Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Heart This Heart

Today I have a special treat for you. Her name is Chloe Jacqueline... but I call her CJ... but she goes by CJVZ... and that's not confusing at all, now is it? Chloe has the beautifully designed blog, CJVZ Hearts You, and I'll be honest—I heart her right back.

I met Chloe way back in December, when she would leave the nicest comments over at Bye Bye Beehive. Let me tell you what—if you want to get a blogger to notice you, leave comments. She commented on almost every post at BBB, and then in February (when BBB slowed down), started commenting over here at Aunie Sauce. And she would comment every single day. I loved it. From there, not only did we become friends, but I also began reading her blog CJVZ Hearts You, I began following her on Twitter, and then I began getting really envious of her perfect eyebrows. Because let's face it—they're perfect.

Chloe is a lifestyle and inspiration blogger. She puts out fun vlogs, she's always posting the most gorgeous cell phone update photos—keeping us in the loop—and she's planning to write a book in 2013. I'll be the first on her waiting list to purchase that... and attend a signing!

Go check out Miss Chloe. She's a doll, and she's even giving away a $15 Starbucks giftcard, since she hearts you. Enter below (it's open internationally), and show her that you heart her back!

PS> I told you Chloe's networking secret, what's yours? Share the blogging tips!

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itsmekt said...

I found her blog awhile ago doing the 13 thursday, luv'd her!! when you get a chance view the link I did today, your featured in it, check out http://adayinthelifeofmektt.blogspot.com/2013/01/tesday-topics-week-2.html
to see the post :)

Chloe Innvaer said...

Love ya girl! This is way toooooo sweet! Thank you for everything, and for being an especially awesome blogging buddy! =)

Unknown said...

Definitely checking her out. Aunie, I love Aunie Sauce as well as BBB. In fact my SIL and I were so inspired by your results in BBB we are doing our own 365 day challenge. We are 1 month in! You are an inspiration as a Christian, a "stylista" :) and a blogger.
Just fyi..our pasts are very similar with our marriages. I have found comfort in your honesty and forgiveness of yourself and the situation. I hope your marriage to Daniel is as wonderful as my second marriage has been. 7 years and counting to the most wonderful man! (I sound like such a creeper in this comment)

Unknown said...

Oh, our blog is www.longhairdontcare365.blogspot.com

Ali W. said...

Love her blog and I LOVE yours too!!!!

Altax said...

Looks Great!!! Love the blog.

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Lily said...

I really heart CJVZ too!! She ahs the cutest blog and posts the cutest cellphone pix too! :) The commenting thing kinda sounds familiar;)

msie29 said...

i love having a new blogger to follow...love your blogs..
love your giveaway also
followed you already.hope to win


Jennifer M. said...

This is a great tip. I've heard that this "works" to get people to notice your blog, but never really heard from a blogger before about how it really does make that commenter become more of a friend and someone to get to know. Makes me rethink the hows and whys of commenting!

Kelly said...

YAY so exciting that I won!

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Anonymous said...

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