Monday, April 16, 2012

The Really Long Saturday.

Dress: TJ Maxx // Leggings: F21 // Sandals: Steve Madden // Belt: Target // Blazer: Thrifted

Saturday was a long day.
A crazy day.
I can't believe all that happened.
I was woken up early by a call from my mom.
She sounded horrible. She said she needed to be rushed to the doctor.
Her stitches from her hysterectomy in December (DECEMBER!!) had still not healed and had basically exploded.
I will spare you the graphic details, though I was fully exposed to them as I was in the exam room with her,
but she had to be rushed into emergency surgery.
She received a botched surgery from an incredibly rude and thoughtless doctor in December, and
Saturday she was fixed by a wonderful, trustworthy doctor. 
It was all a very scary experience, and we are so thankful for that doctor.
She went home from the hospital yesterday and is doing very well.
So... that was one 8-hour experience on Saturday.

About an hour after I left her hospital room (her boyfriend had arrived by then), 
I took Daniel's parents to the Boise State spring scrimmage.
It was lackluster, at best, but a good time to spend with Daniel's parents
That was Saturday experience #2.

Immediately afterward, Daniel's mom and I went and grabbed dinner and saw Titanic.
We saw it on the 100 year anniversary.
Of course we sobbed through it.
I'm a bawl-bag at any kind of chick flicks.
Heck, I even cry during AT&T commercials
You can imagine what a mess I was during Titanic, even though I've already seen it countless times.
That was Saturday experience #3.

I got home around midnight on Saturday.
It. Was. A. Long. Day.
Looking back, I'm so grateful it's over, 
I'm grateful for the care my mom received,
I'm grateful for everyone who prayed for her,
I'm grateful for time spent with family,
and I'm so grateful for each day.



Tranae said...

Wow. That is a long day. I wish your mother a rapid and full recovery.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear your mother is doing better - what a scary experience!

Marley said...

Oh my gosh. I hope your mother will have a full and healthy recovery. That was a very long saturday! I would have past out after experience #1

Elisha said...

you have the cutest smile, haha (:

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Holy moly! Glad you're through it, and hopefully, you were able to rest up yesterday!

Hopping over to your guest post now!

Liz said...

Sounds like you are a great daughter! I had an experience similar to that and wish your mom a very speedy and comfortable recovery!
Hope today goes great!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad your mom got good care this time!! Although from the sound of it there shouldn't have been a "this time"! GRR! I hope your mama heals up and is back to her old self very soon!

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

Woah! I hope your mom can heal up soon, I hate careless doctors. There are too many who don't care enough or at all about their patients. My husband recruits doctors, and I can't believe how horrible some are!

Melissa said...

Oh wow. What a long Saturday!! day wasn't nearly as exciting, but I was still up until 5 in the morning on Sunday...I had a project to finish!!

Glad your Momma is doing better...that was scary, I bet!

Pamela said...

That is crazy!! Glad she is doing better! Cute outfit!

Makaila said...

Glad your momma is okay.

We saw the Titantic Saturday night too. The 915p showing. It was so eerie knowing that IT was seriously happening exactly 100 years ago. That story is just so captivating...

wishing you an uneventful week! ;)

The Pink Growl said...

Glad your mom is okay - that sounds just scary!

Amber Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad your mom is ok! That's terrible and scary to know that there are some not so lovely docs out there. :(
And goodness, lady! I bet you went home and collapsed. Just crying in a movie like that exhausts me. I can't imagine the whole day. I'd be in zombie mode.

Shauna said...

How scary for your Mom, Im glad to hear everything is all fixed and better now!
Happy Monday.

Crystal said...

I'm so glad your Mom is doing well now. Man how scary that that happened and from December! Glad she got good care this time! Hope you got to rest up on Sunday!

Kristen Danielle said...

So glad your momma got fixed up and that's she's ok!

Ps. I love your purple dress & cute flip flops!

Brooke Nicole said...

wow! what a trying day!
Prayers are SAID for your mama's swift and complete recovery this time!

p.s. I am a bawl-bag too. haha love that name.

Unknown said...

I'm glad your mummy is okay!! That must've been so scary, I can't even imagine :/

That's so cool though that you went and saw Titanic on the 100 year anniversary...I wish I had thought to do that!


Naptime Review said...

Stopping by from todays blog hop. I love the outfit you are in. So cute! I read some comments about your mom. I hope everything is ok. New Follower!

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Beautiful outfit, the colours are amazing! I found your blog through Ly at Eternal Optimist :)now following!


P.s hope your Mum is okay and feeling better, sounds a pretty scary scenario!

Allyson McGuire said...

I'm glad your mom is doing better! Prayers for a speedy recovery!


Unknown said...

HOLY BAJEEEEEZUS your poor momma!! glad she's feeling better!!

Unknown said...

Same thing happened to me that happened to your mom. Glad she is doing better!
Loved reading your testimony.

Ausmerican Housewife - Creating with Kara Davies said...

I'm glad your mom is getting better! That's incredibly scary. :o

Stephine said...

Oh my! Glad your momma is okay!

Katelyn said...

Holy cow! What a crazy Saturday! I'm so glad to hear your mom is alright though, how scary! PS. I also really love that dress on you. :] What a purdy lady.

- Katelyn

Sandy a la Mode said...

what a crazy crazy day!! you look soo cute btw!!

Amanda said...

My goodness girl! I would've def crashed after the hospital! Don't know how you got the energy to do the rest. So glad your mom is ok :-) And I read your guest post...LOVED it!! hope your week is going great so far!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I will be praying for your mom, Aunie! What a horrible experience for her! I love reading about all your experiences, though! :)

Danielle @ Healing the Heaviness

Chloe Innvaer said...

Goodness! What a LONG day! I am glad that everything turned out for the best though! You look GORGEOUS in those photos! Loving your dress!

Sadie Dear said...

Oh my goodness, girl! What a frightening story: but I am so glad your mom is doing well now! Whew... thank God. I can't believe it took this long for a complication like that to manifest, but I'm glad she was in good hands this weekend. Bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

wooooow.... i love long day.s I'll be praying for your mom:)

Rosie said...

My goodness - you had a rough day. My thoughts are with your mum. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

I nominated you for an award. Here are the details:

Rosie x

Unknown said...

What a great blog that you have. Fantastic outfit. I just became a new follower to your blog. Hope you have a great weekend!

Cat said...

So glad you found a wonderful doctor for your mum. Also glad that you were able to have good experiances on a day that started like that.

Jennifer M. said...

Wow crazy! I hope your mom is okay. Glad that you were there to help her out like that.

I've been tempted to go see Titanic but not sure I really want to watch a movie that long in 3D. I saw it three times in the theatre back in 1997/8 when it was first out, so it would be super fun to see it again like that. I just wish they hadn't released it in 3D!