Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday 13: 2012

* Sweater: Old Navy * Vest: Marshalls * Tank: Forever 21 * Jeans: Thrifted * Shoes: Steve Madden * Necklace: gifted * Earrings: Premier Design *
Welcome, 2012... I have been waiting for you! I am looking forward to these 13 things:
  1. Our Year. In other words, my year + Daniel's year = this is OUR year.
  2. Watching little mister Dobby grow. He has already grown about an inch!
  3. Going pull-free with my new bracelet reward.
  4. Getting better in-touch with my beliefs, prayer, faith and God.
  5. Growing this little blog of mine and loving each moment of blogging.
  6. Learning more about fashion!
  7. Exploring awesome new thrift stores. Thank you Sarah @ Frills for introducing me to thrifting!
  8. Learning more about html/blog editing/blog design. I think I change something little on my blog every day.
  9. Gaining better control over my measly bank account.
  10. Watching my brother go to college (Pick Boise State, Stew. Just do it.)
  11. Finishing Bye Bye Beehive!
  12. My very first trip to the Oregon coast. I really hope that trip works out!
  13. I think this is what I'm looking forward to most: my beautiful sister's wedding to the amazing Andy in September. I'm the maid of honor, and I think it's going to be the most spectacular wedding ever. They are perfect together, and when people are so right, it is amazing to watch them unite in an everlasting bond.
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Jess said...

I have never been thrifting.
It's on my 52 in 2012 list, though!

It scares me for some reason - I'm afraid of all the clutter to dig though! Eeek!


Kristen Victoria said...

Ooo pink is your color girl! I love the layering. The more I read about your outfits the more I want to thrift. I guess I should start by finding out where all these secret stores are!

Chloe Innvaer said...

I love thrifting! You find such amazing things! No pull woohoo you got this! ;) I have always wanted to see the Oregon coast! I hope this works out for you so that I can see your trip ;) haha!

MacKensie said...

You are gorgeous. I love those photos of you. Congrats to your sister! I am the maid of honor for my best friend's wedding this year too! Maybe we can exchange tips! :)



Taesha Baldridge Cecil said...

You look adorable! I think pink looks great on ya! And i love those jeans!! I'd love a visit some time(:


Chandra said...

Love all the layers!

Holly @ Bella Nest said...

Hi, Annelise! I love your cute outfit... totally something I would wear! I'm your newest fan!

Unknown said...

You look so pretty. Love your shoes.

Stephine said...

Fun! And I love the outfit :)

Megan said...

You look great in that outfit! No un-fashion here!

Anna @ IHOD said...

So glad you linked up! This outfit is totally my kind of outfit. Love the layers and colors. Beautiful!

Claire @ Gemini Nutrition said...

Love this ...
Thank you for linking up to my linky party.... would love you to join us again, this weeks linky party is up on my blog .....
Claire x