said...

You're going to do great at the 5K! And it's especially wonderful that you'll be with family!

Katie said...

Wait..that is your MOM?! She looks so young. And she is beautiful just like you! ANYWAY.

This is so so so cute and sweet of a post. And, as always, very inspiring.

Annelise Rowe said...

You're so sweet! She is young... and so fit. Definitely my inspiration! :)

Kelly Ann said...

Aww, how cute is that!

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Michelle said...

AWww love this post!