Friday, June 8, 2012

What is Just Because Friday?

A quick snapshot from my senior prom in 2005, a whopping 7 years ago.
Whoa. Can't believe it's that long ago!

So, what is Just Because Friday? It started as a way to share my memories from the past, as a little send-off to the weekend. But since it's a "just because," you can really post ANYTHING... just because you feel like it. Sometimes it will be a past photo. Sometimes it will just be what's on my mind that day. Sometimes it could be a giveaway... either way, it's just because.

With that being said, I invite you to join me every Friday with your "just because." Grab the button, link up, and show us all your JBC. Remember, it's great to link up anything (yes, seriously... any post), because it gets your name out there, and who knows who you will meet? So... let's link up!

PS> Don't forget to enter the Colleen Samantha giveaway... tomorrow is the last day!

Just Because Friday

Now's your chance... LET'S LINK UP!!


Anonymous said...

Omg that hair! lovin' it:D

Queer Christian Collective said...

You look so pretty :) I miss prom. I graduated in 2011 and I can't believe it's been just THAT long.

Leigh-Ellen said...

Love your prom pic. I love reliving old memories just because :)

Elisha said...

Gah. Your hair looked soooo good!!! (:

And I think I entered the giveaway!!!


Unknown said...

Love the old picture! Isn't it crazy how fast time goes?? You look back and 7 years has felt like 2 years. crazy crazy :)


jess said...

2005 was my senior prom too! I can't believe it! My dress kind of looked like yours, except [unfortunately] it was gold! hehe I love this idea!

Unknown said...

you are making me feel old, friend! :)

Unknown said...

you are making me feel old, friend! :)

Kate said...

I wore a prom dress that looked almost exactly like that the same year! Weird!

Amy said...

I didn't know you were that much older than me. It has only been 2 years since I graduated from high school.