Friday, June 29, 2012

just the six of us.

What is your last name? Is it common? Does it have another meaning? Is it hyphenated? Something that was made up at Ellis Island?

Mine was. Totally an immigration-born name. My grandpa, Far Far, immigrated to the States from Norway during WWII. He came over with the last name Drivflaadt... and Driflot was born from it because he thought it was "more American" and easier to say. Needless to say, the ONLY Driflot's EVER are my two grandparents Else and Tore *read Elsah and Tor-ee*, my dad Tor, me, my sister Marnie, and my brother Stewart.

Stewart... sorry dude. Our family name is in your hands. Make babies. BOY babies. Not yet, of course.

PS> Going on a mini-vacation to Seattle this weekend. I'll be attending a wedding aboard a ferry, a bridal shower for my sis, and doing lots of beach-walking and agate collecting. Follow along with Instagram to see where my travels take me!

Aunie Sauce

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Kelsey said...

my last name is english and means "from the ship island" - and i love it.
kw, Ladies in Navy

Sarah said...

My last name is an Ellis Island born name too... I have NO idea how it's supposed to be spelled, but it was pronounced "Drunk-off"... lovely, right? Somehow they turned that into Daren. Very basic.

Have fun in Seattle! :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

That's a really neat story and piece of your family history!

Enjoy your trip, Aunie! Happy Friday!

Sammantha said...

I love that you have such a unique name that literally no one else has it - lol. I think it's sweet.

Freya Lily said...

That's actually a crazy story! How cool and unique!!! My last name is weird: Hammond-Williams. I know it's like 300 years old. I've heard a story that like 2 people back in the "day" wanted to get married but neither wanted to get rid of their name so they put it together! I love last name stories :) happy Friday!

Michelle @ The Goodnight Girl said...

My last name is German. Apparently it was originally spelled Buchholtz and I really have no idea what it means. Ha!

Have a superb time on your trip! Can't wait to see your pictures!

P.S. My JBC is about a new link-up for Tuesdays. Wanna play?

Jamie said...

My great grandfather came over from Poland...for the life of me I cannot remember how to spell his last name...but it changed to Oscar (which is much easier to pronounce).

Also, I totally live in Seattle!!! I'm assuming your weekend is super busy otherwise I would say we should meet <3


Tessa said...

Yay Seattle! I hope you love it. Visit the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, Alki beach, the Fremont troll and eat Thai food! We have some of the best Thai food in the country!

Also, I miss Thursday Thirteen and Just Because Fridays!
Don't get me wrong, I've liked your recent sensitive posts, too, but they've also seemed a little distant! I miss getting to know Aunie!

Victoria said...

Nothing exciting about my last name. It's Irish but you wouldn't know it looking at me. lol....Guess it's black Irish or something?

So, where did your Grandpa come from before he came here?

Have a good weekend!

Allyson McGuire said...

How fun that you have a unique last name - Butler is about as basic as it gets. My Nana's maiden name was Hovelmeier though...much more interesting! Have fun on your trip!

Unknown said...

That is too cool! I love learning family history like that, and yours is tres interesting. My mom's maiden name is Sullivan and the theory is that when they came over from Ireland they just dropped the O from O'Sullivan

Chelsea Olivia said...

I like my last name... Lennox. I don't know any cool stories about it though, I think it's hilarious that people used to just decide to change their last name, like no big deal! Also just wanted to say I have been getting super stoked everytime I see the buttons I made for you on someone's blog!! So awesome! Have a good vacation lady.

Becca said...

My great grandparents came from Germany. My great grandma's name was Walburga. I think I should take that name for my daughter one day. ;)
Thanks for the link-up, btw!

Aizzing said...

My last name is Rafa. And thanks to Rafael Nadal, it's always trending worldwide on Twitter. Haha! I don't know any special story behind it though.

Ruth said...

It means book wood! It might be referring to the wood needed to make books way back when?

My last name is Menger and it is the occupation of the guy that would measure out goods at the market. It's German!


Priya said...

How cool is that story behind your name? So unique. Hopefully generations from now your descendants will know exactly how to trace their lineage, and that is awesome! My name is pretty unique...but not in India. Ha!

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