Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Desert.

On our second day in the desert,
Daniel and I found ourselves at the Desert Falls Country Club,
(which is also where my dad's condo is)... but this time we were golfing.
Yes. Golfing.
It was my second time golfing ever and I definitely did not improve my skills.
(First experience golfing and same shirt can be found here).
Never-the-less, it was a blast and a half.
We played with my dad and his girlfriend.
It was a hot, sweaty experience.

Do you remember yesterday how I mentioned that my idea of a vacation is different than most?
While golfing may be a standard vacation staple, that was way down the list of what we had already accomplished that day.
We had gotten up at 6am, went to the gym and burned off our booties in a workout,
watched a couple play tennis for about a half hour,
went back to the condo and cooked ourselves an egg and fruit breakfast,
and then we even spent an hour at the pool.
All before our golfing adventure. 

I am 100% certain that we did not let one moment go to waste while in the desert.


Nicole said...

Such a pretty place and you are too. Diggin' the shirt - love the design.

Amber Nicole said...

So fun!! I'm glad you made every moment count!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

How fun!

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Way to go, playing golf with your hubby! If I hadn't already snagged my husband, I'm pretty sure playing golf with him would win him over. But I'm also pretty sure I'd be horrible at it. And the rest of the day sounds like fun too!

Lindsay said...

your vacation is starting to sound a lot like mine. jam packed to the gills w/ activities :) we don't waste a minute of our vacas, there's not a whole lot of relaxing, but that's ok w/ me!

Anonymous said...

Way to make every moment count!

Anonymous said...

I think your ideas of vacation are pretty nice actually. Except for waking up at 6am. That's only a little nuts ; ] Vacation is for sleeping in haha.

Stephine said...

Sounds like an awesome vacation to me! I like golfing.. as long as I can hit as many balls and I want and don't have to chase after them haha

Sadie Dear said...

I couldn't golf to save my life, but I love putt putt! Does that count for anything? It looks like you had a lovely time. So glad you're back safe and sound!

Kristen Victoria said...

Yayyy! I love love love golfing- it's me and the hubbs most favorite things to do together. I totally sucked when I first started (literally smashing my golf club into the grass) but I'm happy to say I've improved and can golf with the big boys (sort of)! Still super frustrating at times... beer helps! hehe

Ashlee said...

Fun! I can not golf for the life of me!