Thursday, October 25, 2012


Glasses: c/o Firmoo (use code 44378b2c8d for 15% off any order) // Photos: Taylor Love Studios // Earrings: Premier Design // Necklace: Thrifted // Top: Romy // Hairstyle: Here

I met my friend & photographer Taylor the other day to talk about a video project,
and with the river being only a couple blocks away, 
we couldn't help but wander down to snap some photos.
It was one of October's first crisp evenings, and it couldn't have been better weather.

To be honest, he captured too many good photos.
Don't worry. There's more glasses/halo braid/autumn style tomorrow.
But... let me tell you something about this kid.
We go to the same church. He's 19. Not professionally trained.
And he has pure, raw talent.
Just wait 'til you see the video he helped me shoot for the
Yes to Carrots contest.

OK—now I know you want details on the glasses.
So fun, huh?
Glasses are my new favorite accessory.
I never ever thought I'd be the type of girl who could pull off big-framed glasses.
Well, they say you learn something new every day...
and this time I learned: yep, I do thick-framed glasses just fine.

Remember those glasses I wore back in August?
Same company. Firmoo.
They are this model,
but of course the tortoise color is sold out.
Though I know a certain someone who ordered some before they sold out,
so now we get to be matchy-matchy.

I now own 5 pairs of Firmoo glasses.
Black & white, gold jeweled, yellow, coral, and tortoise.
And while it is clear that Firmoo loves them some Aunie,
I wouldn't own the yellow or coral ones if it wasn't for their first-time buyers program.
First-time customers get your first pair free.
You just pay shipping. No strings attached.
When I found out about that, I ordered the coral ones, got them free, and then added the yellow ones for $20—just for kicks.
*for a breakdown of how to get your glasses free, read the numbered tutorial on this post*

I'm not kidding about these guys.
They're awesome.
Use the number-filled code 44378b2c8d to get 15% off any order.
My next purchase?
These oversized babies
Oh—and just so you know, they sell out of hot styles(like my tortoise ones) really fast
so if you like a certain pair, don't wait!
That's also code for don't steal the ones I just linked to 3-lines up.
Or do. And then you'll be rockin' some sweet frames.

Now, go get some work done. Or relax—either one.
But then come back tomorrow for part 2 of today's fall-inspired photos!


Elisha said...

Your so PUNNY. Hah, and gorgeous too! (:
Love your braid here!!

Rachel said...

I love your hair in this!

Ladies in Navy said...

this is beautiful! lovely portraits.
kw, Ladies in Navy

Kathleen said...

I have oversized glasses and love them! Some times people don't recognize me though because I wear them when my contacts are giving me trouble. I call them clark kent glasses.

Lauren Nicole said...

Totally just bough these.

Thanks for this!!

xo, oolalalauren.

It's Sooo Fluffy said...

I absolutely love those glasses on you! I wish I had the face for them.

Allyssa said...

Your hair is great! And Taylor is definitely talented!

If I wore glasses, I'd have a million pairs. Especially when I could get them cheaply! :)

Gentri said...

WAY cute! I don't wear glasses, or else I would totally get these!

Jan said...

Your glasses look so cute on you! :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

Baylee said...

ooo lovely!!
I like those.
I just ordered a pair from coastal.. almost 2 weeks ago, I saw they were held up at fedex and I contacted them yesterday and the FDA is holding all packages from that site!! Dang!!!

He is a great photographer!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

My boyfriend just used Firmoo for the first time and we're SO impressed. I need to go visit the eye doctor and get my prescription so I can get a cute pair of specks too!

Danielle said...

These glasses look fabulous on you Aunie! I've been wanting to try Firmoo for awhile now but just haven't had the chance!

Cody Doll said...

I sooo want to buy glasses from there! You make them sooo pretty (because you are pretty) But I have such a small face that I need to wear kid frames. Not that it bothers me I just can't order from them.

Oh and tell your friend he is a great photographer. You are soo pretty.

Cody @Solemn Sound

Lily said...

Yay!!! Pictures of your bangs! And wow! You're friend is amazing.

Gorgeous as always.

Priya said...

Love your gorgeous Heidi braid! I've tried this before but can never quite pull it off. Your glasses are great! I'm dying for some thick-rimmed black ones too!

perfectly priya

Julie said...

The hair, the glasses, the surroundings are just perfect!