Friday, April 20, 2012

Bye Bye Beehive

Last October, I began the blog and 365-day project, Bye Bye Beehive, as a journey
 to achieve the long, beautiful, healthy hair I've always desired.
 The rules? No dyeing, teasing, blow drying or frying.
Through BBB, I'm even helping raise over $1,500 for local cancer patients!

Last month, I almost made a huge mistake and came so close to quitting.
Now, 6 months and 8 days later, I can't believe I'm over half way!
And I will NOT be quitting!


If you have some free time and want some hair-inspiration,
check out Bye Bye Beehive,
my hairstyle archive,
 my monthly hair growth updates,
or any of my past posts related to HAIR,
head on over to
Home of all things hair—minus the hairspray, teasing, dyeing and frying.

Aunie Sauce



Unknown said...

those are ALL AWESOME looking hair styles!

Unknown said...

Oh you do fabulous braids! How I wish you could do mine for a ball I'm going to tonight :)

Amber Nicole said...

Don't you dare quit, lady! I love bye bye beehive! It's how I discovered you and it really is motivational. Especially to me, 2 toddlers and a 4 month old. I need all the hair help I can get :)

Crystal said...

So glad you decided to hang in there! :) I think you should do a tutorial on the fish tail braid ;) ;) it eludes me, but I think with some guidance I could do it, haha!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Go Aunie! This is so amazing! And it's so good to the environment! (You know I love me some eco-friendly stuff!) Over 6 months! You go, girl!

{Grace} said...

I LOVE BYE BYE BEHIVE! Of course, I'm not talented with the whole hair thing, but I like to look at what other people can do;)

But hey, I love painting nails, making No Naked Nails one of my favorite blogs to read:)



Liz said...

What a neat idea! Your hair looks great!!
Happy Friday!

Liz said...

What a neat idea! Your hair looks great!!
Happy Friday!

Sparkle and Co said...

Happy friday!!! Over 6 months!!! Bravo

Shauna said...

Love all these different hair styles! You are talented!


Brittany said...

I love all those hair styles. So fun, I get so tired of wearing my hair the same but can never think of anything fun to do with it.

AbsoluteMommy said...

I love all those styles! And I love the idea behind BBB. I have too much grey to give up dying my hair!!

Chelsea Olivia said...

I love your hair blog, you are so creative and manage to do so much with your hair even though it isn't super long. Definitely am trying some of your styles! Enjoy your vacay xo

Nicole said...

So awesome that you raised so much for a good cause! Love all the hair styles.

Eesh said...

Honey, you're not a quitter so I'm not even surprised that you're still sticking it out =P

I'm loving all of those hairstyles. Too bad I got a haircut, I can't even attempt those!


P.S I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award

Stephine said...

Ahh, I love the top frame, the bottom right picture. LOVE it. They're all cute though!

Amy S said...

thats right! DONT QUIT! :) you can do it! :) Your hair is beautiful... and such a wonderful cause! You are rocking it!

Mindy said...

Good for you for keeping on keeping on! :)

sofia said...

following you; eternal optimist sent me ;)

Amy Shaughnessy said...

No blow drying?! You are awesome! If I didn't blow dry my hair it would be a hot mess. Your's looks so smooth and shiny!


Cat said...

So glad you've decided to keep going. But I would have totally understood if you needed to stop.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you didn't quit! That's awesome how much you've fundraised.

Dana said...

What great hairstyles! Good for you for doing this - I can't even imagine how hard it is!


Tara said...

I wish I could do hair like you do! Every time I try it ends up looking the same as every other time, and never like your photos, haha. But at least you're rocking it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm new here.

My readers always laugh at me and tell me they've never seen anyone change their hair so often. I, too, want long, healthy hair, but can't seem to keep my hands off of it. No heat? I couldn't. I could TRY, but...I couldn't. Hair color is next worst. I recently went 6 months without color, and just 3 weeks ago caved and colored. :( Sadface. Seeing your hair and your journey makes me regret in the worst way doing that! Now I kind of want to take a challenge, too! Hmmmmmmm...