Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life As We Know It.

// Top: Thrifted Gap // Pants: Burlington Coat Factory // Scarf: Burlington Coat Factory // Shoes: Danskos //

Run away.
Find a place to hide
The mocking won't
Anytime soon.
Let your face not be exposed.
Focus your eyes on the
Don't bother looking nice,
You still won't be
Your dreams from your mind,
At this rate they'll
Be achieved.
No one understands you.

Walk with proud shoulders.
Stand above
The school in
Beauty, friends, popularity.
Whisper about the unfortunate,
They don't matter in your world.
Only you.
Embellish yourself in
Flaunt a new pair of stilettos,
Wait for the
Boundless pit
Of compliments.
You are an icon,
No one sees your flaws.

Enveloped in fear.
Exposed as fiction.
Losing a battle of
Under a pretense.
The same routine
Day after day,
Life as we know it.



Written during a creative writing class in my senior year of high school,
this poem is about two "views" that I experienced on a daily basis.
I loved, beyond loved, high school.
But I would never want to do it again. 
It was terrifying.
I am a very different person today.
I am thankful for every lesson I have learned.



Elisha said...


kate k said...

Love your outfit aunie! Your adorable!!

Sammantha said...

Love Love Love your outfit, and you look absolutely phenomenal when you smile!

Elizabeth McMullen said...

Kind of in love with your bloggie. :) Just sayin'.

Megan Gillesby @ something beautiful said...

what a cute post! love the outfit! just started following you :)

with love,

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Brenna said...

Rocking the Danskos! Love it!

Cat said...

Thank you for including the date and explanation. Made me go PHEW. You are so good at expressing your thoughts, and you were back then too. Ugh, high school, never again.

Kristen Victoria said...

You are a FAB writer, girl!! High school is such a drag. I think that is one of my favorite outfits I've seen you in- I love stripes and that scarf is perfect!

Eesh said...

Love your hair!

High school terrified me as well but I learned & I grew.

Lovely blog you have here.

Carley Woodard said...

This is such a nice outfit. I could see myself wearing this at work with my Danskos (which most people think are ugly. Who cares they're comfortable). I loved my Creative Writing class in college. Maybe one day i'll be brave enough to post a writing piece on my blog! Maybe.