Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Off The Press

Do you want to know one of my favorite things about blogging?
While I love schedules, planning, and being organized, I don't like scheduling posts.
It's just not my thing.

My favorite thing to do is sit at my desk and type out a post.
Sometimes it's a draft, or a blueprint of a draft.
Sometimes it's an idea.
Sometimes it's just a word.
A title.

But most of the time?
I type and type and type, add photos,
and hit publish.

Right then and there.

Sometimes I re-read it, but only after it's been published.
Sometimes I find spelling errors, but only after it's been published.
Sometimes I go back hours later and think, "Wow, I should not have posted that."
But this is my diary, right?
My blog.
My place to be me.

So just know this.
If I ever seem disorganized.
Or like I'm very deep in thought...
don't fret.
That's just me, journaling to my little online diary,
and as you're reading it, you can smirk to yourself since you know it just came through my fingertips.

Sometimes it's better to just write, write, write
and publish that sucker just the way it is.
If I go and edit, I may remove something powerful,
something that may be negative, thought-provoking, or something that I really do feel.
Or maybe I just feel like I should delete it so you don't have to read it
and think I'm a sappy, worrisome, odd mess.

Honestly? If I'm in a funk,
I write.
I frown and crunch my forehead,
maybe even scratch my head a couple of times.
Then, I hit publish.
And right afterwards, I'm back to my usual self.
You know, that smiling, saucy, ball of pepp.
Oh—and don't forget swanky.

... and then sometimes I just don't know how to end it.
So you get this ♥.

So... uh...


Amber Nicole said...

Those are my favorite kinds of posts.
That's usually how the majority of mine are. Haha

Julie Marie said...

Haha. Love it. I did that yesterday. Hit publish. Of course I went back and fixed the 9-10 mistakes I had. But I love writing off the top of my head, not trying to be anything, but me... Oh...and I love editing photos too:)

Stephanie said...

I enjoy reading those unscheduled posts. It's nice to have something to look back on to see just where you were at that point.

Unknown said...

This says a lot about your personality (in a way I wish I could let go a bit.)
I am so uptight that scheduling posts actually makes me excited that I'll have more time to market the posts and focus my energies on other things because my creativity was that active. I've written a whole weeks worth of posts in a few hours on a Saturday but I wish I could not have to read and re-read my posts to make sure it's perfect. That's not what blogging is about - thanks for reminding us of that!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

And that method works out beautifully for you!

Georgia Glam said...

So glad to know that I am not the only blogger who does this!!! I don't schedule posts either I just write what comes to me everyday! I try to watch for grammatical mistakes but then again this is our little blog who cares if we misuse a comma right??

Sarah said...

I love your posts! They never seem forced and always are so real!!


Kristal said...

I love just posting what I feel a well! It might not be super organized all the time but that is what I like about blogging too!
Love you pics in this post. :)


Elisha said...

AMEN!! I GET YOU. I totally re-read my posts after I post them, and I find spelling errors, and things maybe I shouldn't have posted.. but your right. It's MY place.


Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

Ahh, this was really refreshing. I have tried to get out of the habit of editing my posts to death...I actually did this same thing with yesterdays post. I just wrote, for me...and it felt good. People don't have to understand what I'm talking about, thank you for reminding me that my blog is my blog and my journal. PS you look beautiful in that 2nd photo! xo

Unknown said...

New follower!

I'm the same way. I just like typing about random stuff.

Crystal said...

It's therapeutic to just write and write. I'm a rereader though, sometimes too much because then I end up editing it way too much. I have a hard time finding ends to the post sometimes too, glad I'm not alone. LOVE the sunglasses by the way!

Jay said...

This is a great reminder for me to just write sometimes. I've been scheduling posts for a couple of months because I had so much going on but I need to get back to spontaneous publishing every once in awhile!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

girl, you ain't neva lied. half of my posts are over caffeinated brain dumpage. i am a NOT blogger too. found you from the shine project! :)

Chloe Innvaer said...

And that friends is how the best blog posts are written! ;)

Unknown said...

That's how I like writing too. It should be like a diary!

Lovely photos, too!

xo, gina

Erin James said...

i SO AGREE!!! :) i never schedule when it comes to blogging. i only write when i'm inspired. your blog is wonderful - love your honesty and heart! xo

Anonymous said...

Hi! Found you through The Shine Project. Great blog! And agreed...I always sit and write, rarely schedule. But I do edit. Maybe I should give up that habit? :)

Chelsea said...

I TOTALLY understand. When I was first diagnosed with melanoma, I would vent and let out all of my fears, hit publish, and immediately feel better. Then I would review what I had published and begin to worry. Like you, my blog is my diary. Keep on sharing what YOU need to share! We're reading!

Allyssa said...

I love this! Blog posts that are just a stream of thoughts are usually the best. Maybe I should give it a try sometime haha.

Victoria said...

Posts that come through right away with no editing are always best! That is probably why I like your blog so much. You post a variety because you share what you are thinking, as you're thinking, in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

Janna Renee said...

That's why I get mad that people are so picky about grammar...sometimes we all make mistakes, sometimes we rush, and sometimes the content is more important than the letters on the page!

Martina // Spunkyrella said...

Haha this is awesome! I started to question myself as I don´t really schedule, and find grammar mistakes and things I don´t like after I hit the publish button. It´s the same every time!

But then again, as you said, who cares, I might edit something I really wanted to get outthere and that´s what a blog´s for!

Thanks for the reminder, girl! Also because I love your blog so much, I stole a little button and put it on mine ;)


Kristen Victoria said...

I just love your writing style girl! That's how I do my posts too... well, I do edit them quite a bit before posting because I'm a perfectionist like that, but I've never been one to schedule posts out more than a day.. it's always the day of/day before!

Katie said...

This is such a great post! I think most of the time I put too much focus on editing a post and making it sound right than just writing it. Good reminder to just be how I am.

Paula @ Beauty Through Imperfection said...

oh I'm the same way! Or I have been at least. I'm starting to write more than one post at a time (when I have the time) and then I save them up for when I don't have time to write. but If I had all the time in the world, I would keep doing it your way. it's nice :)


Jennifer M. said...

Amen. I 100% agree. I mean, I do occasionally plan/schedule posts, but I think I like it better when I just write whatever's on my mind that day.