Monday, January 16, 2012


Lately, I feel like the bomb-dot-com. For the past 6 months, I haven't had internet at home. Talk about frustrating. As of yesterday, I am now connected. Boo ya.

In addition to finally scoring internet, I've been awarded not one, but two super-fun blogging awards, and I thought I'd toot my own horn today and tell you about them.

The Smile Award 

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How cute is that badge? Did you scroll over it??
Um, yeah. Amazing. 
I am the second honorable recipient of this award.
It was awarded from the lovely Lily at As She Writes.
She is adorable, just turned 15, and I'm seriously impressed with her blogging skills.
All I had when I was 15 was a computer the size of a microwave
and an AIM screen name. And I thought that was a big deal.

According to Lily, here is a little more about this award:

"The smile award is an award given out to bloggers that make someone smile with their posts."

See, that makes my day.
If I can make anyone smile just by reading my blog, that is awesome.
I guess I never realize how many people I reach in a day.
Think about it. Countries all over the world. People of all ages, places, backgrounds.
It's possible that reading my blog could be the only time a person
may smile that day. Whoa.
That's some heavy weight on my shoulders.
So thank you, Lily.
I am truly honored and blessed to receive this award from you.

The Versatile Blogger Award

This is a fun one I've seen passed around the intewebs.
I was so thrilled to see that my coworker and blogging cohort Zoë,
who I refer to as FATZy (based on her blog name),
 From A to Zoë, gave me this award.

The Versatile Blogger is one who is, well, versatile!
I'm glad that someone thinks I am.
In fact, I do talk about my version of fashion, love,
I do Thursday 13's, and I have even been known to  write a few poems.
Granted, I don't DIY, cook, or post anything about cute babies...
but that's what all you other mama bloggers are for...
to keep us entertained. I guess I'm your one-stop-shop for lizards and weird fashion.

In addition to receiving this award, I am supposed to post 7 things about myself and delve this
award out to three more lucky bloggers.
The 7 things about me are as follows:
  1. I have a collection of over 800 bouncy balls.
  2. I had braces twice. During my second time, I was filmed on national television pointing to them because they were "Bronco braces," (blue and orange bands). It was at the 2006 BSU vs. OU Fiesta Bowl when I was a cheerleader for Boise State University.
  3. I have trichotillomania and blog about it here.
  4. I will forever lust after a bright yellow Jeep Wrangler.
  5. I want to own a tiny, quaint home with a white picket fence and a big backyard.
  6. Erm... I was married (and then divorced) in like... uh... 6 weeks. About 6 months ago. (Not proud). Did you guys even know that? I guess it's considered a random fact.
  7. I have 10 plants in my office at work. It's like a mini jungle.
  8. I DO NOT eat donuts, unless they're the little ones from Hostess. Once I threw up after eating a glazed donut and I will forever be cursed.
And the 3 people I pass this award to are:

  1. Jessica @ Lovely Little Things - She is adorable and writes all sorts of greatness. We are also Twitter buds. I just adore this girl and her blog.
  2. Melissa @ Pineapple Lily - she writes mama stuff and does beer reviews. Now that's what I call versatile.
  3. Lot @ Cake Memoirs - Lot's a superstar. She does tutorials. She does recipes. She dabbles in photography. I love me some Lot.

So... clearly, as you can see. I'm winning. I'm also winning because I'm totally cooler than that lame 'ol Charlie Sheen. Curse him for taking the word "winning" and putting a negative taste in our mouths when we think of it.

OOHHH-- and if YOU want to be winning, I'm giving away a large ad space on Mallory's Musings {giveaway ends soon!}... hop on over and check that cutie out!!



Chloe Innvaer said...

You def deserve both of those! I enjoyed reading your random facts as well!

Unknown said...

Great facts! 800 balls? You were married? I got stuck on those.

Sarah said...

You were really married?! I was waiting for you to say that it was like, a high school "marriage" or something fake, until I saw the "6 months ago" part... hah. Totally caught me off guard!

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

Yay for bloggy awards! You deserve it I love your cute blog!


Tam said...

Congrats and YAY! I love your blog :)

Jess said...

1. You so deserve the Smile Award. Forreals.
2. 800 bouncy balls...WHAT?!?! NICE!
3. You are awesome for choosing me - thank yooou :)


Cat said...

Yay for internet. That is my dream at the moment. Internet at home that i can upload on. What I have at the moment is only good for looking and commenting.
You so deserve both those awards. Everytime i log on I hope that I have enough internet to check your blogs. And they alwys make me smile