Friday, February 24, 2012

The Weekend Outfit

// Jacket: Express // Top: Express // Pants: Macy's // Necklace: Shabby Apple (won in a giveaway!!!) // Shoes: Rocket Dog //

On the weekends, I love putting on outfits that are comfortable/stylish (usually)/and still make a statement. This outfit was just that.

The pants weren't too tight, the top allowed for my tum-tum to expand as I ate (which I do often) and the shoes are so light and comfortable, surprisingly. Sigh— I may have to wear this outfit again this weekend.

Lately, I feel like I LIVE for the weekends. It's my time to relax, enjoy life, and get caught up on bloggie emails.

Have a happy weekend! ♥



Laura Hernandez said...

Would LOVE a chance to win this ad space. I tweeted!!/_laurahernandez/status/173074699994140672

Alissa said...

Those pants are fantastic. I need a pair of them in my life. Have a great weekend!

Elisha(: said...

cute cute outfit!! (:

what do i love about aunie sauce?? i love the name, the author, and the authors clothes!! (; <3

Sarah said...

You're so cute!!! Love your outfit!!!! <3

God bless,

Chloe Jacqueline said...

Very cute outfit! The necklace looks gorgeous! I wish I had gotten a chance to see it in real life! Your shoes are super cute as well! Have a nice weekend pretty lady!

Crystal said...

Love those shoes! Are they as comfortable as they look?

Jamie said...

Love that outfit! I wish I were as brave as you...I could never wear those pants. Bit you are!

(I hope you watch How I Met Your Mother so you can get that joke :) )

Cat said...

You look so fantastic. I've always ummmed and ahhhed about coloured pants but I may have to give them a go now. The necklace is amazing.
Gotta love a top that's let's you eat

Anonymous said...

Ju are Adorbs chica.
Keeping bringing out that secret fashionista inside.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunie! I just wanted to say THANK YOU and my buttons are now up on my blog thanks to you! :)

Also, I have entered in your giveaway on Confessions Of A Graphic Design Student yesterday! I can't wait to hear who the winners are for (1) The lovely Da Vinci Dress and (2) Your lovely ad space!

Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

you gotta give me some posing tips girl! you are a natural :) i so adore that necklace! and i would say that was a super appropriate P.S.! ;)

Eesh said...

I don't think I can ever say this enough: YOU'RE TOO CUTE! I love those pants. Colored trousers is something that I keep forgetting to try *whistles* What? Don't judge me :P

P.S I tagged you in a recent post hun. Check it out:

chantilly said...

i love this look. first of all, i'm a fan of any kind of horizontal stripes :) and also, i love the bright pants! x