Friday, January 27, 2012


After my guest post (post removed from her blog, sorry!) over at Miss Mommy this week,
I received a lot of really positive feedback.

And, while it is so wonderful that you all are supportive,
you may be just too nice with what you said about me.
But that's probably my own fault.
I may have lead you to think that way with my way of writing.

In fact, many people even referred to me as inspiring.
Ladies— I love you, but I was anything but inspiring (during that time).
I mean... in that post I did reveal a lot... but I will admit that I still glammed it up.
Quite a bit.
I mean... I left out some BIG details. But those are my details.
[[And quite embarrassing for me, actually]].
I tore apart the lives, and dignity, of many who I love.
I am not a person to be looked up to during that time.
Just trust me on that one.

Anyway— your comments got me thinking.
Since I don't necessarily agree with the term "inspiring," I thought I'd come up with a few things I learned about myself based on the happenings in that post.

Never before had I stepped so outside the lines of the clearly drawn map. Now, I know I can.
Boy, when you make choices like that... you grow. For the better. Always.
Accepting each and every thing that I did wrong to get to that point and then forgiving myself was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.
Forgiving myself for some of the worst decisions I have ever made took incredible strength. I am now a very strong person.
Coming out and telling the world your true feelings can be very daunting. If you let it overwhelm you, you'll be stuck forever. Be true to yourself...
...The only thing greater than being honest with the world is being honest with yourself. I made decisions. I owned up to them. I was forgiven. I forgave myself. In my opinion, integrity shows in every person more than any other aspect.
I have learned the greatest love through the whole experience. Enough love to let someone go. Love for another that I didn't know was possible. Love for God. Love for myself.

Please, don't refer to my Miss Mommy post as inspiring.
Look to the way I'm living now, and my new perspective on life as inspiring.
If I can inspire, help, or save one person by sharing what I have experienced,
then it is all worth it.

Looking back is at thing of the past.
All I can do now is live every moment as it is—beautiful and right in front of me.
I will never look back and say "what if" because
I'm finished looking back.
And I'm so excited for what the future holds.


 And now... to lighten the mood a bit...
how about an inspired copycat outfit?

The original:

The inspired copycat:
// Sweater: Ross // Scarf: Hospital gift shop // Top: Lauren Conrad for Kohls // Pants: Target // Shoes& Boots: Thrifted //

See that photo? Right up there? And that sexy guy in the gray shirt? HE makes it all worth it.
Frills for thrills copycats



Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post:)

You can definitely pull off that outfit and you and Daniel are so cute together:)

Mrs. Darcy said...

You may not think that your actions were inspiring, but your honesty and willingness to admit fault are definitely courageous. That is what is inspiring!

Love the outfit:)

Kristen Victoria said...

I know what you mean girl, it was a bad time and you're not proud of it. Believe me... I've been there too where I thought I didn't deserve to live because I hurt the ones I love so badly. But I don't think anyone was saying that your mistakes were inspiring... I think your attitude today and the fact that you can grow, share, and become a better person for it- THAT'S inspiring. Like mega. It gives people hope that they too can move past their demons and shine.. you are living proof of that! So yes Aunie, I'll say it over and over- YOU ARE INSPIRING!!! :) I heart you!!!

Elisha said...

cute outfit!! (: your GORGEOUS!!

No and Jen said...

so cute! love this!

AbsoluteMommy said...

What you said and what you did were both inspiring. Own that, please. Be proud that you found the courage to choose happiness for yourself. Be proud that it meant that much to you to make those choices. At the end of the day people will get hurt, apologies and time will heal that eventually.
Not everyone would have the courage to do what you did, then write about it. I'm sure you didn't expect to be inspiring when writing about such an experience in your life. But you were and you are.
I'm so glad I found you. You are my kind of people.
As a super fun side note, I love these copycat adventures. I think I want to try this.
I'm loving AnnieSauce right now.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

love he look - especially the boots.

MacKensie said...

Wow, you are full of surprises. I'm really glad you chose to share such a personal part of your life. That takes courage. I know because it's very hard for me to blog about anything besides trivial matters. I love your writing and I'm so glad to be one of your followers. So happy that you're in such a good place now. :)



Zoƫ said...

Great post :) Cute pics! xo

Cat said...

You are so awesome. It even take courage to write this sort of post. Let alone the original one. I think you are inspiring with what you do now.
And I think I prefer your Copycat to the original.

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

You're awesome, lady! Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog and for participating again (and copying me!!!).

{Grace} said...

Hey! I awarded you the Sweet Blogger Award!

Bre said...

Cute cute. I can't believe you don"t really believe in the term "inspiring."

I live in Meridian as well!

Messy said...

Just read your post and loved it so much that I am doing ym post for tomorrow on yours!!!
New follower here Pretty Lady!

Christina'Marie said...

This is an awesome outfit! Just found your blog and following<3
Can't wait to

Chloe Innvaer said...

You are just fantastic Annelise! You are so honest and open! You are inspiring! Now, and even in your other post. The fact that you are willing to share such personal parts of your life to inspire others is amazing! Rockstar I tell ya!

ber said...

Love this outfit

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Thanks for showing me this post! It is inspirational that you had the guts to write this, and share it with others. We never know what struggles others are having, and if we can share our own and help them in some way, then that's a positive thing. :)