Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Small Styling

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Jacket: c/o // Tailor and Stylist (use code aunie10 for 10% off) // Top: Burlington Coat Factory // Pants: Mossimo // Necklace: c/o Ella James for Fred Meyer // Purse: Volcom // Shoes: Mossimo // ID Case: Vera Bradley // Nails: OPI "OPI Ink"
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I have an affinity for things that are small. Small makeup palettes, small treats and especially small puppies. I also love small purses and things that go in them. I've never been one to carry around a "suitcase" or carry-all purse. They're too bulky for me and always get in my way. I like small purses that I can toss over my shoulder and that can go to the mall or on a bike ride.

The advantage of a small purse? It's portable, typically lightweight, and great for on-the-go. The disadvantage? You can't fit much into it! In my purse above, I carry a checkbook, a nail file, a pack of gum, two chapsticks and a lip gloss, my cell phone, my keys, and a wallet. But not just any wallet—because most don't fit. Mine is actually a Vera Bradley Zip ID Case. I bought my first Zip ID when I was in college, and now I can't seem to want to use anything else. It's so convenient. Mine fits my 3 ID's, and about 16 other credit cards, gift cards, insurance cards and—you know—the necessities... all with room to spare!

The color of my Zip ID is Jazzy Blooms... though for some reason that style/color is not on the VB website, but they do have it here or—in a slightly different style—the Clip Zip ID. Anyway, Vera Bradley doesn't know who I am and doesn't know that I'm over here raving about their products... but as a VB fan for years, I just wanted to let you know about one of my favorite products they make.

Do you style BIG or small


Kelsey Wilburn said...

love your hair! it's gorgeous
kw, http://www.ladiesinnavy.com

Allyssa said...

I love small purses too. They're much easier to deal with, especially when shopping. Although sometimes I love grabbing a large purse so I can throw everything in it and go. My problem is that I have a huge wallet that I absolutely adore, so my small purses need to be able to hold the wallet as well as a few other essentials.

Kateri Von Steal said...

I have the small purses, for when i don't want to carry a lot of stuff... But, on days I am going to work, I pack the LARGE purse (or even a side messenger style bookbag)... Just so I can fit EVERYTHING that needs to come to work with me.

I guess it depends on my mood.

I've never had the guts to wear a leopard print pair of shoes... they look very stylish on you though.

Also one last thing: I love the first picture of you. Something about the way the light is glistening off your skin. Very Pretty.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


Meagan said...

I am a big tote kind of girl, but have my things inside tucked into smaller bags, like the one you have shown, so I can transfer easily between bags or just take my wallet and run in somewhere!

Kelly Ann said...

So pretty, I love the details of your leather jacket and your simple makeup!

Sparkles and Shoes

Adrienne Clark said...

Gorgeous pics! You look amazing! My fave pieces from this outfit are the jacket and shoes! Super cute!!

Jess said...

It's so cute, but I would lose it in a day! Haha!

Some Snapshots Blog

Laura at Howdy Girl said...

That orange top and jacket look amazing together!

Vicki Gonzalez said...

I like medium. I always end up hating my big purses because things just get lost in them! I have a few teeny purses that I use when I know I only need my cell and wallet and keys. I am always looking for a great medium sized purse to fit all the good stuff and not make me crazy!

Lily Garay said...

I'm more of a small bag kinda girl. I used to love big bags! And I typically use them if I have to pack clothes for the gym (I'm really good at packing things super small). I'm trying to find one of those wristlets, but they are sooooo expensive! Seeing this post made me realize that I can just get one on ebay cheaper :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Your jacket is FANTASTIC.

I like big things, lol. Big purses, big makeup bags, big sunglasses.

kristine parrish said...

I love a boho bag but I have a thing for small pouches too! I go back and forth depending on my mood. Love the one you have and I adore any of the GussySews bags!

Whitney H said...

I am seriously in love with these pictures, especially the first one. You are so gorgeous! I like to have a big and small option, depending on where I'm going!

Danielle said...

I'm a huge fan of the Vera Bradley ID cases too! As a college gal, we have to have our student ID EVERYWHERE we go & VB makes that super easy! I have it on my lanyard with my keys and it's perfect!

Danielle at Framed Frosting

Emily Owens said...

You're gorgeous with any hair color, but i have to say i'm LOVING the brunette look!! :)

Meghan said...

That's my problem, I like small purses, but I have too much stuff to carry around!

Annelise Rowe said...

Thank you! This is the air-dryed and hasn't-been-brushed yet look :)

Annelise Rowe said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who will buy a purse only if it fits my wallet! Ha!

Annelise Rowe said...

Thanks so much, Kateri! You should totally try some leopard shoes... especially in summer where a lot of sandals just have a bit of leopard... you could totally do it!

And thank you for the compliment! I think part of the glisten is the photoshop effect my friend Taylor (who took these photos) added. I never have a say how his photos turn out... but I love them!

Annelise Rowe said...

I do that too! I normally just grab my wallet and go from the car :)

Annelise Rowe said...

Simple makeup is always my go-to! Thanks Kelly Ann!

Annelise Rowe said...

They're incredibly affordable on eBay! Sometimes I buy directly from the retailer... but when I can get a great discount? It all depends :)