Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get Couture with Virginia Bluebell

It's Wednesday.
I'm in a great mood.
Would you like to know why?
1) I've got an amazing guest blogger for you today.
2) She is offering up a sweet prize for a giveaway (am I allowed to enter?!).
3) I'm guest blogging on 2 other blogs today.
Life. Is. Like. WHOA. Right. Now.

Today's lovely guest is
 Kelli from Virginia Bluebell Couture.
She's gorgeous,
she's crafty,
and she is so sweet.
Let's all join together and say "Hello Kelli!"
I just know you'll love her.

PS→ You can find me today at Living in Yellow (doing a giveaway!) and Framed Frosting.
Make sure you show those ladies some saucy love!


Etsy // Facebook // Twitter
My Name is Kelli!
I am 27 (ahhh)!
Hmmm a little about myself...welll...I prefer random facts
I love anything in a mason jar, they are my favorite glass to drink out of!
I love wearing my boots and my favorite red Cabelas cap!
I love old, battered wooden random houses you see sometimes, I just want to fix them up a little and move right in (they look cozy) and tell a story.
I love Saturday mornings waking up, listening to my old time country tunes like Dolly Parton, George Strait and Bonnie Raitt (they are my Saturday morning go to) while drinking "french press"coffee (fancy fancy) and (insert dancing in the kitchen here).
 I love any kind of activity, preferably the spontaneous ones that life's adventures bring.
I'm a pretty simple gal, I like making goofy voices and don't mind being embarrassed if it makes others laugh.
I feel bad when I see people eating alone at a restaurant, or carrying groceries by themselves, even though—hello I do that's kinda normal, but I feel bad anyway haha!
I love watching any kind of movie but of course your typical chick flicks (girls meets guy, falls in love) :) then when they get together in the end I usually make an "awwwwwwww" then little kissy gestures with my hands.
 I love just being outside! I love every season! Yup, all 4, Love them all!
I could probably go on and on about my randomness but you did say a little about myself...

Self-taught, I think it's just in my genes, I have always been creative, loved anything creative, drawing, painting, writing, singing, woodwork, anything creative I can usually catch on quickly.
I first used a sewing machine when I was about 10, I made curtains for my bedroom and tried to make a skirt, I then made blankets for gifts and both of my sisters prom dresses without a pattern and never making a dress before.
Talk about pressure!
I just love the idea of taking an idea, building and constructing it in my head, challenging myself and seeing your goal and idea completed and brought to life.

The 1st item I made to sell were actually baby/child headbands that I would sew on my machine.
I still sell them now at a local store near me called Milk Money in Newtown, PA and I sell them at my vending events on the side.
Sometimes I post photos of one-of-a-kind ones on my Facebook page for sale.

 An idea for a new product will come or a material will come to mind (usually randomly) but often the ideas come while I am sewing.
I have a basic idea but as I am sewing things just come together naturally, like piecing together a puzzle.
Sometimes it comes from a mistake or not enough fabric, for example, my handbag—the pockets came together by not having enough fabric to make the pocket big enough, so I used both fabrics together to create a pocket, and now that is the signature bag today.
Also the inside pocket has animal print lined inside, that came from me not having enough of the fabric to line it, but I had some animal print fabric, and now that is a signature pop in all the bags!
The design wouldn't be what it is today if I didn't "not buy enough" fabric for my 1st bag I made.

Procrastinator- never fails, I do it to myself all the time!
I think I work better when I am pushed for a deadline and under pressure because then I have no excuse to not finish.
When I know I have all the time in the world, I will give myself all the time in the world.

Quirky-  Goofy voices, goofy gestures, goofy dancing, I enjoy being a dork and laughing at the small stuff.
It's nice to not take yourself so seriously all the time, there is enough serious stuff in life.
You have to make the little moments count.

Understanding- I try to understand all points of view and everyones' lives and realize that everyone has the right to their thoughts or feelings and not everyone is going to think the same or feel the same.
I don't always have to agree with people but I can understand where they are coming from.
I usually trust everyone until they give me a reason not to and tend to think that everyone has a good side. Everyone has a story that has made them who they are today.

I am so grateful so far for everyone who has supported Virginia Bluebell.
I just started in November 2011 and it's such a great feeling to see someone love and embrace something I created and supporting hand crafted and one-of-a-kind pieces.
My hope is that it reflects and represents a piece of them and one day I can do this full time!
And that's my little dream ;)

And boy, is that a wonderful dream to have, or what?
Is Kelli not a doll?
I just love her.

She was also so generous to give each of us a coupon code to her Etsy:

15% off for the month of April.
The code is auniesauce15 

... and now for the GIVEAWAY ...
Go from day to night with this sleek, pink and grey wristlet!
Fully lined with an inside pocket, ready to tote your essentials.

Good luck!
Giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, April 13th.

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Makaila said...

Holy Toledo. THAT was the best way to enter a Giveaway, EVER! I've never seen that, awesome!

Ali-Cat said...

What a great giveaway and guestpost! Problem: my facebook is not letting me tag you 2 but I did make a status about it "you guys! aunie SAUCE has a guest poster (Virginia Bluebell Couture) who is having a great giveaway! Go enter :)" and put a link to your post under it! Hope that works.

Anonymous said...

How do i enter this giveaway?