Friday, April 5, 2013

Lace-Up The Chucks

chuck taylor shoes
chuck taylor shoes
chuck taylor shoes

I think, for me, that this is the craziest time of year.
And I love it.

It's spring and the weather is warming up, so Daniel and I get up super-early to hit the gym before work so we can spend every single moment outdoors after work—which includes dark neighborhood bike rides (don't worry, we're safe)!
We bike, we walk, we sit on restaurant patios and enjoy dinner, we watch the sunset from our front porch, we "toss the pig"... we're just outside all the time.
It's awesome.

That also means that after work (read more about my job here), I'm not finding time to spend even a second on the computer.
And for good reason... because this time of year is also my busiest time at work.
We do a big, big solicitation mailing for our hospital every March, and all the responses from that mailing come straight to my desk.
Instead of 10 donations a day,  I'm getting 30+.
And these gifts take far longer than usual donations to process... so it takes a lot of time and effort, but I tell you what—it sure makes my days go by quickly!
It's a little overwhelming... but so awesome to see the community's support at the same time.
Needless to say, with a packed work schedule and a ton on my plate, the last thing I want to do when I get home is get on the computer.

In all honesty, though it's busy, and exhausting, and just feels like a blur—this is definitely one of my favorite times of year.
I get excited to get up each day.
I can't seem to take the smile off my face.
Spring, though it seems busy, feels so good.

Time to kick off those work flats and lace-up the Chucks.
It's the weekend.


Kateri Von Steal said...

Excellent! This weekend I am looking forward to taking a hike.. literally.
Beautiful weather.

Danielle said...

Sometimes when work is busy, that's a good thing! Like you said, the day goes by more quickly & you always have something to do!

Danielle at Framed Frosting

Kelsey Wilburn said...

love your chucks!

kw ladies in navy

Allison said...

I love this! I'm glad you're able to rest this weekend. Love the chucks! Have a fun weekend!

Lily Garay said...

Ahh I totally understand what you mean! :) Except my busiest time at the beginning of the school year up until mid January. I've found that it's okay that I don't blog everyday or even get on my computer every day so that I can enjoy the life that God created:) I think sometimes we get so caught up in blogging it becomes like a second life. I'm glad you are taking time to rest. Love ya

Becca Moss said...

I love this! It's been BEAUTIFUL in Ohio and the last thing I want to do when I get home is get on the computer. I don't have posts scheduled, I write them late, post them late and I'm so behind on blog reading but I'm enjoying the warm weather and time with my family. No matter how much I love blogging, the time outside with my family is more important every time. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, darlin'!

Jillian said...

Love this! This time of year always gets me so pumped! And I just bought some new hiking shoes for all the trips I have planned for this Spring and Summer. Yay nature!

Jillian -

Riley Fickett said...

I'm loving this time of year! My boyfriend Brett and I have been trying to get outside as much as possible as well. We're loving it!!

elle @ wishingoodluck said...

It's not warm enough here yet - but good for you guys for making time to spend it outside!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

You're making me wish it was warmer here!

Rachel G said...

I wish it was warm enough to spend time outdoors. I went on the first bike ride of the season was 40 degrees and I felt like a piece of ice by the time I got home!

julie marie said...

love the white chucks... hope you had a great weekend ;)

Meghan said...

Praying for this busy season at work!

Annelise Rowe said...

Sometimes I can get WAY caught up. Literally, I've been spending hardly any time on the computer after work... and it's so refreshing!

Annelise Rowe said...

You're so right! It's OK to put the blog on hold to get out there and LIVE!

Annelise Rowe said...

Oh my goodness! No kidding. IF it's below 60 we say no way!

Rebecca Kelsey said...

I've been trying so hard to get up earlier to workout before Chris leaves for work and always end up pressing snooze. I still work out but I feel like it sucks so much time out of my day! Still a work in progress.

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