Monday, October 15, 2012

Both Ends of the Candle.

I know. I know.
This is so not what you're expecting from me on this Monday morning.
It's not what I expected either.

Sunday morning, I awoke bright and early to the flu.
I'll spare you the details, and just say that it was really gross.
Really really gross.

So—that photo above is where I've been ever since.
All day Sunday, and I'll be there all day today.

Right now (and any wife or bride-to-be knows this),
life is a little much to handle.
I wouldn't say I'm stressed, really, but I know that I've got too much on my plate.

Workout in the morning,
work for 8 hours,
go here, go there, go yet another place,
and then finally hit the sack for 6-hours before starting again.

Yeah, it's a little much.
So honestly, I'm not too surprised to find myself taken over by the flu...
sleeping 16-hours a day—
doing nothing but resting.

I'm sure I'll be back on my feet tomorrow.
But one thing is for certain—I'm cancelling some things from my schedule.
I've been burning that candle from both ends...
and I think it's time to just take a moment and relax.


The Millers said...

bummer you have the flu. But it definitely sounds like you needed the relaxation time. I hate being sick but I always love a break from the busy life to just sit. Hope you feel better soon!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I've totally been there! Rest up, beautiful!

Elisha said...


ps-- fb message me your favorite movie that you don't own!

Rebecca said...

It is easy to over-schedule yourself and just end up being a busy bee for days on end. I do the same thing and then break down on the weekends for lots of sleep and rest.
I hope you feel better soon!!

Rustic Living said...

feel better Aunie! Chicken noodle soup and sleep!

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

Ohhh girlfriend :( I give you many props for even publishing today. Cover up those skinny legs and rest - you deserve a much needed break! Feel better soon!!

Sam@Life as Mrs. B said...

I sure hope you start to feel better. I've got the flu too, so I'm getting to know some new people by blogstalking! :)

I'm a new follower coming over from Life as Mrs. B. I look forward to getting to know you through your blog!


Unknown said...

definitely relax! & feel better!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Hope you feel better soon lady!

Unknown said...

Awe feel better!!
Hope you can check out my latest post.

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Hope you feel better soon!


Allyssa said...

I hope you feel better soon! Get some sleep and maybe some soup and you'll be better in no time!

Brittany said...

I am right there with ya, life has been non stop lately and I started feeling sick yesterday, no fun at all just gotta take the night off ti hopefully feel better for the rest of this week

Kirsten said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you are sick!
A little tummy remedy (although a tad late for this time round) is to take a teaspoon or so of vinegar (apple cider vinegar is the best) when you feel like you may be getting an upset stomach. It works wonders.
If you are too far gone, it may cause you to get sick, but take it again and it should make you at least stop throwing up!


Rachel said...

Oh man--I came down sick this afternoon! And I've also been feeling for the last few weeks that I've been running, running, running, with no end to the busyness in sight. But we all have to find time to rest at some point, or our bodies start rebelling!

Hima said...

Oh gosh I'm so sorry you're sick! I hate getting sick from being overscheduled, because once you rest and take a day or so off, it's back to running on the hamster wheel again. And it's even harder! Rest up!


P.S. I totally tried the Boho braid at a party yesterday and everyone loved it!

Alesha said...

Get well soon! I'm praying for you. <3 I totally know what that is like. At least you realize you've taken on too much.
Alesha <3

#mommylife said...

Me too girl, not the flu but some other virus like Strep! feel better and rest rest rest! I think I've slept more this past few days then I had all last week!

Amanda said...

You poor thing, I hope you're feeling better!! Sometimes we just need a day to do nothing!! :)

Unknown said...

Ugh, don't remind me! JK.

Happy Monday!

Clarissa said...

Ugh the flu is awful! Hope you get well soon!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

I hope you feel better ASAP!! xoxo

Viva La.... said...

Rest up! I am also in the same boat as you right now... too much physical and emotional stress really floors a girl! x

Lyndsay Loves It said...

Feel better soon, Aunie! <3<3

Casey said...

Such a bummer but I hope you feel better soon!!

Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

Oh no!! That's terrible, I'm sorry girl! I got the flu twice last year after completely burning myself out. Rest up and put those bridesmaids to work! ;)

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I have been doing a couples devotional for the past 5 or 6 weeks (or so...). Anyway, last week's theme was "simplicity", and I thought, "what on earth is that doing in a devotional? What does that even mean?" Well, it means to do what you're doing -- prioritize, and simplify your schedule so you can focus on what's important; Jesus, and your relationship/marriage, other friends, and then all other commitments. I send you well wishes and hugs, and maybe this is a blessing in disguise to simplify your life a little bit! :) God doesn't want you running around all stressed, that's for sure!

BTW, I my fast fingers typed "God doesn't want you running around all dressed..." which I'm pretty sure is NOT TRUE. :)

Lily said...

I think I passed it onto you! yuk.

Hope you're doing better! <3

Katie said...

I hope you feel better soon & that life gets a little less stressful for you <3

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel 100% soon! Sometimes we all need a reminder when we are taking on too much!

Anonymous said...

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