Friday, March 9, 2012

Just BecausE


It's Friday.
I'm ready for the weekend.

As this blog is my little online diary
of sorts,
I'm going to send you off to your weekend with a little photo,
a memory, if you will,
from my past.

And I just think I may make this
a weekly occurrence.
Maybe not.
Since it's a "just because" sort of thing...
we'll see what happens.
 Because— you know what?
I do what I want.

So please, join me every Friday (if you will)
for a little send-off to the weekend,
for yourself, for your readers,
for all the wonderful memories of the past.

And now... without further adieu, my first JBC Friday:

Oh, long FAKE hair... how I miss you.
This was last April. I got extensions.
I pulled all of them out about 6 weeks later.
But boy, they were awesome.

Happy Friday ♥

Aunie Sauce



Unknown said...

I would have never known it was fake, your hair looks so pretty !

Chloe Innvaer said...

loving the new series! I also agree that I would have never have know that you had extensions they are so well done!

Eesh said...

Oh really that's fake? They did a good job!!! And 6 weeks? That lasted long! I get fed up with my weave after 2 weeks! =/ go figure!

Enjoy your weekend love!


Emily @ Emmy June said...

Looking good girlfriend. Happy JBC Friday :)

Anonymous said...

liking the new series!

And soo soo cute. They totes don't look fake

lauren@warmandfuzzy said...

I so wish my hair would grow...I want long flowy hair just will not grow past my shoulders...your hair looked awesome even if it was fake LOL

Kristen Victoria said...

I love the new linkup idea! Great shot of the extensions... I've been there before too haha. You look much more natural now :)

No and Jen said...

first of all, i owe you a new button.. sorry life has been crazy. but i tagged u in a post over at my blog!

Lisa @ MMT said...

You are so cute! Love the long blonde hair! I swear you look pretty no matter what you do! Not sure if I told you already, but your blog design is adorable!

Stephine said...

It sure doesn't look fake! Loving the new idea and button, gonna have to join in on this one!

Miranda Leigh said...

Ohh I like this new link-up idea! I'll be sure to link-up with you this Friday (as well as Thursday!) Xo