Friday, November 16, 2012

Dirt & Rocks.

Photos: Taylor Love Studios // Scarf: Burlington Coat Factory // Top: Marshall's // Jeans: Express // Purse: Thrifted // Flats: Target // Earrings: c/o Christine Marie Studio

Dirt & rocks.
Clouded sunsets.
Deserted land.
Crisp breezes.

I love Idaho.
Come for a visit?



Michelle said...

LOVE these pictures!

Desirae said...

Love the outfit!

Unknown said...

You just made me miss Idaho so much! I grew up in Boise. P.S. You're shoes! Ohmygosh I love them! So cute.

Holls <3

IdahoWildflower said...

Love the outfit! I always find that being outdoors in this big big world, always brings me closer to God! Wishing you many blessings! <3

Jennifer said...

Adorable! Taylor Love is doing awesome with his photos, too!!! Happy weekending, my dear!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I thought you'd never ask. ;)

Lily said...

Of course I'll come! ;)
You is so gawgez

Elisha said...

I WISH!! :(

Chelsea Melrose said...

Love your outfit!! You look beautiful!

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

You make Idaho sounds so darn lovely, I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to visit! ;)
Happy Friday!

Fizz and Frosting

Grace said...

these photos are beautiful!


Jess said...

Idaho is an absolutely lovely place! I am so glad that I live in this beautiful state!

Allyssa said...

Beautiful photos! I've always wanted to visit Idaho. It looks so gorgeous there!

Alesha said...

Beautiful. As always. You have a way of injecting much meaning into few words. <3 Btw...I know you alway give photo credit to Taylor Love Studios, but is that a friend or do you pay for professional photos weekly?
Alesha <3

kristyn said...

you. are so adorable. i love your style! and these images are stunning with that awesome lighting :)


Cat said...

One day I hope to make it over to te US.

On another note:
14 days to go. I'll be thinking of you that day and then realising I actually should be thinking of you the next. So you'll get a double dose of love and wishes.

Eesh said...

I've always wanted to visit Idaho! What is there to do though besides bask in the array of the beautiful ambiance??

Speaking of beautiful, Aunie, you are one gorgeous gal! Love those leopard flats by the way.

Have a great weekend doll.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

You're reminding me I really need to travel more!

Unknown said...

those flats..i recognize...TARGET'S?