Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zebra, Rhinestones & Blue Blue Skies

idaho blog
Necklace: c/o Apricot Lane // Top & Sweater: old // Jeans: Express // Shoes: Mossimo // Sunglasses: Old Navy // Ring: c/o The Vintage Pearl // Nails: OPI "OPI Ink"
idaho blog
idaho blog
idaho blog
idaho blog

It doesn't take long to get from my house to a place where no homes can be found.
This is Idaho.
A dirt road, the bluest skies and the whole world ahead of me.  


Danielle Henderson said...

Love the outfit and the gorgeous scenery! :)

Carly Anderson said...

Love this....it looks so peaceful! And you look adorable!


YolandaRonaldo said...

Your outfit and the scenery is just gorgeous! I have never been to Idaho but I want to visit :)

Kelsey Wilburn said...

love your cardigan and pretty flats

kw ladies in navy

Kym said...

I LOVE everything about this post. Seriously, it's what, all of 30 words? ... and it says so much! Big hugs to you today, Aunie. xoxo

Laura at Howdy Girl said...

It looks so pretty there! And, I still want to raid your closet some day! You've got the coolest clothes!

Miss ALK said...

Love this outfit! Too cute!

xoxo Miss ALK


Julie said...

There are times we miss living in Utah and the ability to disappear into the mountains.

ShannonHearts said...

What a beautiful spot for pictures and the sky is SO blue. Love your cardi too!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I kind of love that.

Laura Jill Molas-Elwell said...

At the risk of being a copy cat, I am totally going on a hunt for rhinestone sunglasses. I think I had a pair just like that in high school. You look fantastic aunnie's!

Rebecca Shepherd said...

I love this outfit! Officially a new follower, can't wait to see what you have next!

AndiePants said...

so pretty! I need to drive a helluva a lot to find no homes...although wait, if I go a little west I hit swamplands...does that count?


Meghan said...

Love that sweater!