Thursday, April 25, 2013

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

On our third day in Palm Desert, we drove with my dad and his girlfriend to experience the famous Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. My dad has taken my brother and sister up the tramway when they've visited, so now it was our turn!

I'm not a big fan of heights, but the tram car felt secure and even though we went up in elevation almost 6,000 feet (the Mountain Station's elevation is 8,516 feet), I did just fine. The view from the top was great, and we saw lots of wildlife. We also hiked down to the Mount San Jacinto State park and marveled at the height of the giant Lodgepole Pines found there. We finished the trip off with a bowl of chili at the Lookout Lounge. What a trip!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
The 5,873 foot climb.
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Looking down from a high, high tram car.
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Made it to the top, where it was at least 30-degrees cooler than in the valley.
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway mountain squirrel
A little mountain squirrel.
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Mount San Jacinto State Park
When you get off the tram car, you can walk down to great trails in Mount San Jacinto State Park.
Mount San Jacinto State Park
Walking down to the trails.
Mount San Jacinto State Park Lodgepole Pine
Giant Lodgepole Pines in the park!

What a cool experience that was. I'd love to take the trip again and go on a long mountain hike over one of their forest trails... I would have liked to have done it this time, but we'd done quite a bit of hiking already—as you can tell from my dirty & dusty shoes!

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jan miguel said...

Awww that's one of my most favorite places! :) I love how the ride gives me butterflies in my tummy ;)


Charissa Moore said...

Love this!

Lisa said...


Kelsey Wilburn said...

oh gorgeous! this looks so fun!

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kcsaling said...

I'm in such envy of the beautiful weather! Looks like a gorgeous hike!

Yuli said...

Beautiful! Glad you had fun :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

The heights kind of freak me out, but still gorgeous!

Nicole @ Treasure Tromp said...

oh I love that tram ride! I've only done it once, but it was so beautiful!

Kelly Ann said...

What great shots - love the squirell!

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Kateri Von Steal said...

Those trees are MASSIVE! So cool!!!!!

Annelise Rowe said...

Especially when you go over the ridges at the stations going up and down. Yikes!

Annelise Rowe said...

Thank you so much. That is such a great thing to hear!

Annelise Rowe said...

No need to kill! You're so kind... it's just a lot of squats, deadlifts, box jumps and treadmill walking! :)

Caroline L. said...

Oh my, what scenic views!

Lesley said...

This might be weird, but I'd kill for your legs!

Becca Moss said...

These pictures are gorgeous! You & your husband are adorable together!

Lily Garay said...

Those trees!!!!! I wanna see big trees like that one day :)