Monday, January 23, 2012


Good morning!
Today I have a pretty fun post for you. It's all about how I'm "Blank."


There are a couple more places you can find me today, too.

I'd like you to also visit the blog adelynSTONE as well.
I guest posted there yesterday about something that is very close to my heart,
and something that I struggle with every single day.
If you would like a little more insight into me... that's the post to read.

AAAnd... I know I usually seem like the happy-go-lucky type,
but the past 7-months have been a whirlwind.
By that- I mean marriage, divorce, heartache and heartbreak.
To read more about my crazy past and how I'm a better person today,
go see me at Miss Mommy (Post was removed, apparently. Sorry!).
I'm also doing a giveaway there... so go visit!

Anyway... read this one, too!

* Jacket: Express * Hoodie: Gap * Tank: Hollister * Pants: Target * Shoes: Steve Madden * Earrings: Premier Design * Heart bracelet: Fossil * Green bracelet: Fossil * Leather bracelet: c/o Payton Woodcraft *

See the bracelet above? The white leather one? 
Want to win it? Enter here!!

Today I'm copy-catting one of my fave bloggers, Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS. Copy-catting is the most sincere form of flattery, right? Kristen, you know I love you... and in fact I know you had copy-catted this post from another blogger... so it's just a big endless circle of love we've got going on here in the blogosphere right now.

Anyway... I'm all of these blanks...

I'm weird because...

I collect bouncy balls. 800+
(Don't judge...) I love popping blackheads. OOH yeah.
Of the way I dress. Yep. It's true.

I'm a bad friend because...

As a kid I moved often, so I don't keep in touch with past friends.
Sometimes I only think of myself.
I don't go out of my way.

I'm a good friend because...

If someone needs help, you KNOW I will help them out.
I love to listen!
I am a people pleaser... what you want, you get!
I have a LOT of love to give. I cherish friends.

I'm sad because...

It's still winter. I NEED summer.
The Harry Potter movies are finished. So sad.
The Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie was so bad.
I've been taking too long to answer blog emails lately.

I'm happy because...

I'm pretty much always happy...
I got asked to move into Daniel's this weekend! Yay!
I made chili for dinner tonight and everyone loved it.
I'm learning to cook.
I have almost 200 followers on my blog. 
I'm in a really good place with my emotions right now. 

I'm excited for...

A trip to Oklahoma in May for a (shhh!) wedding.
My sister's wedding in September.
Vacations this summer with Daniel.
This next month... I'm doing the Fitness Challenge at my gym! (I won't win, but it's still fun!)

Why are you "BLANK"?

Oh>> and if you didn't go visit adelynSTONE yet... head there now!!

And if THAT isn't enough for you, I'm also giving away an ad space and a Miss Mommy necklace over at Miss Mommy today. Check me there, too!



Elisha said...

i LOVE the 2nd one!! (:

Tara said...

I am a terrible type of blog follower. Since I read on my iPhone, I rarely comment. But the other night I was at a family gathering, the boys were watching football, and the ladies were chatting away, and I took a few moments to turn off my mind and read a few blogs. Normally if someone is guest posting at another site my phone is weird about taking me there, but this time it led me straight to your guest entry. I have enjoyed reading about you since I first stumbled upon your blog (I think via Living in Yellow, yet another blog that I do not comment on). I love your zest for life. Being a quirky, upbeat, bubbly girl myself I relate with that. That being said, I also feel things deeply, and I loved how you shared. Thank you for your honesty and openness. Your words were very touching and beautiful. I love seeing how each of us has a different journey in love and relationships, and what it looks like to find God in all of that.
Being someone who gets ridiculously invested in the feelings and lives of characters on books and TV, I love reading your blog…this entry touched me…and other entries make me laugh..and though I am terrible at commenting, I just thought I should say thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

What a cute post, I like it :)

Cat said...

Aww, sometimes you make me cry and sometimes you make me laugh. You ALWAYS make me smile. Amazing guest posts and an amazing one of your own. I'm so happy for all the things that make you happy, if that makes sense.

Dorothy Explora said...

this was a cuuute post :) i find a soothing comfort in popping blackheads as well. i don't think i've actually ever admitted that before, lols! i look forward to following your blog aunie... you seem like a quirky fun girl - i can get down with that!

btw, i kicked off my pay it forward initiative on my blog this evening. come by!

Chloe Innvaer said...

I loved this post! You have a lot going on girl, but at the same time you have so much going for you! Yay for moving in with daniel, getting more blog followers, and trips! I would seriously love to see your bouncy ball collection. 800+ bouncy ball collection= Super rad!

Do you mind if I borrow this why I am blank idea!? It is a great way of getting to know people!

Anonymous said...

Went over to the Miss Mommy guest post. That was a great guest post, Aunie. I know where you are coming from with the heartbreak/heartache. I know it sounds weird since I'm 15, but it's true. When you email me I'll let you know why.

Anonymous said...

and then you'll see why I love your blogging so much!

Anonymous said...

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