Tuesday, March 27, 2012


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Photo Credit: Andy Petek

Years ago,
I used to mock religion.
I had doubt in myself,
I didn't know God,
and I was told over and over how 
was the way it happened.

I had a person in my life who told me that people who believed,
who had faith,
who knew an entity greater than themselves, were 
I believed that person.

Last year, I met a person
who believed something 
He believed in God.
He knew Jesus died for our sins.
He believed in me.

He believed in me when I questioned by feelings about evolution.
He believed in me when I countered his beliefs, thinking I knew it all.
He believed in me when I went with him to church, just to be supportive.
He believed in me when I encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time, last December.
He believed in me on March 18th when I went forward to be prayed for.
He believed in me when I opened my heart to Jesus.
And you know what?
I BELIEVE that he will believe in me every step of the way.

I have already encountered those who doubt,
who think I'm going through a phase,
who have called me a hypocrite.
And I don't blame them.
But I do intend to show them that this new step
is just the first step.
This is a lifestyle change—
and soon enough, those who doubt will see it in me.

I'm so thankful for that person who knew it was inside me all along.
He never doubted me.
He knew it would happen.
He helped me find God.

Thank you, Daniel.
I would not be where I am today without you.
That is so true in more ways than anyone but us will ever know.
Each day when I pray, I thank God for you.



Stephanie said...


Faith Wall

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. I am new to your blog and really enjoy it. My brother led me to the Lord when I was 19 so I know exactly what you mean when you refer to the one who believed in you.

sara @ applestonedrive.blogspot.com

Andrea @ Love is... said...

This gave me shivers. Love everything about this post.

I'm currently going through RCIA classes at church & will become an official Catholic the night before Easter & I'm so excited.

My husband has been there with me, every step of the way & guided me along. I can totally relate to this post.

Thank you! = )

Unknown said...

Aunie, oh girlfriend. I'm so crazy about this post. You are a LIGHT for the Lord Jesus Christ, even on your blog. Praise Him for that!!! WOO HOO! I'm excited to follow your journey as you walk through this life with the one who created and loves you. This is so wonderful and exciting.

Grace Nation said...

Aunie, you are such an inspiration!
Keep loving Jesus with this passion and zeal!

So happy for you!

Lisa @ MMT said...

I love this post!! It's inspiring to see how much you have changed and reading about you finding God. I am so happy to hear you have someone guiding you and believing in you along the way!

Melissa Enault said...

thats awesome! Nobody said it gets easier once you get saved, but it does help knowing you have a God who is watching over you, helping you every step of the way.

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Aunie, my dear! I will say upfront that I am not a church-goin' gal despite my upbringing and the fact that I went to a private Catholic university. I have had a lot of negative experiences with people who call themselves "Christians", and I was always taught that it's okay to question things, everything. At the end of the day, I find myself wanting to meet people who LIVE a kind life and embrace other people.

With that being said, I LOOOOVE when I meet people who live with a Christian heart rather than just the title. I've told Jessica @ Lovely Little Things the same thing!

I am so, so happy for you! To those who challenge you, let them just wait and see. :-)

Katelyn said...

This seriously warms my heart in a way words cannot even describe. I'm so happy that you have let God into your heart. Faith is such a powerful, beautiful thing. I cannot wait to see you in Heaven. :]


- Katelyn

Crystal said...

Very touching post! Its awesome that you have found such inspiration and support from Daniel!

Kristy W said...

I am very proud of you for standing up for what you believe in! I too am new to my faith, had my encounter in January. What an amazing experience. Keep it up girl! You're an amazing child of God!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

So beautiful and I am so glad you have someone in your life like Daniel! People will always doubt your faith unfortunately - because they just can't grasp that their is something so much bigger than them - someone who has control over their life. But the beautiful thing is - God is with you the whole entire way. :))

Kate katzman said...

What's crazy is the same thing happened to me. I was raised Jewish. Brandon is also a Christian, when I met him I started going to church with him. It was such an amazing feeling I wanted to be a part of it. Well a few years later the day had come where I also accepted jesus christ into my life. And I love it. I'm so happy for you and I know exactly what your going through because I still get the same things said to me. Keep your head up and be proud! Xoxo

Carmon said...

Very honest and well said. Thank you :)

Jennifer M. said...

Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing your journey and I'm so happy to hear about your walk with Jesus! As some others have mentioned, it doesn't exactly get easier from here on out, but you do have something the naysayers don't have - or someone, rather - you have the Holy Spirit on your side now! He will give you strength, wisdom, knowing what to say to doubters. Some will never believe, but some will.

Kerrie Williams said...

that's awesome. It's refreshing to hear a person's personal story of how they found Christ and the thought and emotions they felt along the way. Thanks for sharing :) I would LOVE for you to link up with me today since this is EXACTLY what my linkup is all about!

But only if ya wanna :)


Amber Nicole said...

I'm so happy for you. This post is amazing!

jamie brooke said...

I love this!
I will definitely keep those doubters in my prayers!
Stand strong in journye and know that there are people out there that support you!

jamie brooke

Lot said...

What a great post. I am a Christian too and think it's so amazing to read about how other people found God

Unknown said...

I'm really happy for you! This post just put a smile on my face!

Sadie Dear said...

Wow! Praises to God for how He can use one person... just one person in such a monumental way. Now, you have the opportunity to share your faith on this outlet in such a big way! I pray every day that I can be that person to my husband. It is so hard to maintain that patience... but so worth it! Amen.

Chloe Innvaer said...

So beautiful Annelise! This is amazing! I know that God has big plans for you! I cannot express how much happiness I feel for you right now! Accepting God is a true gift, and you are right about everything. No matter what He is on your side! Soo Soo Soo happy for you!

ps. Daniel only seems to get better and better! blessed girl! =)

Kristen Victoria said...

I just wanted to send my love and support to you, although I think exactly how you used to :P I grew up very, very religious and I'm the total opposite now- although I sometimes encounter those moments where I'm forced to believe in something, even though I'm not sure about what's really "true". I choose to keep it simple and just believe in Karma! Trusting and learning from my choices without God telling me if it's OK or not has had a huge impact on me. I respect how everyone decides to get through life, because it's really freaking hard sometimes, and everyone believes something based on their own personal experiences. I will never judge or make fun of you for your beliefs. Well, only if you start trying to convert me or involve it in politics somehow, which I know you are too classy to do ;) lol

Anonymous said...

:) Cute post. AND rockin' picture!! It is soooo awesome.

Liz said...

Great Post!!! Amen!
You have a Daniel and I have an Eric and despite the details, we have the same story!!

Tara said...

Beautiful post, thank you for sharing it. Discovering God, and getting to prove that it is a real decision are wonderful things to live out - especially with such a support alongside.

Jamie said...

I'm happy for you girl! I'm not a religious person but it makes me happy when other people find God and more meaning in their lives :)

It feel so great to have someone in your life that believes in you! I'm so glad I have J in my life, I would be lost without him!

Keep your head up and don't let others bring you down!

<3 Jamie

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous look & photo.

Absolutely beautiful post.. x

- Indie by Heart

Brooke Nicole said...

Love this! PTL!

Annie said...

This is a beautiful testimony, Aunie. I am so excited to hear more of your journey! I'm praying for you. Your newfound faith renews mine more than you can know.


I just stumbled across your blog and didn't expect to see such a beautiful post. So inspiring!


This comment has been removed by the author.

Right after I left my comment I realized I have come across your blog before! And your a poet! Way to go girl. I am officially your newest follower. Looking forward to reading more...


This comment has been removed by the author.
Marci @ a smile a day said...

This is amazing! Glad you met such a great man like Daniel! And you are amazing as well :) this post made me smile!

Bre said...

Very beautiful.

Cat said...

Such a touching post. You two are so lucky to have found each other

Anonymous said...

Hopping over from Skunk Boy blog. Just had chills reading your testimony. So awesome!

Larissa T. said...

Wonderful and so inspiring!

Allyson McGuire said...

I've been seeing your blog everywhere, and for some reason just now got around to checking it out. I'm so glad that I did; this is such a beautiful testimony, and I am so excited to follow along and hear more of your sweet spirit!


Heather said...

so glad I found you on the blog hop! I came to know Christ in April of 2008 and am so thankful for the friend that led me there. What a beautiful thing! Rock on sister friend :)

Jelli said...

Excellent post for the hop! I love that you noted the lifestyle change. Seems so obviously necessary, but sometimes we forget that real growth shows as our lives begin to model Jesus more and more each day. Take care and keep up the inspiring posts!

Jess Cole said...

LOVE this post, and love the peace and happiness that religion can bring into your life!

Desiree said...

beautiful picture! beautiful post! you and I seem to be on the same journey... the peace is amazing, isn't it?

Amy said...

That answers my question about Daniel.

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