Thursday, April 26, 2012

San Diego.

Our final day spent in beautiful California took us back to San Diego.
I was finally able to meet Daniel's middle brother, Ian, and his beautiful fiancè Georgina. 
Ian is the brother in the shorts and black hoodie. 
I am really sad I didn't capture a shot with his fiancè, who is truly a dish.
Their younger brother, Adam, is the one with the hideous accidentally really blonde hair.
Sorry Adam, but it's so bad.
I still love you, brother.
Anyway-- it's almost as though he was letting me live vicariously through him since I can't dye my hair right now... so he did it to himself for me.
Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Our short trip to Coronado Beach was not without surprises.
We witnessed a man get down on one knee and propose
she said yes
and right afterward we got the chance to see dolphins jumping through the waves.
And no, this time I did not cry when I saw the dolphins...
...and NO— that is not how we kiss.
We began giggling mid-kiss, if you must know.

That evening, while dining at the Barefoot Bar and Grill,
I also got to share a glass of wine with my best friend from college.
What a wonderful, beautiful, blessed day...

...which ended with us sleeping in our car in the parking lot
and waking up at 4am to head to the airport.
We live the glamorous life, eh?


Bree said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time :) Love the pictures! You and your man are too cute together!

Happy Thursday!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a blast girl!! And seriously where did you get those white capris? So cute...I've been on the hun for some :)

Sue said...

This sounds like a fabulous trip to me!

Lissa @ her + him said...

looks like you had fun! the kiss picture on the beach is so cute!

Designs By Emily F said...

It looks like you had an awesome time! I really want to visit California someday! :)

Lisa @ MMT said...

What a fun trip! You two are so cute, even if you are giggling in the photo lol.

Andrea D said...

I moved to the Los Angeles area a few months back and I've been wanting to do weekend trips with my hubs to San Diego AND Joshua Tree National Park. Obviously some good choices, based on your pretty pictures from both spots! :)

Taylor Grace said...

I LOVE Coronado, I was able to live there for one summer and fell in love. Felt like a fake little Stepford community to me!


Brittany said...

Seeing a proposal and then dolphins? Sounds amazing!

Chelsea Olivia said...

You and your guy are such a gorgeous couple :) I love your earrings by the way!

Brooke Nicole said...

Ha! Loved this!!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Sounds like an awesome trip, Aunie. Minus the sleeping in the car until 4am. I've been there and it was awful...haha.

Ashlee said...

what a wonderful time you guys had! I just love california. I'm so excited I get to go in May! :D


Megan said...

Fun! It sounds like your San Diego trip was 10x better than ours last week. I'm so glad you had fun! You guys are really sweet together :)

Makaila said...

awwww... so cute and fun! i love love the last pic where you are standing on your tippy toes :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Our trips to SD juuuust missed each other! And guess what? I was in a wedding at Hotel Del Coronado on Sunday. :-) Love it there! Gorgeous hotel and beach!

So glad you had fun, darlin'!