Thursday, January 17, 2013

YES TO Day 1

From Monday thru Wednesday this week, I was in San Francisco taking the dream-trip of a lifetime. Today's the day (1 of 2) when I get to fill you in on the details!

You may remember back in November when the company Yes To announced that I was the winner of their big Yes To Stylista contest. It was an online contest where you submitted a photo, had a public voting round, and then the top 10 moved on to the video round. My video was the one chosen by their panel, and I was the big winner out of hundreds of girls! The grand prize included a cash award, a trip to San Francisco to meet the team, and oodles of Yes To product. I also scored a short-term guest-blogging position with them. It's all been very surreal and a complete dream-come-true.

Now that you have a little of the background of why I got to go to San Francisco, I thought I'd show all the fun photos from Day 1 of the trip! I got in nice and early Monday morning so I had the whole day to explore the city.

Since there's a million and one photos, to see them all just click the jump below! There are captions underneath the photos so you get all the details ♥

Yes To's main entrance.
The wall of fame!
A huge assortment of their products.
My favorite products—the lip butters & color balms.
Fun details around the office.
Money trees... literally.
Yes To's co-founder & mastermind, Ido.
Yes To's Brand Ambassador & social media guru, Delilah. She's been such a huge help through everything!
We ate lunch at Gott's in the Ferry Building.
Me & Ido.
The Yes To marketing team.
After lunch, Delilah and I explored the Ferry Building.
We walked back to the Yes To headquarters from the Ferry Building. It was just a mile or so, and a gorgeous walk.
Out on the pier.
Go Giants!
On the pier.

And now, what you didn't get to see:

After exploring the area around the Ferry Building, I got to go check into my hotel, The Clift, and then had a couple hours to myself to walk around the Union Square area. I had only brought two pairs of shoes (flats & wedges) on the trip (not realizing how much walking I would be doing), and my flats were not being kind to my feet. I stopped at Journeys and bought a pair of Vans—what a relief.

Around 4:00 pm, I headed to Mission Street and made my way through the Westfield. The Yes To team was so sweet to treat me to a massage at Burke Williams as a wedding present, and I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in their spa.

After the spa, I walked around Westfield, making just one purchase—a tomato-colored purse at Fossil—and then made my way up Powell and grabbed sushi at Maru. By that time, it was around 10:00 pm and I was tuckered out—I'm not used to the big city—so I went back and crashed in my room. What a party animal I am, huh?

Day 2 photos can be found HERE!


Amanda said...

How fun is this!! What a dream come true for you :) loved seeing your purse on Instagram. Very fun!! Excited to read more tomorrow :)

Eryka said...

I grew up in the bay area and let me tell you how lucky you were to have a clear day like that!!! isn't sf amazing?


Allison said...

Oh my gosh! I work at Burke Williams, but in southern California. I hope you enjoyed it! :)


Anonymous said...

How fun!
I am from the Bay Area and I love San Fran sooooo much!
Can't wait to see the rest!

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

don't worry... us "city" people get tired after doing that much walking too! especially in NYC where NOBODY wears sneakers for comfort... i learned that around here, girls have the idea that "what shoes should i wear to walk around all day? who cares as long as it matches my outfit" haha silly new yorkers ;)

lily white english rose said...

looks like an amazing trip :D cant wait to read about day 2!! :D

Liz said...

Looks like so much fun! Can't wait for day 2!

Halie Renee said...

Looks great so far! Gotts, a massage/spa treat, pretty weather, new shoes, sushi - sounds like you had a great day 1!

Anonymous said...

I am just so jealous of your whole trip! Yes To Carrots is one of my absolute favorite companies!! And I'm drooling over their office - so bright and cheery :)

Can't wait to read more about your trip!

Any must-try YES TO products? I've tried various ones, but would love to know more of your favorites!

Lauren // Pink on the Cheek said...

ummm when i lived in SF i was so tiny from walking everywhere. I would rather walk than ride the Muni. Lots of bus stories to tell you later. I love all the SF pics, I miss home!! You totally rock and deserve this trip. xoxo

Lyndsay Loves It said...

That sounds like a good start to your trip, can't wait to read about day two!

Carly said...

So excited for part 2 tomorrow, what a great prize. Day 1 looks amazing.

Allyssa said...

Looks like a fun trip! I can't wait to read about day 2!

Unknown said...

I love SF!! One of my favorite places to go :) Your pictures make me jealous

Why Girls Are Weird said...

That place looks like such a cool place to work at, and what a dream for you! Looks like part one was pretty amazing.

Call it Adventure said...

I am just so happy for you! This whole thing is so awesome and if anyone deserves such a sweet trip it's you, you sweet girl! <3 Can't wait to hear all about Day 2!

Cat said...

So glad you had fun. Can't wait to tomorrow's picks.

Kristin said...

So fun!!!! Sounds like it was just wonderful :-)

A Brew of Blessings said...

What an amazing experience!!! Can't wait to see more from your amazing trip :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like it was amazing! Your pictures make me want to go to San Fran pronto! said...

so happy for you!! i have always wanted to see san francisco. it looks like you made a wonderful use of your time! you're doing such great things, aunie. such an inspiration :)

jess said...

How exciting! It looks like such an amazing trip!

Unknown said...

I've always wanted to go to San Fran, it looks so incredible and so fun! Love your photos - looks like you had a wonderful time <3

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

kacie @ mama case said...

oh how i love that fair city! love the ferry building. love gott's. i think i could live in a corner of the ferry building and be totally happy.

new follower from hop!

Marissa said...

Yay! So happy for you A! Looks like you had a great time in SanFran, but Boise missed you. =)