Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Walking Around NAKED All Week

 Yes. Me.
All week.

Not in my birthday suit.
Goodness, people.

I'm referring to not wearing any makeup.
I had a naked face Monday, yesterday and today.
And I feel super frumpy.
Especially because I haven't been doing my hair either.
Naked face. Wet hair.
Very attractive.

Sure enough, I bet you're loving those
GIGANTIC portraits of my naked face
staring right back at you.
Don't you?
(Please don't answer.)

I must say...
I feel clean.
I feel fresh.
And oddly enough, I feel beautiful.

Could you do a whole week sans makeup?



Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Of course, you're pretty enough to do a post like this! Unfortuantely, I have my grandfather's eyes (meaning huge bags), and I always have to wear concealer. Otherwise, people will think that I'm sick or that I've been crying. :-/

If I had one week off from work, then YES. I could totally go naked-faced for a week!

Also, you should see Caitlin of The Healthy Tipping Point's Naked Face Project:

Chloe Innvaer said...

You are one gorgeous girl! I do not remember a time I have gone a whole week with out make up! Lately I have been wearing very little just because I don't want to put it on! I don't know if I could do a whole week without any make up though! You are so brave!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful with and without make up! I did one of these "Naked Face Challenges" too. If I'm home, I prefer no make-up, but I like wearing it at work and such :)
Love your blog, by the way. The design is adorable.

xo, Samantha

Kristen Danielle said...

You're gorgeous, Aunie! You can totally pull off the no-makeup look!

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

You look hot! No make up is working for you :) I am not sure I could do it, unless I was on vacation, then there is no purpose for make up what so ever!

Anonymous said...

Lady, you are gorgeous! You don't need to wear makeup!

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

You are still so gorgeous. Isn't it weird how sometimes, as BARE as you can feel the most beautiful? Love you forever!

Grace said...

Gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous!


Unknown said...

I am doing the complete opposite this week. I ALWAYS walk around with naked face, but this week I am trying make up stuffs every day. It keeps my trich in check, but I am still terrible at applying things. Today, only after I judged the whole of the social studies fair (nerd moment), I found out that part of the side of my temple had nothing at all on it. It looked crazy, but thankfully hair and glasses were mostly covering it and middle schoolers were too terrified to look at my face.

Yeah. Overshare. <3

Miranda Leigh said...

I definitely don't think I'd be able to do a week without makeup! That's why I don't go camping......haha.

But you definitely have the complexion to be able to rock this!!


Lindsay said...

I never wear make up! I go "naked" every single day. Unless I'm going out somewhere special or with the ladies, I might decide to wear some, but every other day, it's au naturale for this little lady!

Anonymous said...

I rarely wear makeup. Like I think I wore makeup maybe 4-5 times in 2011.

I would like to wear more makeup though. I think not wearing makeup makes me look a lot younger than I am... most people guess my age as 5-6 years younger than I am. Makeup would probably help me look my age!

I'm just super lazy when it comes to sitting down and putting makeup on every day!

Lisa @ MMT said...

You are beautiful, with or without makeup! So jealous of that nice skin of yours!
No makeup for a week feels so nice! I do it all the time, as long as I don't leave the house :)

Kristen Victoria said...

You are an inspiration to me!! Seriously. I could not go sans makeup unless I knew I was going to lock myself in my house and not seeing anyone for the entire week, lol. You are gorgeous without makeup- your skin is perfect! That's part of my problem- acne and scarring. I feel sooo unpretty without at least my foundation and mascara!

Bev said...

Kudos to you girlie!! To be naked, AND to show the world!! You're a natural beauty anyhow!!

Bev said...

Kudos to you girlie!! To be naked, AND to show the world!! You're a natural beauty anyhow!!

Unpublished Life said...

Good on you! I very rarely wear make-up (for some reason I don't like the feel of it on my skin).

Have a good nekkid week!

Eesh said...

Girl please! You are gorgeous so therefore you have nothing to worry about. It's all about being comfortable in your own skin right? Right! And you're doing just that. I applaud you for this.


Ali Hval said...

You still look amazing and gorgeous, though. The most I'll do is walk around without makeup on when I go to the gym or in the mornings.. so props to you!

Anonymous said...

Gosh u r sooo prettteeeyyy:)

Yeah.... I go without make-up all the time. It feels so good.

Unknown said...

This title sure caught my attention. Good for you for doing this, you look beautiful, you should go au natural everyday!

xo Shane

Freya Lily said...

I think I want to try to go without make up for a few days....I think we forget how beautiful we are in the nude (if you will). I think you look pretty!!

Elisha said...

I rarely go WITH makeup, so I probably could go without it.. although I doooooo love my mascara. But, you look gorgeous.. just sayin'. :)


Amy said...

I love it! I do it pretty much every day.